Bold Ventures

Bold Ventures

Traveling amidst the rough and rugged waves of Lake Victoria, East Africa, you will find hundreds of remote island communities. Large groups of fisherman work hard unpacking nets on the shore preparing the day’s catch to sell. Women carry water home in large containers while balancing babies on their backs with small children toddling beneath them. These distant shores, these isolated islands, are the very places that missionaries, Brent and Virginia Earwicker, are called to go. Compelled by a compassionate love for the lost and unreached people groups even further beyond, they bravely board boats and sail these unpredictable waters alongside their Bold Ventures Ministry team.

Over the last 11 years, the Earwickers have poured themselves out and faithfully served to raise up true followers of Jesus in the nation of Uganda. In this next season for Bold Ventures, they have a fine-tuned call and commitment to empower Ugandans to do the work of the ministry more than ever before. Ignited by this call, they are pouring all of their efforts into equipping Ugandans to become missionaries that are prepared to go beyond their borders and comfort zones to reach people completely untouched by the powerful love of Jesus.

Everything from the start of the missionary school where students travel to unreached islands and plant churches while in class, to Godfrey Muyanja, an anointed Ugandan leader, overseeing the entire Island Leadership Network, to their staff carrying on while the Earwickers are on sabbatical, reflects this heart. God has called them to empower Ugandan missionaries to multiply churches that form networks and transform regions.

God has done incredible things through the Bold Ventures Team. Hundreds of churches have been united across regions and denominational lines to truly be the Church. Lives have been miraculously set free, the bound delivered, and the broken made whole as leaders and church members alike have been equipped and stepped out in faith to reach their communities. God is on the move bringing His light in dark places through Ugandans, filled with the Spirit, and entrusted with His mission. But for many of these missionaries, church planting on these rugged island villages are just a training ground for even more challenging places they will go.

God is calling. He is calling Brent and his team to distant shores with resources and infectious faith. He is calling a nation of Ugandans to walk in courageous faith into unknown lands empowered by the Spirit. God’s ear is not deaf to the broken and hurting across the globe. His heart beats for those unreached people groups that have yet to hear of the transforming hope and love of Jesus. And so, Bold Ventures will go. What a mystery it is when the heart of Jesus begins to beat within us and compels us to go.

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Written By: Jenna Anderson || Photos by: Brent Earwicker

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