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Christmas at Westside 2017

Love came down. The God of the Universe compelled by a relentless love for us made himself an infant wrapped in weakness and frailty. He dwelt among us and infused our broken, dark, and hurting world with His love. He adopted us as His own.

His love came down. A love that transforms our lives and makes us whole again. As Jesus walked our earth, He left healing and freedom in His wake. He knelt down and noticed the lowly and marginalized. The movement He sparked challenged rulers and authorities, not with riotous opposition, but with an indescribable love. A love that came to full fruition on the cross.


His love came down and changed everything. Submitted to the Father’s will, Jesus gave His life for us. In the midst of our wrongdoing and defiant hearts, He gave all. His love moved beyond our limits and turned the tables on our defeat. We have a future. We have a hope. We have life. We have a present Savior that never leaves nor forsakes.

Christmas Street Banners

Love came down. This is why we gathered this Christmas season. We are a thankful people overwhelmed by the amazing work of God in our lives. Christmas at Westside is a reflection of the life we now know because of that love. We gather and watch as God makes His presence evident among us. We long to honor Him and see Him with fresh eyes this time of year. As we worship we feel His nearness. Candles are lit to remind us of the light of the world that came into our darkness. We see Him in the faces of children captivated by the wonder around us. Community is rich as we celebrate His birth and reflect on the belonging His powerful love provides.


Overcome by His love, we give. We give in extravagant measure to those in our community that need it most. We are a grateful people blessed in ways that spur our hearts to give. Jesus gave all. How beautiful it is that we as a faith community can reflect His heart of sacrifice this season. 




Though our offering seem small, we believe that God will anoint it with overflowing measure. The gifts we bring will remind so many that they are seen and valued by our God of love. We rejoice as a family in this season. Love came down and we will never be the same.

Photos by: Alicia Welbourn & Paige Smith || Written by: Jenna Anderson

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