Easter at Westside

Easter at Westside

Heavy darkness could not suppress it

Violence could not destroy it

The veils and curtains and walls we built could not restrain it—

The day Relentless Love’s highest price was paid.

What looked like barrenness was the start of something new, just like He said:

Like the Vine fighting through the soil that we might be grafted in— Under the surface, biding its time.

Like the bread shared over a bigger table that none would hunger— Oh, the lonely will starve no more.

Like the careful shepherd, tenderly guiding, wisely guarding, that we would belong to Him—fighting back the wolves, don’t you know you’ve never been on your own?

Like a Way where there was no way,

And steady Truth when all seemed lost—

The flash of Light after darkness

The gasp of breath, our Life after His death.

So we feel the sun on our face,

We find the strength for another day.

We warm our voices and stretch our limbs

Hope swells in our chests—

Our very lives exclaiming, “…because He lives!”

He is resurrecting everything in us—

again and again, making us new.

That beautiful morning and for the rest of time—

Everything He promised, true.

Written by: Kate Schaber || Photos by: Bubba Sellers

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