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Finding Acceptance

Raised with a genuine love for God, Matt Summers never understood the true meaning of grace. Matt spent several years striving to find his voice and acceptance from God. Through the open arms God extended to his brother, Mike, on his faith journey, Matt learned that God accepts us as we are and wants us to simply come home. God’s powerful grace at work in Matt’s life has turned him into the, “joy boy,” bringing love and freedom to those he encounters everyday. As an entertainer, business owner and brilliant family man, grace and joy have become a beautiful legacy of Matt’s life.

Videographer: Bubba Sellars || Producers: Noel Wood, Jamie Samples, & Jenna Anderson

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Having faced a childhood filled with abuse and neglect, Teri Crump navigated life with a pain and dysfunction that landed her in an unhealthy marriage at a young age. Years of brokenness were turned around when she finally encountered the love of Jesus in a life-changing way. Teri finally understood her immense value and worth in God’s eyes and that He had a purpose for her life beyond what she could imagine. As she responded to this unconditional love, she found courage to walk away from abuse, step forward in faith and establish a new life teeming with hope. Her broken past and God’s beautiful redemption in it is what fuels her ministry to women in prison in Deschutes County today.


When the fallout from childhood abuse now shrouded the life she found herself in, Veronica Ramos was surprised to encounter the gentle, patient love of God in and out of every season. At 22 she rededicated her life to Jesus and watched as He graciously guided her to towards real healing and hope.