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We all have influence. Are we leveraging our influence in ways that reflect the change-making potential God has put inside of us? With this question in mind, we gathered once again for this year’s Global Leadership Summit. Stirred by a desire to grow as leaders both professionally and personally, we came. Joined by hundreds in our community and thousands around the world we heard from diverse speakers and inspirational thinkers that challenged us.

Together we engaged our hearts and minds to think differently.

Together we laughed at the ways that both our “failures” and triumphs have shaped our leadership journey.

Together we connected in community to inspire each other to be the people God has called us to be.

Together we were challenged to live out our leadership roles with deeper character and higher vision.

Together we dared to imagine what could be as we step up to the challenges we heard from these forward thinkers.



What is the sphere of influence that God has positioned you in? Is it a business, a ministry, a tight knit group of friends, or your home full of impressionable littles? How might God be asking  you to dig deeper, lead with more intentionality, and make a true impact on the lives of those around you? Our prayer is that in the year to come we all would become more fully awake to the endless potential inside each of us. Potential to lead. Potential to succeed. Potential to use our leadership for greater influence as we follow the way of Jesus.


Photos By: Trey Anderson || Written By: Jenna Anderson

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God is For the City. He has poured out vision and passion for the days ahead at Westside and extends an eager invitation to you. Will you fulfill the role you were meant to play? Will you courageously say, “yes,” to God’s call to champion the lives of others?


Each of us is uniquely gifted and positioned to impact those that God has placed in our sphere of influence. God has called us to lead; to lead believers and those in the marketplace alike. People are hungry for a leader worth following. One that leads in everyday life with authority, wisdom, and vision.