Leader Advance 2019

Leader Advance 2019

We were created to live for more. To live lives fueled by deep purpose and intentionality that impacts the world around us. We are designed to lead and love in a way that reflects the way of Jesus to our broken world. Jesus came and moved into our neighborhood, closing the gap between us. His love and grace intercepted our brokenness and pain in life-transforming ways. Now it’s our turn.

In the season ahead, God is calling each and every one of us to move in closer proximity to our neighbors. To tear down the walls that divide as we commit our lives to the work that God is already doing around us. Our community needs us. Not to preach. Not to judge. They need us to love. Love deeply and serve humbly with no strings attached.

Where do you see a need? Where do you find spiritual dry ground in need of water? Where has God ALREADY positioned and equipped you to make a real impact? Engage there with your whole heart. Let God stir you to action. Let Him anoint and saturate the very ground you stand on.

God is For the City. He has poured out vision and passion for the days ahead at Westside and extends an eager invitation to you. Will you fulfill the role you were meant to play? Will you courageously say, “yes,” to God’s call to champion the lives of others? To choose authenticity and vulnerability so others can find their way to Jesus. Westside is For the City. As God continues to unfold His strategy and mission, dare to find your place in the story.

There is not only room for you, but a desperate need for you to be fully awake and engaged in His calling. When we look back on these days years from now, let it be said of us that we truly were people who lived generous lives for our neighbor, for our city, for our world, for the glory of Jesus’ name.


Written by: Jenna Anderson || Photos by: Brooklyn Wagner

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