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The Bronson Family Story

With a heart to adopt and courage to take steps forward, the Bronsons thought they knew how God had planned for their family to grow. However, God had unexpected twists and turns in their adoption story. Looking back now they are convinced more than ever that God has a good plan, is enough, and is in the business of instilling value and belonging above all else.

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Wearing a hoodie, jeans and some converse, Josiah Stern, looks like your average seventeen year old. Except that he’s not. Behind that slightly scruffy face and sweet smile, Josiah wears a badge of honor. A badge not desired by any, but nonetheless earned. Josiah earned it along the rough road walked alongside his family and those impacted by the devastating disease known as ALS.


To all of the women that have helped shape us. The nurturing hands that have carried us. The steady voices that have cheered our wins and comforted our losses. To the bonus moms, wise mentors, patient listeners, faithful servants, and steady friends. You have laughed us ​into laughing, believed us into believing, and changed us beyond measure.


Jenna Anderson wears many hats. In addition to dreaming up, coordinating, and leading the Story Team, she serves at Westside as a pastor and writer. She has led and ministered in Africa, spending five years there as a missionary. She wears the title “child of God” with confidence and humility. She is artistic, creative, loving, intentional, and grounded. But there are two roles that for her are the most cherished; Wife and Mot