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The Bronson Family Story

With a heart to adopt and courage to take steps forward, the Bronsons thought they knew how God had planned for their family to grow. However, God had unexpected twists and turns in their adoption story. Looking back now they are convinced more than ever that God has a good plan, is enough, and is in the business of instilling value and belonging above all else.

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Expecting with joy the birth of her second child, Christa was nesting and letting anticipation build. When the unexpected happened and the birth went not as planned, Christa found strength like she had never known. Her strength and peace in the midst of the unexpected has her ever more convinced that God is present to cover us when we need him most.


Already facing the heartache and weariness of brokenness in his family, Eddie Torres was faced with a devastating phone call that shook his faith. God’s response to his trust has made all of the difference for Eddie and those that he inspires with His faith walk.


With a desire to grow their family, Shanda and Ross Ackerman believed that God would be faithful to His promises. For years their journey was filled with pain, waiting, and loss as they faced infertility and complications. But God is faithful. The last 7 years shaped them deeply and ultimately has left them amazed and humbled at the grace and power of Jesus.