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This is Fatherhood.

Father’s Day is all about men, dads, and father-figures who play such a vital role in our lives. Their love, support, wisdom, and daily sacrifices create a bedrock for us. We want to celebrate some incredible dads in our community and hear what their kids love and admire most about them. We also are overwhelmingly thankful for our Heavenly Father who is always present bringing hope, freedom, and life changing love.

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We celebrate dads who are incredible role models. Their character and steady lives create safe places for their kids to grow.

James Warrick, Dad of 4

We asked James’ four kids what they admire most about their dad.

“I admire my Dad’s ability to always have the perfect thing to say to each and every person he meets.  I also admire his faith and how rich his love for God is.  He knows Scripture super well and therefore is able to back any hard question or situation with Scripture.  I also admire his fun personality and his love for people around him.  No matter what he is doing, he’ll drop it to go help someone in need.  My dad is one of my biggest role models and I look up to him every day.” -Kate, Age 15

“My Dad always goes above & beyond in every way! He is always putting everyone else first and is always willing to serve our family. I love how patient he always is. He loves to take care of our property and make it beautiful! I love all of his quirks that make me smile!” – Lauren, Age 14

“The thing I admire most about Dad is that whatever he starts, he always finishes.  And that he always gets up in the morning by 6am to make breakfast for me instead of sleeping in.”  -Blake, Age 11

“What I admire most about my Dad is that he works hard for our family and spends time with me. He’s a special Dad and will do anything for his family.  I love him with all of my heart. He’s sweet, kind, amazing and most of all, cares for us.” – Emery, Age 8

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We celebrate dads who find ways to connect with their kids.

Caleb Hargrove, Dad of 2

We asked Caleb’s son, Judah, what he loves most about his dad.

“I like having cuddles with him.” -Judah, age 5

A good cuddle? Oh, we can get behind that.


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Today we celebrate dads who work incredibly hard to provide for our practical needs while nurturing the unique people we’re becoming.

Thad Higgins, Dad of 6

We asked Thad’s kids what they admire most about him.

“The thing I admire most about my dad is, when he gets a new dream or passion, he follows it wholeheartedly. Now that is an example worth following.” -Danielle, Age 24

“I admire how hard he works and that I can talk to him about anything.” -Sami, Age 22

“I admire my dad’s determination and drive in life.”-Ashleigh, Age 21

“I am thankful and admire his unconditional love for me and all of my siblings.”-Jeremy, Age 19

“He is always there to help me with whatever I’m doing and give good advice about it.”-Nathan, Age 17

“I admire my dad because he is so passionate about his family, his hobbies, his job and lots more.” -Ellie, Age 14


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Today we celebrate dads who reflect our Good Father through their joy, encouragement, and faithful intentionality.

Steven Webb, Dad of 1

We asked Steven’s wife, Stephenie, what makes Steven such a great dad.

“Steven can always get Stella to giggle. Usually by making himself look silly in the process. In doing this, he is teaching her (and me) not to take yourself too seriously or you’ll miss out on a good laugh. Steven’s also the best encourager. In Stella’s nearly-one year old little life, she hasn’t done too much worthy of accolades. But every new word, trick, and tiny advancement she makes is met with the highest praise from him. He is her biggest fan. Steven puts Stella to bed every night. No matter how long his day has been, or how many other things he still has to get done, I can always hear his whispered prayers for and over her. I know this tradition of intention will help her know the Lord as reliable, kind, and really good.”
-Stephenie Webb

Cheers to the men, fathers, leaders, and mentors who have impacted our lives in big and small ways. We see you and celebrate how you inspire us daily.

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