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This is Motherhood.

This is M O T H E R H O O D…

To all of the women that have helped shape us. The nurturing hands that have carried us. The steady voices that have cheered our wins and comforted our losses. To the bonus moms, wise mentors, patient listeners, faithful servants, and steady friends. You have laughed us ​into laughing, believed us into believing, and changed us beyond measure. Blood relation or not, you choose to show up again and again in our lives and we see you. We celebrate you. We celebrate Motherhood. We celebrate womanhood.

Take a look at these incredible facets of motherhood and hear inspiration from these beautiful Westside Mamas.

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We celebrate the strength found in moms.

Moms are some of the strongest women we know. They’re there when we need them with patience to guide and encourage. They listen and laugh, cheer and join us in the trenches. Their strength meant to steady our shaky stance from day to day. Mothers are a beautiful design of God to consistently show us His strength, love, and overwhelming grace.

“For the first time in my life I feel I am living out what God has personally called me to, and I think had I known how much I would love it, I wouldn’t have been so afraid of the life change. My kids make me laugh and smile and dance and be crazy in the most fun ways, making me forever thankful for the gift that they are.

Being a constant and reliably safe place for my kids to come to takes a fair amount of strength, especially on the days when I feel weak and the least equipped to do this job. But when I seek Jesus, He makes me strong, so that even when the days are really long, I can finish knowing I was who my child needed, exactly when they needed me.”

-Annie Schrader, Mom of 3

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We celebrate moms and grandmothers who are building a lasting legacy of deep trust in God.

Women have such a potential to lead by example. Little ears are listening, but even more little eyes are watching. We are so grateful for the incredible women of faith who have taught so many of us to trust when we can’t see God’s ways at work. Their lives a beautiful story of the faithfulness of God to His people. May we learn to walk trusting God as they have.

“I want to be a woman of integrity and an example, especially to my grandkids, that life can throw you curve balls but Jesus carries us.  He is our provider, redeemer and loves us more than can be imagined.  I want to be an example of a woman who is brave and courageous, pushing through the hard stuff and trusting in God more than in anything the world can offer.

I have found that the most rewarding part of motherhood is the unconditional love you give and receive. I can’t imagine life without my little family.  My daughter and son-in-law who help me and support me.  My grandson who comes and mows my lawn and helps me to do things that are exhausting to me. My granddaughters who come over to help cook a meal that we can all enjoy. Cuddling on the couch, watching a movie and eating popcorn-just enjoying the moment.  Is it worth it, heck yes it is.  Through the good, the bad and the ugly, we have each other.”

-Ginny McPherson, Mom & Grandmother of 3

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We celebrate moms who see and nurture their kids’ individuality.

Though being a mom can be a challenge at times, God has equipped mothers with all that they need to love and raise the children He’s given them. Moms have eyes to see the unique talents, interests, and personalities of their children and have a way of celebrating and nurturing them.

“The most rewarding part of motherhood is to acknowledge and encourage our kids’ desires, dreams, and passions and watch them fulfill what they pursue.”  -Joan Zeller, Mom of 2

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We celebrate the moms who slow down enough to build intentional connections with their little ones.

We live in a million-mile-per-hour world and sometimes children can get lost in the shuffle. We celebrate moms who are willing to fight to show up for their kids by uniquely loving and valuing them in every season. Busyness loses its luster in light of a mom who invests heart and soul in relationships with her kids.

“As a mom I often get caught up in the daily tasks and forget to stop and just be with my kids. It’s important to engage in what your kids care about and intentionally build memories with them. About a year ago my husband and I started taking each kid on one on one dates and it is amazing how an intentional hour or two can impact the connection we have with our children. Life goes fast and you don’t want to miss the different stages with your kids so slow down and just be!

I can read blogs, books, and consult friends for wisdom about how to parent but there is a wide range of philosophies and ideas. While the former is important I have found that praying for wisdom and guidance is vital. I know God shows up in my day to day parenting. He gives me patience when its it’s run dry, He creates humor in a frustrating moment, He reminds me to take a deep breath before speaking, He shows me how to lead with love and compassion, He gives me peace amidst the craziness, and much more. If and when we walk with Him we have the wisdom to be great mothers!”

Azlan Salciccioli, Mom of 2


Celebramos el profundo amor de nuestras mamás. || We celebrate the deep love of moms. 

El amor que nuestras madres nos brindan a lo largo de nuestras vidas es una fuente de fortaleza e inspiración. Las madres viven vidas de sacrificios diarios y de amor incondicional que a menudo pueden pasar desapercibido. Con corazones llenos de gratitud, celebramos el amor de madre que cambia vidas.

“Aunque no es fácil ser madre, en Dios encontramos la guía y fortaleza. Es importante dedicar tiempo a tus hijos, aprender a conocerlos y ganar su confianza. Si no lo haces, buscarán en el lugar incorrecto. Es importante que los niños vean en ella no solo una madre sino también a una amiga.

Lo más gratificante como madre es sentir un amor inexplicable. He aprendido a sentir el verdadero amor y por sobretodo a demostrarlo. Vale la pena por sus abrazos que son los más sinceros del mundo y sus sonrisas. Me gusta mirarlos ser felices. Siempre trato de depender de Dios para educar y guiar a mis hijos. Dios siempre está allí para guiarme y enseñarme a través de su palabra. Dios siempre es fiel.”

Grecia Valdez, Madre de  3


The love our moms give us throughout our lives is such a source of strength and inspiration. Moms live lives of daily sacrifice and unconditional love that can often go unnoticed. With hearts full of gratitude, we celebrate the life-changing love of mothers.

“Although being a mother isn’t easy, with God we find guidance and strength. It’s important to dedicate time to your children, to get to know them and gain their trust. If you don’t, they’ll look for it somewhere else. It’s important that kids see their mother as a mother, but as a friend as well.

The happiness of being a mother is an unexplainable love. I have learned to feel the love and above all to express it. It’s worth it all because of their hugs and smiles. I love seeing my children happy. I always try to depend on God to raise and guide my children. He’s always there to guide me through His Word. God has been forever faithful.”

-Grecia Valdez, Mom of 3

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We celebrate moms who walk in humility and heroic bravery.

Being a mom requires the strength to choose humility, while protecting and defending the little ones that God has entrusted to our care. Women who lean on God to cover their weaknesses with His strength and wisdom will raise children who see God as enough. We celebrate this breathtaking balance of humble ferocity.

“The two traits that have been amidst my story as a mom and a woman are Bravery and Humility. Especially since becoming a single mother, I have had to humble myself and be braver than I ever imagined I would have to be in order to protect and love my children the way God intended them to be loved. The love and commitment I have for these girls has awaken a lioness in me. I have become a fierce protector of my children’s hearts and minds. I have had to walk through “fire” to protect them but in order to do that, I have to humble myself to the Lord every day. I ask the Lord every day to supply me with his wisdom, strategy, and words and to help me submit to his plans for us. Sometimes that means admitting my downfalls and submitting them to his guidance. Showing humility to my children is also something I strive to do. They need to hear me say I’m sorry, I screwed up and see me work to do better.

The most rewarding part of being a mother is really hard to put into words because it is a feeling. It’s kind of like describing how incredible a relationship with Christ is. It’s an overwhelming abundance of joy, unexplainable love, acceptance and grace. It comes with sacrifices, hard work, blood, sweat and tears but the overwhelming benefits of creating a family, makes it all worth it. My children have been my teachers. They make me a better person. I grow more fiercely in love with them every day.” 

-Rachel Bacon, Mom of 2

Cheers to our mamas.

We see you. We love you. We value you.


Written by: Westside Mamas & Jenna Anderson || Photos by: Erica Stubblefield

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