This is Motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day! God has uniquely fashioned women to nurture, care for, and courageously love those around them. We celebrate Motherhood AND Womanhood on this Mother’s Day. What a gift it is to have such strong, compassionate, and brave women walking this life beside us. This is a celebration. This is Motherhood.


We celebrate moms who are profoundly shaping the next generation.

As moms we have the gift of not only influencing our littles, but allowing our investment in our children to impact the world for generations to come. God has uniquely created us to be the mom that our kids need even when we feel like the the task it too great. Day by day, we faithfully sow seeds and trust that God will anoint our efforts.

“I’ve asked the Lord many times to give me eyes to see my girls as He does, as who God has called them to be in the future. Most days I feel like I am still down in the trenches. In the stage of life I am in, the fruit can be hard to see sometimes because there is still so much planting going on. My kids are all young, and sometimes I wonder if they are even capturing what I am trying to teach them. But then, moments happen. One of my girls will give up their seat for someone who doesn’t have one. Another takes money out of her piggy bank to buy a bible for her neighbor friend who doesn’t have one. And another begs me to buy extra food at the grocery store to give to the homeless man we drive by on our way out. Those little moments make everything else worth it, and remind me that even though the days are often long and hard, this is the most rewarding thing I could do.”    

-Ashley Brown, Mom of 3

We celebrate savoring the little moments of motherhood as time flies by.

You have probably heard it said that in the midst of parenting, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Each day is swept up with the needs of little or not-so-little people who we love so much. One day we are exhausted from diaper changes and late night feedings, only to blink and find ourselves giving driving lessons and helping with college applications.Time truly does fly. In the midst of it all, there is a richness to be embraced as we discover the intricacies of these little people entrusted to our care.

“As a mom looking back, I would say try not to RUSH through each day of life as a mother.  Do your best to enjoy and savor the little things more, not focusing so much on the big picture.  If we don’t, too many little memories will get lost. As best you can, try not to focus so much on the “TASKS” of being a mom, just be a mom.  Love on your kids, support them, encourage them, cheer them on, and be there for them.

Now in this season of life as a grandma, I am trying to embrace, enjoy, and not fear it.  We have been blessed with 7 amazing grandchildren, and in some ways, it seems likes a “second chance” to do some of the things that I did not do the first time around with my own children. I get to notice all of the little things about them that I did not have “time” for while I was rushing through life.”    

-Mary Coffin, Mom of 4, Grandma of 7


We celebrate moms and the tribes that carry them through.

A mother’s work is never done. Everyday begins a new, beautiful adventure of caring for the needs of the little ones in our lives. Our kids look to us to provide for them and guide them no matter what stage of life they’re in. It is a privilege and sometimes weighty to step up to the challenge. The daily demands of motherhood can be daunting. God’s plan is designed for motherhood not to be done in isolation, but that we might be strengthened by the people around us.

“In the midst of the daily grind, may we as mothers really enjoy each stage of our children’s lives. We will find that each stage is quickly replaced by a new one and we will miss the days when they needed us more. Look into your kids’ eyes and try to live in the moment. Before you realize it they are out the door and headed to college. It’s ok that you won’t have all the answers in raising these little people, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Create a community of other mothers and families as your tribe so that you can support each other through the ups and downs. We are all in this together!”   

 -Kathy Morgan, Mom of 4

We celebrate moms who are courageously entrusting their kids into God’s hands and believing for His plans for them to unfold.

As moms, our deepest desire is to protect and cover our kids in any way we can. But then, life happens. What we find is that the only place we can truly surrender our kids and their futures is into the capable hands of our God. He sees them, He knows them, and has purposes and plans for them beyond our wildest dreams. Even still, trusting God with our kids takes courage, audacious faith, and an unwavering hope that He is always working.

“One of the most challenging parts of motherhood was watching my daughter and son make life-changing decisions. I would pray with all my heart that after offering the best advice I knew how to offer, that it would it be enough. I would turn it over to God because I did not know what else to do. Again and again, I watched as miracles happened. I saw that what appeared to be a helpless situation was a test that God used to refine my kids. Even after all of these years,  I still marvel at it.

In all my experiences over the years, the good and not so good, I love seeing how God has taken each of my children and now our grandchildren and molded them into loving, humble, merciful, and godly people…Even though they have made mistakes along the way, might face discouragement or fear, or think they are not worthy, I am so thankful that they know they have a friend [in Jesus] to turn to.”    

-Nancy Borcalli, Mom of 3, Grandma of 8, Great-grandma to 1


We celebrate the faith of moms in our community and how it steadies us.

When Jesus walked the earth, He took notice of little children, saying that, “the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Jesus valued, cared for, and loved children in a culture that often overlooked them. Jesus set the example of a deep love for little ones, but also pointed to them as an example to us of authentic faith. It can be easy to overcomplicate or lose sight of our faith in the face of challenges and all life throws at us. But as we look at our kids let us be stirred to be faith-filled more than ever before.

“There is something so tender when Jesus said, ‘to have faith as a child.’ So often, as moms, we can become so unsure of ourselves and so many times we have no confidence in our relationship with God.  It is easy to doubt His undying love for us, the security of God’s promises and His truth over our lives. My encouragement to you is to have faith as a child, simple, pure and confident in God. It’s true what Winnie the Pooh says, ‘You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.’ ”    

-Angela Estrada, Mom of 3


We celebrate and stand with women who are in the waiting of motherhood.

I remember years of Mother’s Days where I was committed to celebrating the brilliant moms around me while choking back the fact that my arms were still empty, my hope was deferred. I would muster up the little faith I had and whisper a desperate prayer from the deepest places in my heart that ached for my turn to be a wife and mama. Those days were painful and confusing and yet Jesus met me there in the sacred spaces of waiting. Now on this side of motherhood, I haven’t forgotten what it was like. I stand in awe of God’s faithfulness in the waiting and now in the beautiful trenches of motherhood. He was good then and He is good now. I am humbled by the gift of these babies, but I also am inspired by the women around me who choose to embrace the waiting with hope, believing that God sees, cares and is enough in the meantime. My days prior to holding my littles forever shaped the mama I am today and leave me with a deep sense of gratitude. For those of you still waiting, we see you, we celebrate you, and we pray for grace as you wait.”    

-Jenna Anderson, Mom of 1 (with one on the way)

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