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The Story Team is a community of creatives inspired to artistically capture stories for the purpose of bringing glory to God, building audacious faith, and helping people align with God’s mission in their own lives. 

Stories have the power to inspire, challenge, encourage and even amuse more than most things. It is evident that God is doing an incredible, miraculous work in the lives of Westsiders daily and we are passionate about those stories being told. We believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a story to tell, a voice that deserves to be heard. As stories are entrusted to our storytellers and the real, tangible, and authentic work of God is made known among us, our community will begin to grow in strength and unity.

Our amazing team of volunteers will give people a voice through film, written, spoken and photographic stories. You will find these on social media, used in services and gatherings and presented on our website as well. God is powerfully on the move weaving our individual stories into His big, beautiful of story of redemption and grace. It’s time to let those stories be told.