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Westside Church exists to equip men, women and children to extend the life and love of Jesus in their world by helping them know Jesus and become more like Him.|

Becoming like Jesus means loving like Jesus. The motivation that fuels every aspect of our mission is the way of Jesus. His life, love and purpose are everything to us.

The Bible tells the story of the highs and lows of humanity, but also of God’s unwavering love for us. His purpose from Genesis to Revelation and from Bethlehem to Bend, can be summed up in three words: Create, Restore, Redeem. Inside this epic narrative, we also find the story of us – our longings and failings, yes, but also our potential to partner with Him in this grand mission to love our world back to life.

We envision our city as a place where the Gospel is seen and not just heard – where the Church has a reputation for abundantly and generously loving people everywhere, always.

Our church is a community of ordinary people from all walks of life courageously trusting Jesus to heal, transform, renew, forgive, provide and sustain.

Welcome to Westside.


Foundation is where it all begins and the place we need to continually return. It is established from the teachings of Jesus and the principles of God’s Word. It is the necessary yet unseen part of the whole. Without it, the rest cannot flourish.


As we allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds, He transforms us from the inside out. We see our world with the fresh eyes of Jesus and grow in maturity as we follow His ways. It is a process we steadily walk throughout our lives, always allowing the Holy Spirit to move and change us.


Saturation is how we embody the way of Jesus: to love God and love people. Like a river overflowing its banks, we see the gospel of Jesus moving into our neighborhoods, changing lives and communities through us. As we intentionally engage in proximity to our city, we will see the life and love of Jesus bring transformation to everyone, everywhere.

John 8:31-32

Building the foundation of our faith in Jesus does not happen by accident. Westside has foundational ministries and classes that are offered to everyone at all stages of your faith journey. 

WESTSIDE SERVICES are an integral part of establishing a foundation of faith as we gather weekly in worship and grow together in understanding God’s Word with all ages including services for adults, kids, youth, and young adults.

ESSENTIALS is a three-part class that helps us understand how the story of God and our personal stories collide through discovering our individual purpose, core values and giftings. 

PASTORAL CARE ministries provide opportunities to take part in foundational sacraments such as baptism, prayer, communion and personal one-on-one spiritual mentoring. 

BAPTISM We see baptism as an incredibly powerful and personal event in the life of every believer. Stepping into the waters of baptism marks the moment we join with the call of Jesus that our old, caged-in lives would be buried away and our new, free, abundant life would emerg

Romans 12:1-2

When we allow God to transform our lives and recognize that He is a living, personal presence, through His Spirit – we become like Him. We find greater purpose and begin to live lives that truly matter as God transforms us day by day.

Westside offers various ways to lean-in to life transformation, like classes, teachings, and building community as we sharpen one another in faith and love.

RESOURCE GROUPS + CLASSES provide tools to help us face challenges and life situations where we need support and growth. These gatherings equip us on our journey and transformation of faith.

COMMUNITY LIFE provides opportunities to find community and grow alongside others. Doing life together is the way of Jesus where everyone belongs and no one is alone.

WESTSIDE EQUIP is a 6-week class that prepares us for living out our faith in effective and powerful ways.

LEADER ADVANCE is an annual event that connects and equips us for leadership – for those already leading or interested in getting started.

Acts 1:8, 19:10-20

Our legacy is meant to be greater than what any one of us could do individually. Together we can saturate Central Oregon and beyond by doing what Jesus has called us to do.

VOLUNTEER TEAMS are a perfect starting point to volunteer with one of the dozens of teams at Westside. Together, we can make our church community one in which we all have a part.

LEADERSHIP plays a key part in helping others take their next step and Volunteer Teams are a perfect starting point. At Westside we offer dozens of ways to lead, from leading a small group to serving with kids and youth to joining an outreach team in our community.

FOR THE CITY is part of our mission to reach and love our community. There are many opportunities for involvement in these key initiatives: Creation Church plant, Spanish Language Ministry, City Without Orphans, New Media, City Impact and a Downtown Facility.