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A New Way

Understanding the radical new way of Jesus forces us to see the church, the Bible, and ourselves in radically new ways.


happy new year ready man 2018 no no excitement out there for 2018 I'm so excited yeah I'm really excited about 2018 new year a new series we're just starting launching a new series today I'm super excited about the new way that Jesus described for us and I want to say hi to those who are watching online as well happy New Year to you stalking with Roxanne Desharnais our new prayer pastor she was hired a couple months ago took over the for pastor Greg Frye who's not working with MTI ministry training institute and I was talking with Roxanne about this message and was asking her to to pray over it and and have the prayer team is kind of praying through it and and she sent out a note to all the prayer teams and included me and and and she quotes Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit and right then I knew we hired the right person you know I'm saying like oh yes Roxanne good job and it's the scene where Bilbo is falling into the into one of the dark Goblin tunnels and he's all alone and he's lost he's not sure what to do and Tolkien writes this he says go back he thought no good at all sideways impossible forward only thing to do on we go so up he got and tried it along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand filling the wall and his heart all of a powder and a pitter I don't know what a powder in a pitter are but that's what I feel like today super excited about this message and what I feel like God wants to share with us how many of you know how hard it can be to pry open our fingers from old thoughts and old patterns old ways of thinking and if you're like me I grew up in the church and I just there's and not just in the church I mean in all of life there's these patterns and thoughts and way of doing things that kind of hold on to us and we hold on to them and as we come into 2018 and as we launch this series a new way I want you to consider and consider with me more deeply regarding how you think about the Bible and about Jesus you know the Bible's filled with new lame I mean the God's mercies are new every morning the Bible says Isaiah the prophet says that God's about to do a new thing and then Jesus comes on the scene and he starts something so radically new that even the religious institution didn't recognize it it was so radically new a preacher I heard recently Andy Stanley who if you've been in the church for a while you might know his father Charles Stanley he said this he said that Jesus wasn't an improvement on something old Jesus wasn't Judaism 2.0 it wasn't an extension of it was a departure from you know I remember I remember the dialogue that I had with my oldest son chase before he died I remember the dialogue and conversation about God about church about the Bible with this you know young 18 19 20 year old I remember talking to him about it and he was telling me about his friends both non-christian and Christian and how much of a hard time they had with God in the church and the Bible and and how confusing it was for them and sometimes how they felt like now the Old Testament is like God the mad one and then the New Testaments the loving one are they the same and all kinds of questions about God and church in the Bible and and it's caused me to think more deeply about what I believe and why I believe it and how to express the message of Scripture what I found is I've tried to spend most of my life mixing and matching what I mean by that is I tried to mix and match between what the old and the new say about God about church about the Bible about myself in relationship to God and with others and when you hear people say that a hurricane is God's judgment or God's love is dependent on one's actions or when Christians I hear say that they hope the temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem all of it is a mix and match of the old and the new some of it I understand prophecies yet to be fulfilled and all of that I understand where some of that comes but what I do see often is how much of that gets in the way of seeing Jesus of knowing Jesus just like I got in the way and Judaism back in the first century when Jesus showed up on the scene the the people that were entrenched in the Old Covenant couldn't see who Jesus really was because of how entrenched they were let me pray Jesus as we approach your word today I pray that it would give us life and hope that she would speak clearly through it and that we would see you Jesus soon on every page of the Bible I pray in Jesus name Amen guys ready ready to dive in you have a Bible turn to the book of Hebrews Hebrews is towards the end of the New Testament and and hold your finger on Hebrews kind of stick there I'm gonna be going I'm on a we're on a Bible adventure today I have so many passages and they're on all in different places and so you don't need to turn there I think they'll be on the screen for you but I want to hang out in Hebrews primarily Hebrews is a really interesting book most likely I probably gonna do a series on it this year because it's one of those books that people a lot of times Christians just don't read that much we spend a lot of time in the Gospels and with Paul's writings but Hebrews is a super interesting book it was written around 70 AD we know it was written before 70 AD because it has no mention of the Temple in Jerusalem being destroyed and and for sure because the content of Hebrews he would have included that in or she would have included that in the in the narrative it's an unknown author we don't know if a lot of people think it was Paul but there's some evidence that Paul might have already passed away before Hebrews was finished but it does mention Timothy so we do know that it has a lot of Pauline kind of influence and it was written this is important it was written distinctly to a Jewish audience the book of Hebrews right so it's written to a group of people that were that were Christians but came out of Judaism and what was happening in the first century Church is that there were people called Judaizers that were trying to pull Jewish Christians back out of the and re-engage with Judaism and not only that but also trying to insert some of the religious tradition into Christianity and the author of Hebrews comes and he sees this and he comes and writes this book to try to counteract that move and help make sure that Jewish Christians were holding on to Jesus and why now why is this important to us we're not Jewish maybe you are and if you are welcome I'm glad that you're here Christianity generally is not Jews but it's interesting in American Christianity how closely aligned we are to Judaism judeo-christian ethic right that I mean there's this high view of Judaism within American Christianity and and I would say as a result of that other than the Gospels the book of Hebrews is one of the most important books that American Christians should know one of the theme verses in Hebrews is chapter 10 verse 20 and and the author describes the way of Jesus using this simple phrase as a new and living way say new say living this is not old and it's not dying it's not the old way and it's not one that leads to death and what the authors describing is that the Old Covenant by the way do you know that the word Testament is the wrong English word it should be Covenant Old Covenant New Covenant and why that's important is because it depicts a relational dynamic between God and us both the old and the new how we have relationship with God how we connect with him and and so in the old couple you have the Old Covenant written over thousands of years and then there's 400 years of silence after the last prophet dies for these 400 years and then after the 400 years Jesus comes on the scene and what Jesus is is a bridge he's a bridge between the old and the new and Jesus comes and and and inaugurates this new and living way he's he's not he's not a progression a continuation of the old it's a brand new way of thinking and living and connecting with God and what he does is he come pleats the old by dying which ushered in the new let me give you an example one of the most famous Jewish celebrations is Passover and Jewish Jewish people still celebrate Passover it's the it's the when when God delivered the people of Israel out of Exodus and if you know the story they were instructed to put the blood of a lamb over their doorposts because they were still living in Egypt and when the Angel of Death came over if he if if he saw the blood he would pass over that house and and as a result God delivered the people of Israel who were in a covenant relationship with God from Egypt and so this Passover that they celebrate this every year they have a special mill that denotes it because they had to eat a certain way before they went on their journey to Egypt and all this so it's very very very much a part of the Jewish faith and so so Jesus is having Passover with his followers in Luke chapter 22 Jesus having dinner with his friends and they're celebrating this reality God delivered redeemed set free the people of Israel because of the Passover lamb and then Jesus says these words and this is powerful word these are this is a powerful statement to a group of Jewish followers of Jesus he says in this it says in Luke 22 verse 20 and in the same way Jesus took the cup after they had eaten and he said this cup which is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my blood you see what Jesus is doing he's putting himself in front of Moses in front of Exodus he's saying I'm now the Passover lamb listen you don't know maybe you don't understand the the the reality of this those Jewish people should have stood up and walked out this was heresy Harris is one of the reasons Jewish people wanted to kill Jesus as he kept putting himself in that place and here he makes it as clear as ever that I'm the new Passover I'm I'm the lamb that's going to be slain for you and from this that day on he started something brand new sure it had similarities to the old and and I'm gonna talk more about that but it was something radically new it's like if I stood up at Christmas Eve and said you know Jesus's birth yeah whatever it's all about me we're gonna celebrate my birthday Christmas Eve from now on his pastor Steve's birthday celebration the elders would call a psychiatrist I would they would start to look for a new pastor it would not go well that's what Jesus is doing he's saying the Passover now is all about me it's all of it's not about Moses it's not about God delivering the people through a lamb it's about God delivering the people the entire world through me Jesus Christ I love how the author of Hebrews let's go back to Hebrews chapter 7 verse 18 says this for on the one hand there is a setting aside of a former commandment so he's talking about the Old Covenant so he says there's a setting aside of the former commandment because of its weakness and uselessness stronger than I'd say it and he say it's weak and he's saying it's weak and useless because it's not it doesn't have the strength to do what it intended meaning it doesn't have the strength to connect us with God and as a result of that it's useless for the law of made nothing perfect and I see God's holy and I'm getting way into the weeds here but God's holy and we can't be in relationship with God unless we're holy you're not and I'm not you never will be and so through Jesus Christ his sacrifice makes us righteous and holy so now that we eat and he makes us perfect I'm sorry I wasn't gonna go there but you guys who take a deep breath let's keep moving everybody's saying there's the Old Covenant can't do that it could it couldn't do that doesn't have the power to do that and and not only does it not have the power that on the other hand there's a bringing in of a better hope compared to the Old Covenant the way of Jesus is a better hope a better way through which now we can draw near to God see the art was what the author of Hebrews was trying to do is he's trying to get Jewish Christians to let go of their grip on the Old Covenant he's not saying there's no purpose in it he's just saying doesn't have any real strength or profit to help you connect with God what it does do is show you that you can't connect with God and that you need a Savior all of the all that the Old Covenant is doing is pointing us to Jesus why he came why he had to die how we can have relationship with him with God through him Hebrews says in eighth chapter 8 verse five who that the Old Covenant serves as a copy and a shadow of the heavenly things so it has there's some usefulness for it because of a being a copy and a shadow it gives it shows us a picture of it but it's not the full picture how many of you saw the sunrise this morning anybody yeah you're 11 15 people I didn't expect you to but you're like Steve I got my kids out of bed that was a good enough day for me I get that you guys have the I mean just take my word for it I was pretty early the sunrise was amazing so I'm coming in I lived by Walmart and I'm coming I'm driving east here towards the church driving west toward the church and I see this the orange and the blue over here on the west and it's beautiful it's beautiful and that Suzanne's driving and I'm looking then I look in my side mirror and I see what's behind me sevenish in the morning and it's vibrant the oranges and reds and blues are just like they're it's just like crazy start compared to that to this I said Susan turn around we're going in the wrong direction that's a picture for me and for us today that the old is a shadow it's a glimmer of what but but it doesn't it doesn't it can't produce life in you it can't produce the kinds of stuff that the new can do and and every time we put take our eyes off of what Jesus is for us on to the old way we lose sight of that vibrancy that we can experience and then in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 1 it says that for the law that's another way of calling it this Old Covenant they called it the law Jesus called it along the profits for the law since it is only since it has only a shadow of the good things to come and is not the very form of it can never say never go ahead say that one one more time and never ever never at all in any way it can't do it by the same sacrifices which they offer because old covenants all about the sacrifices continually year after year after you're here it cannot make perfect those who draw near Jesus verse 9 takes away the first in order to establish the second I mean I actually don't need to commentate much on Hebrews if you're if you have ears to hear what God is trying to say to us about our approach to both the old and the new covenants and and and in other words what he's saying here in Hebrews 10 is that the second the new covenant cannot be fully established until the first has been fulfilled so the first wasn't wrong it wasn't bad it wasn't a mistake it just needed to be fulfilled before the second could begin and that's exactly what Jesus said I want to encourage you to read the one chapter this week Matthew chapter 5 just read through Matthew chapter 5 the teachings of Jesus and every Jesus continues like six different times puts himself in front of Moses he says things like well you've heard it said but I say and he's quoting the Old Testament stuff he said you've heard it said but I say you've heard Moses say but I say matter of fact that religious people were constantly trying to trap Jesus to to stumble him on on this whole dynamic that he was talking about coming he just kept standing in front of Moses and and in Matthew chapter 5 verse 17 Jesus says this do not think that I came to abolish the law or the prophets the Old Covenant I did not come to abolish it but to fulfill it truly I say to you until heaven and earth pass away not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the law until say until until all is accomplished and then I start I read that and I immediately think about what Jesus said as he's dying for the sins of humanity on the cross when he says is one of his last words it is finished let's say it another way it is accomplished yeah yeah that way I don't have to yeah so if you're getting it I don't have to live I don't have to live under the Old Covenant have to try to please God by what I do and what I don't do I am now under Christ I am living the new law the new covenant of grace man it's like a it's like a completely revolutionary thought Jesus isn't trying to get rid of the Old Covenant he's just trying to show the Jews how it all is about him point it to him Hebrews chapter 11 it lists some of the great men and women from the Old Covenant men and women of faith who confidently looked forward to the day you and I are living in today and in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 13 it says that all these people all these men and women of faith from the Old Covenant died still believing what God had promised them they didn't receive what was promised we are we are but they all saw it from a distance and welcomed it the old and new listen they're not in conflict with each other the new fulfills the old Jesus fulfills the old the love of Jesus on the cross is the love of God we see in the whole Bible I was talking to a friend of mine Josh Cordell about this and he old calvary chapel guy i forget any of you from calvary chapels man were it is so if there's such a strong it's one of the mice i used a lot of calvary chapels stuff when i study four messages there's so word centric i love it starting to Josh about this message and because it's it's kind of has a little radicalness to it right and so I was asking him am i speaking heresy that was my question to do he said no thank goodness but he handed me a Bible enemy two Bibles actually and he said Steve tell the church that if they want to see Jesus on every page of the Bible there's a Bible that will help them it's called the gospel transformation Bible and he's not making anything off of my promoting listen it's not his Bible I mean this is his Bible but it's not you know Bible belongs to everybody the Bible belongs to the people but this is a great Bible I I don't think we have it in the rock yet it just came up in my study so we'll make sure to get some copies but you can order it on Amazon it's called the gospel transformation Bible Christ in all of Scripture now if this is too heavy for you here's a children's one and this is a good starting point and it actually is a great starting point this is brenly's Josh's daughters and it's called the Jesus story but Bible listen to this every story whispers his name it does the whole thing is about Jesus it's about helping us know who he is and why he had to come and why he had to die Andy Stanley says if the law and the prophets were a plane Jesus says I'm landing it if it's a homework assignment Jesus says I'm completing it he's doing your homework for you people it's goodness you could rest in that and the rest of the New Testament listen the rest of the New Testament is trying to convince us and tell us please don't get back on the plane Jesus landed it it's as if we were all on this plane trying to earn God's favor and and she threw Jesus he lands this plane he he welcomes everybody into a new life off the plane closes the door and puts it in a museum and says look we need to learn we need to understand but we don't need to get back on that plane matter of fact it's not gonna fly anymore and it hasn't there hasn't been a sacrifice on the Temple Mount since 70 AD Jesus inaugurated a new and living way and the old is gone we just baptized to keep it guy TJ just a minute ago during the last after the last service he's moving to Idaho he thought we were doing baptisms this weekend we weren't so but he's moving like tomorrow they're like we're gonna do baptism so we got the tub and tub inside tub is the tank back in the in the chapel and and TJ got baptized and it's like the old right the Bible talks about baptism the old is gone the new has come it's just all over scripture what is Paul say about this Paul says in Galatians chapter 3 and Paul who's Paul let me tell you what Paul is Paul called himself a Jew of Jews he was so Jewish that when Christianity came up he started persecuting it because he knew the threat it had on the old way and he wanted to make sure to snuff it out and so that's what he spent his life trying to kill Christians and imprison them and Jesus confronts him on on on on on the road to Damascus as he's going to persecute Christians and says why are you persecuting me and Paul's like who are you and I'm Jesus and I was like pause what eyes were blinded but his inner eyes were illuminated like this is the guy that everything was preparing us for and he gives his life to Jesus and radically so and then he spends the rest of his life telling Jewish people Christians and non-christians that they don't have to follow the old way anymore Matariki tells Gentiles that who don't know the way of the Jews like you're fine you don't need to know that so if you don't need to go get circumcised to know the way of Jesus this is what he says in Galatians chapter 3 he's writing to a group of Jewish Christians in the province of Galatia and he says this but before faith came we were kept in custody in Chains under the law being shut up to the faith which was later to be revealed therefore the law the Old Testament has become our tutor to lead us to Christ so there's a purpose in it right it helps us understand and know why Christ came but I love this so that we may be justified by face through Christ but now that faith has come we are no longer under a tutor I don't have to go back to go forward I don't have I don't have to like what does all the Old Testament mean I don't have to understand it all in order to understand a way of Jesus he is the way to life he is the sunrise in the morning he is vibrant and filled with truth and mercy you know we all feel that we have to do something to earn our way do you have you ever noticed that it's built into the system not just in church but in the world system I mean you grow up trying to please your father or your mother or your coach you you you you you think that you have to earn your way into relationships with people you've got to earn the respect of your boss everything in our life is wrapped up in this if you then I and if you and if I don't you won't kinds of relationships and Jesus comes and says no the new covenant is Jesus saying I'm gonna do it for you I'm gonna finish your homework I'm going to make it you don't have to do anything now now next week I'm going to talk about this I did because I say you don't to do anything you don't have to do anything to earn God's love earn God's favor Jesus has done all of that he fully embraces you just as you are but the new way not only did he it was a new covenant but Jesus gave us a new command you know the Old Testament was filled with I mean I'm just giving you a little preview for next week the Old Covenant was filled with that the Ten Commandments everybody seen the movie so you got it those are the Ten Commandments right really important and the and God inaugurated that and said okay these are the two Ten Commandments and I want you to follow these things then the then the the tradition the Jewish religion took those Ten and made 600 plus other commands and and everybody had to try to live under that it was already hard enough to live under the Ten Commandments really impossible but but then the 600 was it was completely unreasonable Jesus comes and he says that all the law and the prophets can be summed up in two commands you guys remember this what are the two commands good job guys went to sunny school I'm glad right love God love each other but Jesus does something even radical this radical cuz he says to his in John and the book of John we'll look at this next week that he says to his friends same point the same in the same gathering that he's told them about the Passover he says I'm giving you a new command he's the word command I mean you got to think this is Jewish people they're thinking about all they're like really another one I mean they don't have enough already is you saying no no this one is the one it's the one that I want you to do this is the one this is the one that that I'm asking you to live and he's and and so should I tell you next week cliff finger Evan what do you think cliff finger alright next week he's blame Evan wait a Mebane the one the one the one command oh you guys trance if we live this we live this one thing if we do this one thing you don't have to worry about not lying not murdering not committing adultery not because you won't do it if you follow the one guys are all dying yeah it's something you know what it is I'm not gonna you can do it deal it'll just google it Jesus's last command and you'll find it there you go okay where am i yeah here let me finish up this is the thing that I for what will help you tomorrow it's you know we always want to make Sunday helpful for Monday so what's gonna help you in this message for tomorrow I want you to be careful as we oppress we come into this new year and as we really I mean this this year is the way of Jesus for Westside church we are going to dig deeply into what he taught and how to live it and I want you to be careful not to make the old covenant prescriptive in relationship to God or to others you know the if you then I it's a narrative it's a it's an amazing story about God and we learn a lot about God but it's a story about God's covenant with a nation Israel that's what it is and it's in its and it's useful to show us Jesus but it's not directive it's not prescriptive the teachings of Jesus are very prescriptive and very directive so yeah I think some people hear a message like this and go Steve you're trying to throw out the old I'm not trying to throw out the old or you're saying that that the way of Jesus maybe is easier I'm saying it's harder we all I mean how easy is it okay let me go through the Ten Commandments all right so i dint kill anybody today good trick God loves me um I didn't lie to anybody check great no other idols before okay let's past let's skip that one in America we don't want that one i dint I didn't commit adultery today Chuck loved by God then Jesus comes along and he says that if you lust after a woman you've committed adultery in your heart okay what box is that it's a better way you guys it's a better way than any other way it's a better way in relationships it's a better way in your in in in in in the relationship with God in relationship with each other it's just simply a better way so next we're gonna talk about more about that let me finish I said that already that's a good preacher I'm gonna say four more times I think there are a lot of old ideas you guys that have smuggled themselves into the new and so another just kind of a simple application point it's just start being aware of you know like when you hear people talk about you know a bad church experience if you dig a little bit you you tend to find Old Covenant ideas mixed in with new you know when like like I already said whenever you hear someone talk about natural disasters or God's judgment on parts of our country that's old not new you hear preachers do I gotta be careful maybe just I'm gonna be stamping on somebody's toes not here with other preachers when they say hey you give a little bit more in the offering today you'll get a little bit more I've got old and new mixed together when you hear someone say you need a priest to go to God for you old mixed with new or when you hear people ask where is God when bad things happen you know that comes from old ideas being mixed with new ones I heard a preacher say this the Christianity can stand on its own two nail scarred feet it doesn't need Jonah or Noah or even Moses to prop it up so this year we're going on an adventure like Bilbo to investigate the new way of Jesus and so would you would you grab your sword and start moving forward investigating reinvestigating being rien lightened being rejuvenated in your faith and devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ because I know we can't stay where we are and we can't go back to what was once and so if you're ready to move forward with me would you just simply agree with this prayer I'm gonna pray in your own heart Jesus I once thought that all my religion was valuable but now I consider it all rubbish compared to knowing you and to what you've done Jesus I don't want to go back to an old way I don't want to go back to trying to prove myself to you and to others I want to know you I want to become more like you Jesus I want to even be one with you Jesus I want to experience your mighty power that raised you from the dead even to suffer with you and share in your death so that one day God one day we will experience like you the resurrection from the dead so will you guide us Jesus will you be with us on this adventure would you fill us with your spirit would you help us to rightly divide your word and use us empower us for your glory in Jesus name Amen hey the pro team is a go ahead lets you do that the pro team is available over at the prayer wall Roxane she probably has some more quotes from Bilbo to just share with you but there the team is available you know if this has stirred up anything I don't want you to leave unresolved go over to the prior team and just just continue to soak in God's presence let him begin to you know just I mean all of us want to hear God right we want to know him and understand his voice so the pro team can really help with that other than that I already shared with you what I'm gonna share next weekend and so I hope you can be here for that and that'll be it's a great weekend actually to invite friends that are not churched to discover this new way of Jesus because I'll tell you what when you when you start to when you when you filter how do I say this let me just say this when you focus on Jesus and his way there is not a soul on this planet that will say oh that's not a good way there every single especially young people will say I want that how do I do that there's all this other stuff that complicates it and gets in the way but I want that and so I'm gonna get to that next week and I hope you can join us publish yes you go [Applause]

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