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thank you it's good so good to see you and so good to be here can we pull that picture back up of Stephen Suzanne I wanted to look at that some more that looks it like it came out of a hobbit movie to me I think when steve gets back I'm gonna start calling rabbi I mean he he looks like a rabbi anyway I'm glad they're doing well people are kind enough to ask Linda and I since ivory fired how we're doing and we're doing good Linda is coaching some ladies and she's loving her kids and loving her grandkids and loving people one at a time she's doing good i'm speaking and writing and coaching and hunting and fishing to have any insurance salesman would you raise your hands if your insurance salesman thousands of ducks and geese and deer and elk and pheasants and chuckers are applying for life insurance since i retired soon keep praying for Linda she likes me to go but she won't go with me so keep praying for Linda that she'll actually go hunting and fishing with Ken that would be a miracle pastor Steve asks me to give a message out of a book that I'm writing called your wildest dream and I'm going to do that today and talk about dreamworks and i'm going to be speaking out of the book i'm going to kind of fly over the first eight chapters and then dig into the ninth chapter Joe life of Joseph I want to pray first oh god what an amazing thing that sparks from you could fire synapses in my mind and I could take we saying it's your breath in my lungs and I could take a breath and xx exhale that breath and you would help me shape my vocal cords and mile our necks and my tongue in my lips that I could actually speak words that you have for your people that you put on my heart either as I stand here or before I stood here that is an amazing thing I am in awe of that I am in awe of you God's tears away from my words and toward your word and I ask it in Jesus name the people said amen the dream the challenges to the dream to pay off the promise the problems the payoff I will never forget the day my dream came back to life I was 27 years old sitting in church just like you are the pastor was speaking is about halfway through the message and I saw a video of me as a nine-year-old going forward after our pastor preached a message I'm saying yes to God's will for your life and saying I believe God wants me to be a minister a pastor a preacher and he smiled and was pleasant then I went home my parents that I didn't tell them and I probably in the next 18 years gave less than a half hour hour a thought to that dream but it came right back to me in 10 seconds when God played the video and said these four words that changed the direction of my life forever I'm here to collect it's about that promise you made to me when you are innocent nine-year-old I'm here to collect my life changed directions matically dreams change things dreams change things a man named Joseph got a dream that kept him from putting off his beat Ross wife who was pregnant because God said its of me dreams change things Thomas Jefferson attributed much of the Declaration of Independence much of his input into the declaration of independence of our country to dreams from God RG letourneau Robert Gilmore letourneau got interested in mechanical things as a young boy he bought a tractor as a young man most tractors had metal wheels and he put rubber tires on the tractor he made some changes in the more he got involved with equipment the more he got creative and the more ideas he had God began to give him ideas he was a godly man and he he became the premier inventor he had 300 patents the premier inventor of equipment and heavy equipment and he said that God he run into a problem on a piece of equipment on how could it be better and God would literally give him a dream at night and he'd wake up and he put it down on paper and in World War two seventy percent of the heavy equipment used by us in world war two was letourneau equipment he became so wealthy that he gave away ninety percent of his income and lived on ten percent God gave him a dream dreams change things dreams changed dreamers dreams change our world dreams change things and the Bible says that spiritual dreams will be common in our day acts to 17 in the last days and if acts 2 was last days we're laster days God says I will pour out my spirit on who would you just raise your hand if you're one of those all people if you could be qualified all people and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and your young men will see visions it's not gender it's not age it's all over the map and your old men will dream dreams in those days I will pour out my spirit even on my servants men and women alike and they will prophesy dreams visions prophecy are pictures of a future that God gives there are basically two types of dreams there are natural dreams and spiritual dreams we need natural dreams because they defragment our mind they restore our minds and even our bodies a baby needs about three hours of REM sleep a night an adult needs about an hour and a half you get a little bit more REM sleep about every hour and a half as you sleep if you can sleep in sections of an hour a half hour and a half three hours four and a half six you get REM sleep dream sleep deep sleep that restores you that's a natural dream God built that into us as a restoration but then there are spiritual dreams that don't come from biology they come from God they're sourced in God they can be something that you get into the daytime a vision as I did in that church service they could be something that happens at night and you wake up and go wait a minute that was not just a dream spiritual dreams now there's the word dream is also used not only of getting a direct picture from God or of REM sleep dream is also used when we say he dreams of it's a strong wish or desire and that can be either spiritual or natural that can be a desire I will give you the desires of your heart there's two ways to interpret that either God says whatever you desire I'll give you or I'll give you the things that I desire so you desire what I desire okay so natural wishes natural aspirations that started with us or supernatural that came from God that he put an aspiration on our I have no doubt that Seth and Diana sokoloff are in Uganda because of a supernatural direction it wasn't just a natural thing that God put on their heart natural and spirit and spiritual and if you have dreams the average person has about three dreams tonight whether you wake up and realize it or not that's the average they've done some studying and you do have dreams and if you have dreams a few of them at least are going to be from God and I want to challenge you today to starting today to pay greater attention to your dreams and ask God was that from you or ask God to give you a dream and it's applicable to every dimension of life dreams affect the natural realm agriculture music art enterprise leadership government god-given dreams can make the world a better place and also populate heaven amen that's true in the book your wildest dreams I about every three or four pages have two or three questions so that the individual or the people who are finding out about dreams and how to recognize dreams and pursue dreams and achieve dreams and believe dreams they stop and think build a little Terrace for the for the water to soak in and not just erode so we slow down here's a question have you ever asked God for dreams or other special insight relating to your vocation your craft your goals and your projects what would remind you to do that from time to time Joseph received his special dream from God when he was 17 you're not too young that's a lie Abraham received a dream from God and he was still dreaming it when he was 100 it hadn't come to pass yet you're not too old that's a lie you're not to female you're not to mail that's a lie God has a dream for you God has a dream for you Joseph received a dream when he was 17 and for 13 years he plowed through the problems between the promise and the payoff and you read it and you just can't believe it looks better better crash OH better better better crash it's an honest picture of how life is it's a great story and Joseph dream because his creator dream God dreams to dream is to spiritual dream God spiritually dreams got his spirit they dreamed spiritually to dream is to see something of the future that's not there yet the Bible says God speaks of things that are not as though they were and then they are in our realm and that's God of faith that's a god of dreams that's the kind of God that we serve and because he's a creator he created us to be creators in a big part of creation and creativity has to do with dreams indeed as Paul Soileau said dreams are the language of God bruce wilkinson said God is waiting for you to value his gift of your dream enough to live it and that would be my challenge you to do you today to value to leave today the same weight I need to value the gift of dreams more than I have I'm going to live God's dreams from my life now there are challenges as you move toward that just as there were four Joseph first of all dreams come unassembled even as I speak in my office at home upstairs on the car it is a shotgun disassembled with about 60 parts my benelli because one part was broken in they sent it to me and I'm really good at taking that baby apart but not so good at putting it back together and go now wait a minute i'm not good at reading directions i'm not good at assembling things and dreams come disassembled and you got to assemble them say how does this fit here how does this fit with my vocation how about my finances how about my education how about God's supreme dream how does this dream fit into the biggest dream and you got to figure out how it fits dreams come unassembled that's a challenge not only they come unassembled when you get them assembled there's a destroyer a dream choke or a dream killer a dream hater it's going to go after you and try to blow the whole thing and try to mess it up and get you to give up on your dream she hates dreams he's a dream hater so expect opposition as you move from where you are to your dream and the closer you get hell gets riled it should be kind of just autopilot and you come in land like a helicopter yes the dream but that's not the case Bible says in the last days st. he'll get really riled because he knows his time is short and as you get closer to your dream the problems can exacerbate and get even worse no wonder Americans consume 16,000 tons of aspirin tablets a year that's a lot of aspirin trouble is waiting for you on this side of your dream and just understand that or you'll give up like Joseph didn't and then speaking of waiting not only assembly only obstacles not only problems but waiting so many so often dream living involves waiting as Joseph did for 13 years and when you are to become familiar with the Bible you realize its full of stories revolving a protagonist and antagonist a conflict and a resolution protagonist and antagonist a conflict a conflict a conflict and a solution struggles and the story of Joseph teaches us that don't forget the conflict don't get confused when the conflict comes don't give up when the conflict comes Godolphin's developed streamers over longer periods of time than we would wish think of Abraham's dream of having a child long more than 25 years he waited Joseph stream David's dream that God gave him of leading a nation and exalting God and showing the world what true godly shepherding is like a dozen years being chased by Saul it just doesn't happen as quick as we think it should and in the process God develops our character over time because even more important that what we do is who we become as we chase our dream as we pursue our dream and so the Bible says in Psalm 105 18 and 19 they bruised his feet Joseph with fetters and placed his neck in an iron collar until the time came to fulfill his dream until the time came to fulfill his dream and the Lord tested josephs character see God knew from the beginning that Joseph would one day find himself in the position of power probably the second greatest highest position of power on the earth at that time and everything that he went through and every conflict that he overcame and every problem that he wrestled with was developing him to be a life saver a life-giver and it took time so you have your dreams you have your challenges and then there's your destiny and I'm going to talk about in the book I talk about nine ways to grow into your dream to say okay I'm getting through the challenges I'm working through the problems how do I live this dream because my dream is tied in to my destiny and the first of those nine ways and I'm just going to share a little bit from this one is fear not fear not the Bible is full of that term fear not there it's in their hundreds of times why does God have to say fear not so often because we fear we all tend to fear it's not just you it's a person next to you it's me it's all of us fear not fear not fear not and Joseph saw the eyes of his dream fulfilled with faith faith fights fear faith bumps fear aside fear not in the words of the Nazi prison camp survivor Corrie ten Boom faith sees the invisible believes the unbelievable and receives the pasta impossible the Bible says we should live as those who through faith and patience inherit the promised through faith and patience let me just take a little survey how many of you would say I could use more faith would you raise your hand how many of you would say I could use more patience would you raise your other hand oh good we're worshipping this looks so good take a picture of somebody I see that and see if the promise came at the same time as the payoff we wouldn't need faith that's why I say I don't think you're going to do it all up faith in heaven his faith is the time between when God says it and get when God does it that's when you use faith and grow faith and build faith in heaven God says it's done so build faith now I told you how God called me to be a minister when I was nine and then he came 18 years later and recalled me and to pursue the dream I left a very lucrative business career with my partner scratching their heads to pursue a group of about 30 people and I thought oh boy I'm a pastor now I am on the surfboard in Maui let the big waves come this is going to be good what I run into trouble right off the bat just like Joseph of these 30 people after about a month of my pastoring 15 I'm decided they didn't want a pastor like that they began to let us know and they begin to whisper and they begin to talking about 15 of them were baby new Christians these were old mature crusty Christians and there was about 15 new new baby Christians and they just received us with open arms over huh but we thought we were gaining ground because the 15 people that wanted us to step down invited us over for a little party at one of their houses and we had a party in red cake and we had ice cream and I love ice cream so I had more ice cream and more ice cream more ice creams this thing is going great and at the end of the night they gave us a maidenhair fern and a card and on the way home we couldn't wait we ripped open the garden it basically said you leave or we leave I thought that's when I left business for to grow a church from 3215 does God really want me to do this can I preach maybe I can't preach maybe I can't pastor what am i doing so I said to Linda what should we do and she said what God say to do I said God said to take this church was that's what we're doing I said well what if it gets even smaller than 15 people she says if it comes down to just you and me and we obey God we win that's the kind of wife I got so we went back in the 15 people left and within a year we'd grown to about a hundred and saw the grace of God and the glory of God and people getting saved and filled and healed great things happen but we had problems we understood problems God was calling out faith in us and the thing is faith grows in problems like mushrooms grow in I was over in the Willamette Valley when they still had pheasants about 30 years ago hunting with Tony a friend of mine and I said what is that terrible smell he said right over there about three blocks as a mushroom growing plan big building haha I said well what did they use for fertilizing said he also owns cows so that's what mushrooms growing and the men in our men's group I said well what kind of caca one of the guys even said a bad word you know barnyard word get that out of your MacLean out of your mind it's that faith grows and separation the guy said faith grows when we're desperate when we're lonely when we rejected faith grows in delay faith grows and confusion faith grows in turmoil faith grows in marriage faith gray don't know why they said that faith grows in sadness faith grows in death and depression and conflict and illness and regret and financial loss and can anybody relate faith grows in stuff stinky stuff problems stink but the Bible is a real book about a real garden real people and Joseph had problems and so do you and if you move towards your dream you're going to have problems question can you think of one thing you dream of that's not visible yet that you can at this point only see with eyes afraid faith if you can if you can think of it as soon as you move toward that you need faith don't be afraid because you're going to face internal problems depression anxiety fear and you're going to face external problems people situations you're going to face them both and you're going to have to have faith to keep going the sphere is an amazing thing fear is like a rattlesnake did you know there are many different species of rattlesnakes timber rattlers what are some others Diamondbacks I fought forest fires in Washington and we had to be care of Rattlers they have with some of the worst offender I yeah and I ran into a few rattlesnakes when I'm hunting birds I've run into rattle thanks in it nothing stops you like 10 feet away you're not only afraid for you you you didn't want your dogs to get bit just that just just stops in your tracks but the rattle is a warning but the thing the problem is you don't always get a rattle then his uncle was silently bit on the ankle well he's fishing them out here river and it took his life so I don't like that I just don't like snakes I don't like fear like Rattlers there's many varieties of fear and I want to just finish by talking about three and see if you as I talk about these see which one is your greatest likelihood to run into here's the first one fear of failure billions of good inventions good deeds good enterprises and good examples were not invented not done not carried out not exemplified because of fear of failure and fear of failure once you get it can be self fulfilling someone said was it Winston Churchill we have nothing to fear but fear itself well then you start fear and fear and then you're in real trouble to think compounds fear of failure have a friend named bill that was amazingly saved and for about five years he grew and grew grew but every year he crashed but once you have a major spiritual crafts and he'd get it back together and get reconciled with his wife and his family and then he crashed and then he crashed and he go a year and he crashed and he said he said pastor Kent after one of his crashes about a week after his crash he said would you get together with me for coffee I have something I want to share and he said pastor Ken I realized that I crash myself God showed me I crashed myself I said what do you mean he said well when we were kids we used to build those little block towers and you'd get it up so high and and start to get wobbly and you knew it was going to come down but would it come down with the next block or the block up to that oh and just go he said God show me and I just took him crash to tire myself because I was doing I'm going to fail anyway I might as well get it over with and fail now before I build my hope any higher what a great revelation he dealt with that and he has not crashed since then he's a strong man of God a strong father grandfather and pastor today but fear can be self fulfilling it can feed on itself have you ever pushed the blocks over like Bill Joseph could have pushed the blocks over but he didn't he stayed emotionally and spiritually healthy which allowed him to be sensitive to the feelings of others so the Bible says while they were in prison Ferrell's cupbearer and Baker each had a dream one night and each dream had its own meaning when by the way when you get a dream it like I said has to be assembled it doesn't always come with its meaning sometimes you get a dream you say I know that was from God but I don't know the meaning and the meaning comes in the years that follow so keep that dream write it down save it somehow chisel it and granite something and then ask God to give you the meaning because when the dream really snaps is when you start to understand the meaning so don't be discouraged if you're still holding the dream and you know it's from God but you don't really know the meaning yet so Joseph is not getting bitter he staying soft hearted in a hard situation and if he well did I read that whole scripture while they were in prison Pharaoh's Cup Bearer and Baker each had a dream one night Andy stream had its own meaning when Joseph saw them the next morning he noticed he noticed see if you get all wrapped up in yourself and you're having a pity party you're not going to notice other people that need help that they both looked upset why do you look I mean if I'm if I'm if I got a dream ten years ago and I'm just running into a brick wall after brick wall I'm upset I'm not noticing other people upset but there he is not there they both looked upset and he replied they replied we both had dreams last night but no one could tell us what they mean and Joseph said no I'm not touching that I've had dreams a couple times and I failed both times I'm backing out of this one no that's not what he said he said well let's go let's go to and somewhat it either tried to poison Ferrell with his wine or with his food so it was the Baker or the winemaker the wine wine steward and Joseph gave them the interpretation and the one that went free Joseph yelled tell him I'm and I said as he walked away but he forgot another two-year chance to get bitter for Joseph but he didn't until Pharaoh had a dream oh how did I forget and he told Farrell I know a man who interprets dreams and the answer came but someone had to get past fear of failure the second rattlesnake the second family is genre of fear is fear of criticism now be honest with yourself the fear of being criticized has stopped you from doing something the fear of being criticized to stop you your family to be critical your friends could be critical it certainly was with Joseph his whole family was critical as dad pondered but everybody else said pooh pooh and with Jesus to his brothers didn't believe in him till he rose from the dead the Bible says they went to take charge of him for they said he is out of his mind and even as others did not believe in much like Joseph as a matter of fact they were both sold for the same amount of silver there is some kind of a for type here in Joseph of Jesus and a guideline for you and I they didn't give me any encouragement they probably did their best to convince him that he shouldn't really see that and that's not really from God just like Jesus brothers did but instead of spending his precious energy on trying to dissuade his critics fear of criticism Joseph spent that energy doing what David did in citizens at second Samuel 30 or first time ago thirty one of the other you find out David strengthened himself in the Lord when there was nobody else my friend sometimes to get those synapses going to get that vision to come back you got to strengthen yourself in the Lord you got to get alone with God and there's nobody else there for you God set it up that way just this time not always he strengthened himself in the lord and he lived in front of God instead of living in front of people speaking of David strengthened himself in the Lord he brought the ark to Shiloh and then to Jerusalem and he danced as the new king he danced before the Lord he took off his jacket and he danced the thing out and his wife Michael who was Saul's daughter and had his spiritual DNA as well as physical DNA that you made yourself look like an idiot before the people and David said I wasn't dancing before the people I was dancing before God my friend who are you dancing before who are you looking to for approval Saul look better he was tall and handsome and successful early as king he looked better he was impressive but when he sinned he said to Eli the priest just blessed me before the people somehow he had come to live before people you live before people you live before God or some of each but David lived before the Lord you live before the Lord that's what you do with fear of criticism and fear of rejection fear rejection is the third species at some point in grade school I was bit by the fear of rejection they got worse in eighth grade when I was demoted from the a team on basketball to the B team and now as an adult I look back I realize well I just want to be I like basketball I still do but I want to be liked I wanted to be accepted I wanted to be an A Team guy and Lord begin to show me yeah that's your dancing before the wrong audience you're playing basketball before the wrong audience who's in your grandstand fear of rejection and that fear poisoned me mentally and spiritually and to God showed me how to live with him as my audience of significance be courageous fear of failure fear criticism fear of rejection be courageous be courageous I've had four major spiritual dreams and I've had dozens of smaller dreams that kind of come and fill in some of the blank spots first i received the dream of being in a pastor it doesn't always remove that direction maybe you're in one vocation and God sends you and it doesn't just mean pastor and missionary it could be that but it could be your vocation it could be something to do with your education he'd be just something to do with your projects my dream was you're going to be a pastor you're in business you're doing great in business you love business but I say you made a promise to me God said when you were nine years old and I'm here to collect and I made you to be a pastor a second dream was to Pastor a church that was thriving spiritually my third dream was the pastor a church that touched a tenth of its City at one point Ben was 80,000 people and in weekend attendance we were almost half of that I'm still praying for that dream be fulfilled I'm not the lead pastor but I'm praying for you I'm praying for this church praying for pastor Steve I believe it's a calling God has given this church to be a life-giver his one dream God gave me a Johnny Appleseed of aliveness seeds of aliveness in conversations with individuals in handshakes and hugs and smiles just to give life and did you know that he didn't just go around spreading seeds just randomly to get people were trying to get 120 acres of land and they had to improve it in one of the ways you improved it when the main ways to build an orchard he help people build orchard and get a lot in life that's what I want to do help people find out their lot in life and build something on it be a dream giver dream inspirer but you got to be courageous because with every one of these things including standing up here today and not speaking of as much I realized hey I remember how it is to be afraid again about speaking what am I afraid of I'm afraid of you that's just human nature I push that fear aside I'm afraid you won't think I'm cooler won't like how did you push that fair side I'm afraid of failing God I'm afraid of getting up here and saying just chaff and not wheat if not as saying other than or less than what God wants me to say so there's fear involved in every one of these things and every one of my dreams and pursue it Oh fear fear fear choose courage choose faith listen you think well I don't have courage yeah you can choose courage because courage is not a feeling you can feel afraid and be courageous courage is a choice faith is a choice you can struggle with belief and decide to believe it's a choice it's not a feeling so forget about the feelings go with the choice go with the volition m Scott Peck said courage is not the absence of fear it's the making of action in spite of fear and moving out against the resistance engendered by fear into the unknown and into the future so your volition and your spirit tells you to stand ground when your emotions tell you to turn tail and run do not run if you run you're done you got a target on your back don't do it choose courage well I followed that advice when I was bungee jumped at Colorado bridge near Queenstown in New Zealand that's where bungee jumping began and I got up there on the platform of the bridge and I said what am i doing we literally we watched him jump I could feel coming up my throat and we went to Queenstown and I had sat in bed in and I i was getting cramps and i said i don't like heights but just where the church was right then where i was i said i gotta jump we're going back there i gotta jump and I jumped in when I got up there in the platform i just looked down there i said at all nobody would do this by choice and the friend that was with me it had open-heart surgery two months prior and he said if your jump and I'm gentleman and he jumped he said he really felt it in his heart well you do stop right now and say what Joseph probably said several times i'm going to say this and we're going to say it together I refuse to give up the dream God gave me I choose to be a person of faith not a person of fear say it with me I refuse to give up on the dream God gave me I choose to be a person of faith and not a person of fear you said it you said it you said it you don't have to be afraid you choose to face your fears two options when you face a fearful situation fear everything and run or face everything and rise that's what fear can be it's how you choose fear everything and run or face everything and rise my friend Ernie put that on this whatever you call a Facebook or whatever face everything in rise don't run so here's my question now that we've arrived at the end of this section what species of fear are you most likely to be bitten by I wonder if I should let's just be honest how many would say of these three fear of failure fear of criticism fear rejection or a fourth that you might be thinking of how many would say fear of failure is my most likely rattlesnake God see our hands you've given this revelation where you give revelation you give you give consecration how about fear of criticism how many would say that's how about fear of rejection if you experience rejection how about another one anybody say this is the one I'll just be bold enough to say insane tins face this is the one I deal with fear of loneliness okay other one fear of God is a good fear here are the Lord's be troubled brother fear of what fear of success knock the blocks over maybe I will go hard maybe it'll change me with her if I'm successful fear of yes that's a big one fear of lack of provision for your provision fear of discomfort fear of trouble and so we get locked up in our little comfort zone and you never get in the end zone if you're in the comfort zone and you never get in the miracle zone if you're in the comfort zone come out of your comfort zone listen if you're not dreaming you're dying if you lose your dream you lose your steam you lose your dream you lose your zip be courageous here are a few of the other other ways as we close that you can pay attention and get tuned into God's dream frequency just some guy I said I want somebody to do something bradco Lord read a chapter from the Bible before you go to sleep much more likely to get a dream from God if you do that think about God's dream for you before you go to bed studies have shown that what we think about before we drop off to sleep affects our dreams so I can see someone prophetically right now I can see some of you taking a little post-it note and writing on it think about the dream read a chapter and putting it on your bedside stand as a reminder i see that journal what God shows you in your time with him every day show you're serious about hearing his voice I think when you journal you say God yesterday you said this to me today you're saying this to me and God smiles he says they're paying attention generally might be harder for some people and others but journaling is a way of saying to God when you speak I listen and I do my best to remember study the lives of dreamers read biographies slow down the other day I went Lake Havasu I went bass fishing and I sprayed myself with 30 number 30 suntan lotion Linda wanted me to use 120 for 50 or whatever his bucks no I 30 is good enough 30 it's and I didn't come home with a sunburn well you know busyness is like suntan lotion it blocks the UV so slow down slow down go sit outside in the woods somewhere and say God I want to dream you say all people well I'm one of those and I want to dream please show me give me direction for your life in my book your wildest dream in the final section that we didn't touch on I draw from the story of Joseph nine ways practical ways to possess your dream and having faith is number one what we talked about the day fear or not is number two I talked about be positive live on purpose break good how many watch the TV series breaking bad boys you want us you want to learn that math doesn't work watch that great good be transformed adventure and be your best if you'd like to learn more about spiritual dreams I'd love to help you just for free here's my email address just simply send me an email and say would you send me the first couple of chapters of the book I won't send you anymore unless you ask for more but I just want to i want to be a life inspirer so write down that email send me an email I'll send you some chapters let's pray together what a dream choking world we live in but god i am of good cheer for you have overcome the world and the dream griddler wins and the dream receivers and the dream achievers and the dream believers in the dream chasers and the dream champions win and I want every single person here today to be one of those you put this story of Joseph in the Bible and gave it 13 chapters because it's important to each of us all people in this dream choking world help us to overcome help us to take the practical steps that we need to take to show you that we're serious just as Joseph was about your dream for our lives in Jesus name because he showed us the how amen amen

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