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hello everybody it's great to see you guys it's great to say hi to the sisters campus everybody on one two three just give a loud greeting to the sisters campus one two three go I hope you guys heard that we love you guys so much and thanks for joining us this weekend via video and I've actually been gone for most of august I do every year I do a two-week pray and plan where I just get away and pray about what God's saying to us over this next year but and then I also took another two weeks to be in Uganda with my wife and son and we had an amazing time I mentioned that last weekend and so it's just great to be back it really is i've missed you guys and just our family you've been such a point of support and strength to suzanne and me and so it's great to be back and I was telling what am I one of my good friends and you'll wonder why he's a good friend and just like I was telling him he asked me are you preaching I said yeah he's like oh man that was just I was I was just thinking about being here for the rest of my life and now I'm not so sure the heck keep your friends close and your enemies closer right now it's i got some great friends that keep me humble as well as my teenage sons they also keep me under humble all right here's a question I've been pondering this election season I'm going to talk a little bit about politics this weekend and I'm excited about doing that and it's one of those messages where everybody's going to kind of leave mad at me I'm really excited about it and so here we go but this is a question I've been pondering about this last several months and so here's ask this ask yourself this question in which political system does the gospel of Jesus Christ thrive the best in you don't answer out loud because that was this man that can cause a mess and just right here right but to ask yourself what political system does the gospel thrive the best Winston Churchill said this he said that it's been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been dried so we are in our initial reaction as Western Americans is to say well the answer the question is a democracy that's the best that's the place that's the environment the political environment that the gospel can thrive in the best but unfortunately Christianity or fortunately unfortunately for our mindset but fortunately for Christianity it's growing in some very unpredictable places do you know the top 20 countries where Christianity is growing the fastest 19 of them are in Asia and Africa check this out 11 of them of the top 20 fastest-growing nations with Christianity is Muslim majority countries here are the top 5 ready Nepal number one fastest Christianity is growing the fastest at it anywhere in the world in Nepal here's the second one anybody want to make a guess china china is the second fastest growing Christian population and here's the next three this shocked me the United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia and Qatar okay wait wait wait so if wait so if Christianity supposedly in our American mindset thrives the best in a democracy what is God doing in these other that did he not get the memo I mean what's happening and here's my conclusion this is what i really want to unpack for us this weekend is that it matters more how Christians live in their country then how the country they live in lives out Christianity you get that it matters more how Christians live out it live Christianity out in their country than how their country lives out Christianity it matters a lot more matter of fact Nepal's Constitution this is amazing to me Nepal's Constitution number one fastest-growing Christianity's fastest-growing country is Nepal their constitution outlaws evangelism it prohibits a person from converting to another religion or from doing anything to disturb a person's religion you can even mess with them their constitution says you cannot preach the gospel you cannot convert people and and still a lot of Nepalese people are dropping their Hindu their Buddhist beliefs and they're embracing Christianity why one Christian missionary in Nepal says this it's because of the love of the Christians in the it's compelling and so today I today I want to talk about how we how we r how we need to navigate this political environment that we live in with this idea that that we need to focus on to two areas without neglecting one or the other we need to focus on eternity and we need to focus on this earth how many are into football any football fans any sport fans okay any sport fans is just get this imagery in your might I don't know if this is good or bad I'm tried it out we'll see it might change it might change tomorrow but let's see so any any sporting event there's a power stance a stance that gets you ready to compete whether it's an tennis or football or basketball or baseball you'll see second basemen do this it's the power stance what's the power stance anybody just like this like this right it's not this it's not like it's not like this you know its power stance is right like this I want you to think of Christianity a power stance for Christianity is you got one leg firmly solid on the ground of eternity your eyes are focused on what God is doing but you also have a leather leg in this earth and what God is doing on this earth see what happens a lot of times is that we focus just on eternity and we lose our balance because we're of no earthly good we're so heavenly mind but then on the other hand this is what I see all the time and especially in a political year is that we're so earthly minded that we get anxious over every little thing that's happening because we get we get our eyes off of the eternal I ride motorcycles and so I've got this dual sport and adventure bike and and it has two saddlebags on each side and what would happen if I put everything on the left saddlebag and the right one was empty I'd be riding down the road like this actually I be writing down the road like this you we have to stay there has to be some balance in our Christian walk especially when it comes to the political ramifications of this life because it's I mean living in America and because we are a democracy we have so many rights we have so many privileges to be able to vote and be able to be part of the political process that and the kind of the dark side of that is that it can become everything and it can be the only thing you think about it can be and every and everything in this life is filtered through I wonder wonder who's going to be the next president you know and Jesus said this about our citizenship he's having a conversation with a political leader pilot just before Jesus died and he says this to pilot because pilots like who I mean who are you for you on my side are you on which side of you are that's what he's really asking him Jesus says this to pilot my kingdom is not of this world if it were My servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews but now my kingdom is from another place Jesus saying if my if my kingdom was of this world My servants my followers would fight for me and I look around today like right now and that's what it looks like we're doing is we're fighting for him we're taking up arms and we are going to go to battle for Jesus Christ because he needs me to fight for him and yet he says right here listen my kingdom is not of this world if it was my servants would fight for me but they're not because it's not of this world there's a different kind of battle happening and so you hear people say I'm just fighting for for religious freedom and all of this thing that sounds so noble but listen we don't need to fight for the right for Jesus to be heard if he is if he if Christianity is flourishing in places like Nepal and Qatar we don't need to worry about America becoming a Christian nation again we don't need to spend our time and our energy and all of our focus trying to get us back to something that listen you guys we're never going to get back to instead maybe God wants to have us refocus our energy to keeping our eyes on eternity and eyes on this earth and sane man with the way I live in this country matters way more than whether my country lives for Jesus or not and then I just have this I have a suspicious feeling that if we start to live that way in the United States if Christians start to spend more I'm thinking about how they live within their country maybe just maybe our country begins this shift back towards Christian values see I think by fighting for Jesus in this in the world system the way the way the world fights in the political arena especially I think we're empowering that system we're giving it more like like like the Supreme Court can tell me whether I have religious freedom or not like like a government can tell me whether I can preach Jesus or not what if that what if what if the believers and the and the leaders in China the Christian leaders in China thought that way where would the gospel bc we put so much emphasis on the political influence and power that we forget that Jesus is the Lord of lords and the king of kings and his kingdom is above all other kingdoms a matter of fact he puts people in two powers in places of leadership in power this is what I want to thank pastor Jim Stevens he we've been dialoguing a little bit about this and this is what he said recently in a message in redmond he said no politician is the Messiah and no politician is the Antichrist no matter what people tell you do you know Andy Stanley said this in he's a pastor in Atlanta he said that pilot is a footnote in the story of Jesus seeing the grand narrative of God's plan for this earth politicians are footnotes at best don't make them the main players don't put all your attention on them don't put all your hopes in them keep the main person the main person Jim also says this he said no politician or political party can solve all the problems to make everyone happy no politician or political party can deliver on all the promises they have to make and he also said this no politician or political party is as good as they say they are nor as bad as their opponents say they are this is something to remember your little wisdom for you through this but listen it matters more how we as Christ followers live in a country than how this country and its politicians live out Christian so how do you and I live out Christianity in our context here in America especially over the next three months how do we live this out with one foot in this world and one foot in the next that we're both citizens of heaven and citizens of Earth and we have to keep both of those things in balance sometimes intention but they have to be present in our lives we cannot emphasize one over the other the Apostle Paul was very conscious of his dual citizenship he was a Roman citizen and he also understood his citizenship was in heaven and that really took precedence he writes this in Philippians 3 he says but our citizenship is in heaven he's writing to people who Roman citizens in our citizenship actually is in heaven and we eagerly await a savior from there the Lord Jesus Christ and everything in Paul's life kind of took that frame of mind that that I'm first a citizen of heaven and then I'm a Roman citizen but he didn't in and just think he was a citizen of heaven he had this interesting balance of understanding where he was from and and and and the benefit of that let me show you an example turn to Acts chapter 16 if you have your Bible if you don't have a Bible if you like don't own one take one like steal one from the seatback seriously I take it it's yours I give you permission to be a thief tonight today and so take one with you in Acts chapter 16 if you don't have a Bible gets you know down one download one on your smartphone acts 16 Paul's trying to preach to a group of people and there's this fortune-teller who keeps distracting them and and trying to discourage them and they're just this woman's disturbing their meetings so Paul finally gets fed up with with it and he turns to the to this person and he cast out a demon and immediately she can't tell people's fortunes anymores like it's like the wells run dry and she's so her the business that she had is now Nolan void and this makes her boss I'm pretty upset so look at x16 will pick up the story in verse 19 says that her master's hopes of wealth were now shattered so they grabbed Paul and sizes interesting that economic still played a huge part in in politics back then even it's the same today her master's hopes of wealth were shattered so they grabbed Paul and Silas they dragged them before the authorities at the marketplace and the whole city is in an uproar because of these Jews they shouted to the city officials to the government officials and they listen they say this they are teaching customs that are illegal for us romans to practice so as i read that i was like were they actually doing something illegal and the answer is yes it was illegal under Roman law to preach that there were other gods you're like you can't and especially you couldn't preach that there was one God no way and that's exactly what Paul and Silas are doing so interestingly they are they are practicing something illegal because of their faith they're walking out their faith in a way that's authentic and it's the Mandate of God on their lives to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and so they're doing that and whatever comes we'll come if they get punished they get punished and and so this so that's what's happening now it was totally legal for Paul and Silas to be arrested and that's what's going to happen but what happens to Paul in some ways was not legal let's look at that in verse 22 so a mob quickly formed against Paul and Silas and the city officials ordered them here's the illegal part of what the city officials did to Paul and Silas they stripped Paul Silas and beat them with wooden rods they were severely beaten and then they were thrown into prison so they were severely beaten that was actually against the law will look at that in just a second but they were thrown into prison that was under the law they could be thrown into prison so that they were they were the city officials were justified in doing that but not in beating Paul and Silas so the jailer or it was ordered to make sure they didn't escape it so the jailer put them into the inner dudgeon clamp their feet in the stocks to make sure that they did get away now and interestingly enough torture was allowed in the Roman Empire to anyone who is not a Roman citizen so they're the people the city officials are thinking Paul and Silas are Jews not Roman citizens and so they beat them which was under they were justified under the law but they didn't know that Paul was a Roman citizen they probably should have found that one out first but they did throw them into prison now around verse 25 this isn't on the screen but let me just read this because it's really great because this is I mean now imagine put yourself in Paul's shoes you have just been unjustly beaten won't that be story line number one wouldn't that be the thing that you make sure to bring up right then he's like okay you can throw me into prison I get that but you cannot beat me I am a Roman citizen interestingly enough it takes Paul an entire day before he even mentions that why because the gospel took precedence over his own rights as a Roman citizen look at verse 25 around midnight he hasn't said anything yet about being a Roman citizen around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God see they knew something was up they knew that this was all part of God's plan and the other prisoners were listening in to these guys praying and singing about God and suddenly there was this massive earthquake and the prison was shaken to its foundations and all the doors immediately flew open see God doesn't need us to defend him he doesn't need us to step in and do the fighting for him and he could shake jail cells open and all the doors immediately flew open and the chains of every prisoner fell off now the jailer verse 27 he woke up to see the prison doors wide open and he assumed the prisoners had escaped and so he drew his sword to kill himself because that was going to be what was going to happen anyway verse 28 but Paul shouted to him stop to kill yourself man we're all here still we haven't left the jailer called for lights he rented the dungeon and fell down trembling before Paul and Silas and then he brought them out and asked sirs what must I do to be saved see God's working and Paul and Silas knew that there was something big bigger than just their own rights as Roman citizens in verse 31 they replied believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved along with everyone in your household and they shared the word of the Lord with him with all who lived in his house because they because the jailer is just so great the jailer takes them out of prison it goes to their house and he feeds them dinner at their house and even at that hour of the night the jailer cared for them and washed their wounds and then he and everyone in this household were immediately baptized I don't know what is it three in the morning by this time he brought them into his house and said a meal before then probably the first breakfast there and he and his entire household rejoice because they all believed in God see in in this environment in America we we would not do this because we're so focused on the political system now and our rights as Christians in this nation that we wouldn't even go here we would we would we would take the battle to the courts immediately see that's what happens when you've got both feet thinking about earthly things and you don't and you're not you know now you're not thinking about eternal things what God is wanting to do so the next morning verse 35 the city officials sent the police to tell the jailer let those men go so the jailer told Paul the city officials have said you and Silas are free to leave go in peace okay now here it is the part that all Americans are like yeah all right Paul ago man you should have started with this one but he didn't says Paul reply way whoa whoa whoa you have publicly beaten us without a trial and you put us in prison and by the way we are Roman citizens so now you want us to leave secretly not a chance not a chance let the city leaders let the government leaders come and release them themselves and when the police reported this the city officials were alarmed which is they were actually scared to learn that Paul and Silas were Roman citizens so they came to the jail and apologized to them and then they brought them out and begged them to leave the city when Paul and Silas left the prison they returned to the home of Lydia and there they met with the believers and encourage them once more than they left town what they left town don't they know the leverage they have now to change the political system to make sure that every Roman Christian from this point on has rights it's interesting they have eyes both on eternity and on this world and it changes how they respond and listen they don't ignore it so I'm not saying that we should just like just suffer under the weight of a government that may start to persecute Christians and just like just kind of go with it you guys no no we have rights we live in this nation where we have freedoms and we should fight for those freedoms just like Paul did but it shouldn't be our first response the gospel should be that should trump everything else but we should but we have the right to be able to stand up for our rights in this nation as Christians just like anybody else has the rights to stand for they're there for justice and I think God wants us to be involved in the end justices in our world I don't think we should just like close our eyes to it and and to ignore those things Paul uses his Roman citizenship and he comes after the political leaders to for them to give an account of an unlawful use of punishment and it's in our right as both citizens of America and citizens of heaven to fight for justice wherever we see injustice happening see I believe is dual citizens both of heaven and of earth we have an obligation as Isaiah the prophet prophesied but God said through Isaiah seek justice and help the oppressed and defend the cause of the orphans and fight for the rights of widows those that can't fight for themselves those that don't have a voice we need to fight for them and those who are oppressed we need to be the people of God and fight for justice because he is a God of justice but it matters how we do those things because it matters more how we live in our country than getting our country to turn back to Christianity all right well here let me give you three things three things that you guys can like apply and maybe just start the conversation of ways that you can live both one foot in this world and one foot in the next here's the first thing I want to encourage you to do pray pray man church we have left this very fundamental a basic precept of Christianity's and we've stopped believing in the power of prayer and we need to come back to that church if you're dissatisfied with the government that we have you need to vote but you need to pray for if you're if you're unhappy with the present leadership of our country you need to pray if you are unhappy about the legislation that's being passed through Congress or the decisions that the Supreme Court are making you need to pray if you're tired of unborn children being murdered you need to pray if you're tired of immigrants being mistreated you need to pray we need to seek the face of God Paul writes this in Philippians he says don't worry about anything don't worry about what this world brings and what's going on around you instead pray about everything and if you do that then you will experience this piece that just be is beyond understanding it's interesting that we Rumble around in this earth with so much anxiety and stress about what's going to happen to our nation and and yet here it Paul's this continues to encourage you don't have to worry about all that come before God in prayer Paul writes this to Timothy and first Timothy says pray for all people ask God to help them intercede on their behalf and give thanks for them and who is he talking about when he says to Timothy pray for all people ask God to help them he's talking about leaders he says pray this way for kings and all in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity I'll be the first one in line to say that I did not pray for President Obama as like I should have prayed for him seriously but you can hear you guess you could ask my wife you could hear me going down the hallway in my house like what is he doing now I mean come on Church it matters more how we live in our country they get mad at the people who are taking our country in the wrong direction at least if we that we might think that right if you don't like something start on your knees asking God to make a change because he's the one that puts people in power and removes them we put ourselves into that role because we have the right to vote and I love that about our nation but God ultimately is the one responsible for who places Kings into leadership people into power pray me and Josh cordella guy that attends our church here we we coach we are out you know I mentioned this before we've coached tennis and we're out in the community and we're with other coaches and we're with parents and grandparents all the time and I've just and we've both been reminded that we asked each other when was the last time we actually like went down the roster and prayed for every single kid on our team by name we're not talking to like laying hands on them you know that would be the that's the thing that you say it what's the what's the last what's the what's the thing you're going to do on your last day of coaching that's the thing you do is you're gonna pray on you don't lay hands on kids to preview but but in our closet in my bedroom or i can do i can say and i can pray whatever i want see that is so important we're going to be praying for all of our athletes next Saturday here at the church at ten a.m. if you want to join us if you're a parent if you're coach if you're a grandparent of kids of athletes in our region join me and we're going to we're going to just intercede on behalf of our athletes in this in this region I'm excited about that and I prayer makes a difference pray number two how can we live as dual citizens in this this climate political climate we're in second things show respect it grieves me more than most anything else when I see Christians responding publicly that were privately in disrespectful ways with those who disagree with them it actually listen it actually reveals their lack of respect for God and His Word whenever you speak badly of a leader that he has placed in authority in this nation you are actually disobeying the very word of God that you seek to follow in Romans chapter 13 Paul writes this everyone must submit to governing authorities and you're like well that was Paul back in Rome I mean come on oh yeah guy named Nero and everybody ever hear of Nero Nero is just coming into power as Paul is writing these words Emperor that by the way an emperor not an elected official the Christianity was birthed in an environment where they were not free to worship their God they were not free to preach about him and Paul in that environment he's saying listen everyone you need to submit to governing authorities why because all authority comes from God and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God Paul even goes so far as to call these leaders like Nero God's servants whoa and I'm badmouthing them I'm criticizing them instead of praying for them and showing them the respect that they actually do deserve because God has placed them there not only that but we the people because of the most wonderful nation we put them there well I didn't put them there that's part of the problem right for the problem you listen there there are times and I'm not I'm saying this I there are times that we might be called to disobey the law in order to preach the gospel like Paul had to do but he also was ready to accept the consequences under the law of that decision demeaning demoralizing rhetoric is not only adolescent it breaks the heart of God and it's unbiblical so show respect who three get involved this is my favorite one and though we're going to do with you know I want to be so in touch with eternity that I bring a little bit of that to this finite world I want to be so in touch with God's heart for people that I bring a little bit of that into this world the Prophet Jeremiah caught a glimpse of this when God spoke through him and said build homes and plan to stay where Babylon they're talking about being in Babylon is this plan to stay there plant gardens eat the food that that you produce work for the peace and prosperity of that city that I've brought you to pray to the Lord for it because why because it's if it benefits blessed you're blessed if you pray for its welfare it will determine your own welfare we've got a guy in our church mike scifres his name and he leads this kind of a coalition of business christian business leaders called c12 and is something that he got a part of and it's amazing that these christian business leaders they don't see their business only as like personal like this is this is so i can get rich they see it as a blessing to this community so every business leader that's part of this is like they're geared towards this idea of seeing others blessed through their business and leadership I love that and then all of us whether you're a business leader or you're working for a guy that you don't like all of us are called to work with enthusiasm Paul says this work for enthusiasm whether you're in a dead-end job that you hate or you're doing what you love still everything you do work enthusiastically as though you're doing it for who for Jesus do it like he's your boss not that jerk that you have as a boss right do it for Jesus like think about this the way I live in the way I work and the way I I interact with people let me have Jesus in my frame and in my frame of mind as I treat those people with love and respect as I get involved to make this world more beautiful I love hearing about the hundreds of West siders every week I'm hearing about more and more who are serving both inside our church and inside and outside in our community in social agencies all over Central Oregon they're pouring their lives into these places they're trying to make our world more more more better to live in and helping the poor get get on their feet and instead of Curt listen instead of cursing the pro-choice agenda that we have people from Westside who are working to support Pregnancy Resource Center's i love that instead of complaining about the homeless problem and the growing homeless problem in in central organ we have people out there who are providing clothing and food and care just loving on them instead of we instead of complaining about our schools we've got Westsiders who are not only teachers but there's also volunteers who are volunteer in classrooms have just given their life away boys & girls clubs in the park system they're just trying to make our world a better place to live and I think God loves it I think he looks at his church and that's when he sees us at our best is when we're serving people with his heart me finish up with this story and been wanting to brag on my father-in-law for some time they've they moved here funny story so my they came to look at houses two years ago Suzanne two or three years ago Suzanne's parents cliff and Georgina Marie wonderful couple and and you know I was a little nervous about the in-laws movement moving into town you know and and I remember my my mother-in-law came in after looking around at property and she's and we just thought they were looking you know we didn't know anything that was like they were serious at that time but today she walks in and says I bought a piece of property I really where she literally does this she's in my living room she says it's right over there man God loves God has a sense of humor I'm just saying I just saying that he loves this and so they moved a block away and I seriously a block away I could throw it I could throw a rock at a half thrown rock not it's not that close I hurt my arm wants me to try and do it so yeah they live a block away so at first I was like nervous I'm like oh man man I like my house you know it's my place of refuge and just my salt and mice mice all this is my place where I just get away and she said I had visions of my mother-in-law you know standing in my kitchen when I got home from work and I just scared me to death Jimmy doesn't so fast forward a year and cliff and georgina they served they serve God as pastors for 30-plus years to different churches they were there for almost over 30 years and two different churches and three different churches and just in it was it turned out amazing I mean my mother-in-law is awesome and they have given their lives to my neighborhood so here I am right and I am I oh man God why would you bring them here and I don't even know all my neighbors names and cliff retired pastor knows every single neighbors names how many kids they have what kind of jobs they have he walks the neighborhood praying every single day they adopted their grandkids when just for different circumstances when they were nine months old and just over two years old there now today 13 and 11 and and my father-in-law coaches helps coach in the middle school football team at cascade and he has this pack of junior highers he's one of our pack leaders and all these middle schoolers just flow out of the houses in my neighborhood and arrive at his house thankfully his house and and and he does and he has this path this Bible study with them what is cliff doing he's living out the narrative of having one foot look keep an eye on eternity because man these kids lives are going to change dramatically if they can see Jesus and he's keeping his feet for another foot firmly planted in his neighborhood where he's making a difference and lives are being changed and young kids are given their hearts to Jesus and figuring out what the Bible it means to them and it's so amazing her what Evan said last weekend he said God's kingdom will come to America not through the white house but through your house man I love that I want I want God's kingdom to come through my house I wanted to come through my life i want i want the kingdom of God to be filtered through my circumstances and experiences so that people that I have in that that God has put me in a sphere of influence with will see the love and mercy and grace and respect of Jesus Christ for them and I want my life to matter and we and and church we have right now we're at a pivot point in our nation as the body of Christ and that we can identify identified with with with a rhetoric of hate and isolationism and this kind of like you know we were the Christian were the christian right over here or church we can be the people who are first responders to those who have cancer were the people who who dive in when a community needs to do some fundraising we can be the place that cleans up the schools and we can be the people who go in there and and we just love and love and love regardless of what other people's agendas are regardless of how much they disagree with our way of living or we disagree with theirs we can be the church that Jesus always intended us to be if we keep our eyes on eternity and our eyes on the needs of this world because it matters more how you live in this country than out your country Liz for Christianity Jesus would you help us as your church to rise up and be the people of grace and mercy and truth that you called us to be Lord would you help us would you remind us every single day to pray to get on our faces before you and pray for our nation and for its leaders God would you help us to know how to vote this November would you give us insight and wisdom for that Jesus we pray for this political process Jesus we pray for Donald Trump when we pray for Hillary Clinton Jesus regardless of where we are in terms of our ideology ideological beliefs Jesus we pray that your will would be done in this great nation that Jesus your kingdom would come and low we're not expecting your kingdom to come through through a political figure we're expecting your kingdom to come through your church and so Jesus would you help us to rise up and and be involved in the process but also Jesus would you help us to know how we should live in the process lord I pray for faith to rise up not fear Lord if there's any fear in this house Lord just not not here right now but in just general Lord at Westside church if there's any fear of the future i just asked Lord that you would that it would just be gone right now in Jesus name they're in perfect love casts out all fear so would you raise the level of love for our city would you raise the level of love for our city leaders would you raise the level of love for our country and its leaders Jesus would you raise the level of love in our hearts Jesus would you help us to see truth distinguish truth above the lies and Lord wherever there is hate I pray that the love will overshadow lord I pray for racial reconciliation lord I pray that the outcry would be just as great from your church for those that die before they're born and for those that get shot in the middle of the street unjustly I pray Jesus that you would give us a voice to speak truth in love lord help us as the church to separate ourselves from any political ideology and that we would be no not as Republicans or Democrats that the body of Christ the church of jesus christ would be known as people who follow the way of jesus who live his values that would that's what we would be known for Jesus over this next decade lord I pray for President Obama forgive us for our lack of prayer forgive us the Church of Jesus Christ last eight years Jesus you know how little we've prayed I pray Jesus now that you would grace him with good health for the health of his family his daughters Jesus I pray that you would continue to reveal yourself to him that Jesus I pray this for myself as I would pray for any leader that she would continue to Humble us before your righteous hand they load you to help President Obama to see that your grace got him where he is and your grace will sustain him even after he's out of office where we thank you for this nation help us not to give up on it but help us to love people through it especially this election season in Jesus name Amen

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