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burn everybody it's great to see you guys today and welcome to those watching online Facebook etc good to have you with us as well we're in the series called limitless that pastor beau launched last week if you were here you know she killed it it was amazing message I actually said no you shouldn't like preach this weekend and she was like I got a wedding to plan or something if you haven't heard Beau's getting married next week and we're pretty excited about that around here to her lovely groom's groom right I was gonna say bride but that's not go out there isn't it yeah anyway cliff saw some guys well we're in this series limitless and we're talking about how are we are limited as human beings ever almost in every aspect of our lives we have limitations we're faced with limitations except in one area and that's in our desires we have unlimited need and John Ortberg in this book called soul keeping that we're basing a little bit of this series on he writes this we always want more more time more wisdom more Beauty more funny YouTube videos this is the soul crying out we never have enough the truth is the soul's infinite capacity to desire is the mirror image of God's infinite capacity to give what if the real reason we feel like we never have enough is that God is not yet finished giving the unlimited neediness of the soul matches the unlimited grace of God see I've been in churches where we talk about the desires that God has given us and and often times we try to minimize those desires we say that there sometimes even put them in the evil category but through this series we're talking about how God has given given us unlimited desire and there's a reason for that and and and yet we are the keepers of our souls and these some of these desires that we're gonna be talking about can feed our souls or they can detract from our souls they can weariest a can cause us to to lose sight of what's most important and so we're talking about that how do we feed our souls bo talked about last week we are the keeper of the stream the metaphor of our streams being our soul and and we get to choose what is in and is out so today I want to talk about how are so longs for a future we all desire a future we think about tomorrow we've thought about tomorrow since we were children we are we constantly are thinking about tomorrow what our future looks like we are built for it and so what I want to kind of interact with you for a minute what what what do what future do you long for what do you long for in your future what kind of future do you long for go ahead popcorn it a little bit joy a joyful future absolutely peace and happiness for sure a limitless future absolutely what else love health financial security adventure opportunity compassion fun absolutely we all want a fun future nobody wants a non-fun future yeah there's all these desires that we have for our future right and and but here's the tension is that we're anxious about all those things we're anxious about not experiencing those things we're anxious about not having security not having peace not having joy not having love and so emo STUV our future is actually filled with anxiety and stress about the kind of future that we want to have and there's a better way and that's what we want to talk about today that what we long for this idea of longing for a future all these things that we just mentioned can find themselves in what Jesus talked to us about in Luke chapter 12 there's a tension built into this is that our future that we long for we all know that our future is temporary insanity and so what happens is because of this longing that we have we take this desire for a future and because of our limitations we know that the future is uncertain what we do is is not healthy for our soul often what we'll do is we'll we'll either one of two things will fill up our future just pack it full with all kinds of stuff well we cram as much as possible as we can't into our lives and our schedules we work harder we play harder we you know because we know our time is short we've got to make sure that our future is secure we got make sure that we're set up for the future we want to make sure that we play at the same and so we stressed and we're anxious in where our souls are not doing good as a result of this desire but the desire is from God another thing that we do is that we try to elongate our life we try to live just a little bit longer so we can stick a little bit more in there and I don't know why we're so attached to this world I got to be honest with you it's not doing us any favors but we try we try to keep it going just a little bit longer just a little bit longer and I don't think there's anything wrong with packing our lives full or trying to live a little bit longer but the problem is when we're we're consumed by anxiety about those things when we're consumed with stress and worry about our future that's where the problem lies and that's where Jesus wants to kind of intersect and talk to us about today because because there's no way to live this it's just no way to live worrying about our future and this desire that we have can be met in another way so Luke chapter 12 you guys they're like I don't bring my Bible to this church because you guys always put it up on the screen it's kind of one of those things isn't it I mean it's just what we do heaven we kind of produce this idea then I don't need to bring my Bible she got your phone on yes so once you pull that out and follow along with me Luke chapter 12 if you haven't downloaded the Bible app do that right now don't take I mean it's like stop listening to me for a minute because what I'm about to say the next five minutes isn't that important anyway and just download that app alright download that it's so important to have the Bible in our on our fingers at any moment Luke chapter 12 I'm gonna put up this first scripture on the screen Jesus is talking to the crowd as he often did a crowd just similar to this like people from different walks of life and they're they're just listening to the to the teaching of Jesus and someone in the crowd yells out to Jesus someone says teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me and I just when I heard this I laughed because it just sounds it sounds like he's whining to me I don't know it just sounds like he's like you mom my brother is taking stuff from me and I need it and why he seems to getting the inheritance and you know this kind of thing so Jesus entertains this question and this idea teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me and this what the brother is worried about is he's worried about is what his future ultimately the brother is worried about his future he's probably less concerned about his bros future much more concerned about his own future right and that's that's that's humanity so I was watching this podcast I listened to this American Life based out of OPP and it's really interesting podcast I listened to a couple weeks ago about this very wealthy family very very wealthy family and they had I think like 16 kids and when the when the parents died the kids had the job of dividing the inheritance among all the kids and you can imagine you think it went well or do you think they had a lot of arguments of course they fought over the littlest things because why because they were worried about their future they wanted to make sure everything was fair and that they got what they deserved and we worry about this stuff our longing for a future quickly quickly turns into worrying about our future there's a Gallup study done back in last year 2018 that showed that Americans now our stress our worry our anger not only intensified in 2018 but now where we are one of the most most stressed and worried countries in the world we're tied for Greece I don't know what that means but we are and I guess they're pretty stressed out too but they're fifty five percent of Americans who were surveyed they were asked have you experienced stress the day before you took the survey and they said yes 55% said yes I just experienced stress yesterday and and we're in the top like top 5 of 143 countries studied and you know who's the most stressed and worried in our nation young people ages 15 to 49 they're the most stressed out of all of us two out of three adults under 50 say they experienced stress a lot and half say they felt worried a lot see we worry about our future we worry about our economy we worry about our health care we worry about our politics we worry about our families we worry about our religion we worry about our 501 KS we worry about our social security we worry about hunger and homelessness we worry about drug use and crime we worry about the environment and we worry about guns and that took me 30 seconds to come up with that list it's much much longer than that we are constantly worried about our future like this guy Jesus I'm worried about my inheritance I'm worried that I'm secure I'm worried and this is how Jesus responds and by the way you're not gonna like this you're not gonna like the way Jesus responds to this guy you're not gonna like the what what he tells us is the is is the way to curb worry for our future and but but it's a challenge to our the way we think in this world in this in this country here's what Jesus says and he said to them take care and be on your guard watch out because this is the temptation of all of us when we think about our longing for a future against all covetousness and that word covetousness simply means that I want a future even at the secure future even at the expense of someone else's future so that's what that word covetousness means in this context and be on your guard against that for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions Jesus is not saying that it's bad to possess and we're gonna keep coming back to that I did he's not saying that it's bad to have stuff what he's saying is bad to worry about having stuff and it's bad to like take from others in order for you to have and he's saying that there's a there's a better way to live than to be anxious about your future like this guy was about his inheritance see Jesus is trying to redirect our longings for a future but he created it with he created us with this longing so this is not a bad longing but he's simply trying to readjust our souls so we can thrive and then what he does in verse 16 is he tells this this story right after this he tells him this story to kind of help unpack what he's saying he says he says the land of a rich man produced plentifully and he thought to himself what shall I do for I have nowhere to store my crops and he said I will do this I will tear down my barns and build larger ones and there I will or all my grain and my goods is that a bad idea or a good idea it's a good idea there's no trick question here I'm not gonna come back around and say oh no you're wrong Jesus was Jesus rebukes you it's not there's nothing wrong with storing for the future Jesus doesn't he's not making this point what is he making the point well let's keep reading you can't see you just say I will do this I'll tear down my barns and build larger ones in there I'll store all my grain and my goods this is this and I will say to my soul here it is so you have ample goods laid up for many years relax eat and be merry you're good you you've got enough stored away soul that you don't have to be anxious anymore do you see the inherent problem with that anybody here 2007/2008 see the world promises a lot but never but but rarely delivers what it promises and jesus knows this and that if our if we put and if our soul is attached to our futures in terms of its security if our soul is restless until we have a secure future what Jesus is saying is that your soul will always be restless you have to put your soul security in something else and God said to him fool this not your soul is required of you and the things you have prepared whose will they be so is the one who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God again I Jesus is not saying it's bad to lay up stuff for yourself it's bad when we're anxious and our life is tilted towards well my soul won't be content until I have such-and-such for my future and then Jesus turns to his disciples verse 22 to those that are kind of following the way of Jesus that want to know more that wants a dig deeper want to have a deeper life of faith all of that and this is what he says to them therefore I tell you do not be anxious about your life what you will eat or about your body what you will put on for life is more than food and the body more than clothing consider the birds the Ravens they neither sow nor reap they neither have storehouse or barns yet God feeds them how much more value are you than those birds and which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life was like good point Jesus and I can't add any I can take away from my life by being anxious I can't add anything consider the flowers how they grow they neither toil nor spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these but if God so clothes the grass which is alive in the field today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven how much more will he clothe you O ye of little faith and do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink nor be worried about such things for all the nations of the world seek after these things and your father knows that you need them see Jesus was Jesus writing he's trying to he's trying to disconnect this anxiety ridden fear of the future that we all have and he's trying to recalibrate us so that we rest in him that he knows what we need our Father in heaven knows what we need and that should secure our future see he's saying life is more than all of these other things he doesn't do anything for you it actually takes from you it steals from you do you believe that I love you and that I care for you more than the birds and the flowers do you believe this this is fundamental he knows what we need he'll take care of our needs but do you believe this so what do we do well Jesus unpacks it what we should do and did I really you're not gonna like this here it is so jesus said instead instead of this worry living of our future into our future like I don't know what's gonna what's gonna happen am I gonna am I gonna have security am I gonna have joy and peace is everything gonna work out instead of worrying about all of that seek his kingdom seek first his kingdom jesus said taught in another place right seek first his kingdom and then and these things will be added to you what things what he's talking about food and clothing the basics the necessities of life if you seek his kingdom you get both ends you both get all the blessings of living the kingdom life and you get all the provision of the of the daily necessities that Jesus was talking about and then he says fear not why does he say fear not because some of you right now if you're like me you're freaking out about this you're like I much rather be in control of my future I'd rather be the one that builds the barns and the storehouses and do and I do all that work and I I make sure that I'm set up and my family set up and and I'm again I don't think there's anything wrong with that it's just that if that's what you're seeking if that's all you're seeking if that's your total focus Jesus say the same fear not said no this is gonna be hard little flock he's like he's it's like his grandfather kind of coming to as a saying don't be afraid you guys I know this is gonna be hard I know this isn't easy but it's your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom he wants to shower blessings on us do you me believe this and then he says something that I just I'm like come on I mean it's a suggestion right it's not like a command sell your possessions and give to the needy but that doesn't even fit in the context of what we're talking about Jesus I don't understand why what does that have to do with anything else you just told us not to fear and then all of a sudden you're telling us to sell everything you know what that doesn't mean that produces fear Jesus is what why Jesus are you adding this why don't you just skip from good pleasure to give you the kingdom provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old whoo I really like that phrase what that means that's awesome but Jesus what Jesus is saying is that there's really only one way to disconnect worry and stress and anxiety out of your life there's only one way to disconnect it from worrying about the future and just to sell it's to give away whatever causes you anxiety and worry in your life sell your possessions and give to the needy when you do that Jesus is saying you provide yourselves with money bags that do not grow old with the treasure in the heavens that does not fail where no thief approaches and no moth destroys for where your treasure is there will your heart be also heard this preached a lot where it's just all about eternity it's just all about you know that when you sell your possessions and you give to the needy you provide yourselves with money bags that do not grow old all he's talking about is heavenly treasures so you guys don't get to experience any of the blessings of living this kind of radical generous life in the here and now and and I've heard that and I'm just like that's not right you know why that's not right it's because of this money bags we don't mean money bags in heaven we're gonna have everything wait there's something here that Jesus is saying that if you live the way of Jesus he's telling his disciples if you seek first the kingdom all these things will be added to you if you sell your possessions and give to the needy because that's a kingdom principle that's the way of Jesus then listen you're gonna have money bags here on earth that do not grow old which means that you we are caught we are a constant conduit of the blessings of God in the here and now I think the primary way that Jesus wanted to bless the earth is through his people through his people who are willing to live this audacious who I mean who does Jesus think he is to ask us to do this it's this audacious way of living that is radically different and counterculture to the world that we live in and the reason I think he's doing is because he knows that the way his blessing will flow into our cities and into our region and into our nation into our world is through the generosity of God's people who are willing to sell their possessions and give to the needy yet we go after security and basic necessities and we are anxious about those things and we stress about those things and as a result we hold on ooh what we have i was missionary in croatia and i had we went to a father-son retreat when my two oldest were pretty young they were like six and seven seven and eight somewhere around there and i'm not gonna tell you which one this story is on because i didn't get his permission to share this story so hilary name and not rename he'll remain anonymous but anyways is more of a reflection on me than on him so they decided to play this game with these missionary kids it was a stupid game to begin with i knew it was stupid but they said that i wasn't in charge of the camp but they said they did it so what they did is they put all the kids into a back room and then all the adults were just standing out waiting for the kids to come in they had two chairs seated in the kind of in the middle of the room and they invite the kids to come in and they what the game was they were gonna give the kid that came in three candies and he had a choice to give the kid opposite him however many of those candies was totally up to him none one two all of them whatever what they didn't know is that whatever they gave they would get back they didn't tell them that and so there's really setting these kids up for failure in my opinion you know so they bring these kids in and one after the other gives at least one to I don't think anybody gave all three candies you know I mean come on but still I was actually kind of surprised that every kid that came in gave one or more I mean it's not the night it wasn't the 1950s you know I'm saying I mean it's like wow these kids are really generous so then my son comes in and I knew what was gonna happen I knew it and I because I knew this I mean I know yeah and it's bad on me I'm sure but he decided to keep all three he was the only kid in that entire camp who kept all three of candies I just wanted to crawl away I was just like now what did I do wrong what did I do wrong all these people all these other parents I mean their kids gave generously one too I mean my kid not one not one candy and I thought that's our world though that's that's our worlds idea of like we're not sure if we're gonna have for the future so we hold and we keep and we make sure that we're taking care of and if we have more I guess three wasn't enough maybe four maybe maybe he would have given one away if it was four maybe five I don't know no you wouldn't have you would have kept all of them I know that that's what we do we hold we hold because we're afraid cuz we're afraid that if we give this promise isn't true that's what we're afraid of we're afraid that if we give God's not good you won't back me up that's what we're really afraid of see Jesus what is Jesus doing he's advocating a life of trust and generosity in His goodness and this idea of money bags not growing old it's can be said simpler terms give and it will be given to you where we become conduits of blessing well we as we pour out he pours in that there's I mean I've seen this over and over and over from people in this church and from other communities of faith that I've been a part of where they give and people that just live generous lives you know what I've seen in their life is they net they always have more to give always 100 percent of the time they always have something more they can give why because they're wealthy or is it because God has fulfilled is fulfilling his promises as they give I've seen Westside Church is one of the most generous communities of faith that I've ever been a part of and some would say some would say and have said well you guys it's on the westside of been you know a lot of wealth there and so you're assuming that wealthy people are just spontaneously generous huh but there have been people in this body over the years and over the decades who have caught a hold of the heart of God for for a community and have said I'm gonna sacrificially give not just my money but in every arena of my life because I know something I've experienced something I've seen something proven over and over and over again that as I give God refills as I pour out he fills back up I wonder what it would look like if a community like Westside lived this out I think that's a large part of it for the city is about our initiative that we're doing over the next two years where we just sacrificially let's give of our time and our giftings and our treasure right and there's a picture that was given to me by one of our council members our council is a group of elders who I meet with every month that oversee the finances of our church and and and this particular council member sent me a picture of a plant and he shared me the story of this plan I thought it was interesting in light of this message it was a it was this fan of this plant that's been in this family for like 60 years and it's on his grandparents farm it's not this it's not this amazing plant or anything it's just this plant that his parents his grandparents grew and and what they do is that over time they've given different family members shoots from this plant that they get to repot wherever they live and so now you know six decades later this plant is growing in many different homes all around the United States so I have a picture of our council members plant it's I mean it's not that impressive I gotta be honest I mean it's just a plan you know saying but this idea is really compelling to me that that that that we all long for a future we all desire something you know something that's fruitful 60 years from now some life that is thriving 60 years from now we all desire that that our families would be blessed right but this idea that that that we that they planted off that they that they that they sent off that they redeposited something of this plant into other plants and they continue to produce root over time is something really compelling to me because our soul longs for a future and that longing can only truly be met as we trust in the way of Jesus and his way is one of generosity it's one of giving away what we possess what we own what we have too so that so that others will also have a future without concern for our own future why because we're I'm concerned about our future no because our future is unimportant no because Jesus has our future and he will make sure we get to where he wants us to be secure happy filled with joy filled with peace you know all the things that we said about what we want for our future you know how those things are fulfilled that longing for a future is for generosity every single one of those things happens you know you don't get you don't feel more joyful when you have more money in your bank account I mean wouldn't both say seventy five thousand that's the point okay okay let's all pray for 75 grand right okay maybe we'll all be happy that's our happy quotient but right I mean we you get peace you get joy you get laughter you have fun when you give our souls long for a future the question today is do we trust Jesus and what he said to take care of us as we live into his way she close your eyes with me for a moment and I recognize the tension in the room with this idea because it's so counterintuitive to our way in America and to the way that we've lived our lives of the way that we've structured our lives and the way that we we've actually sometimes we worry God out of the equation even or sometimes we work so hard that we work God out of the equation of our lives and until that crisis happens you know and then everything falls apart and where are we at now you know and so this this what I'm what what I think Jesus is advocating is this idea that you put your faith like a deeper atlantis i mean i'm not this is this is deep waters of faith where you say to jesus what feels like on the edge of a chasm and you're not sure if he'll be there when you step out in faith to say even if i fall jesus i know you'll catch me even if it doesn't go the way your word teaches i know you'll be with me there's something deeper about that faith I think God is calling us all to so Jesus would you give us the courage to do what you asked to live a life of faith to trust that as we live a generous life that our future is secure and that our souls will be at rest in the process that we can trust you with tomorrow we can trust you with our tomorrow and we declare that we do that you would help us Jesus you can open your eyes I just want to end with this Pastor bow Mitch wrote this on her Facebook page this morning she was a paraphrase of Psalm 89 I'm gonna finish with this don't you stand once you stand with me and we'll finish up this way Psalm 89 Beau's paraphrase so happy are those who know the sound of your voice the secrets in your whispers the cadence of your daily generosity they walk confidently on dark paths because they know you are watching and guarding and guiding their lives are written and signed by you so they are filled with deep deep joy our prep teams are available up here at the front over at the prayer wall and also summer barbecues are happening just this Wednesday July 10th if you're not in one yet there's still room and some some of our homes around the city you can go out to the atrium find out where those are meeting and sign up you can also still host a barbecue if you'd like to do that on Wednesday to give opportunity for people in our church to connect and prior to leaving would you guys just take a minute and connect you've got a little churchy a little Church there a little church over there and over there find out who you went to church with all right you guys go ahead and grieve for a bit we'll see you next week

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