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It’s Not What You Think


I am a rabid Mariners fan I really really am and we're mostly known as the most boring team of the last 16 years um and I say we meet because I've spent way too much money and hope and emotion on that team so I count myself as part of the roster huh I'm a big sports fan in general I'm actually a big Seahawks fan to any Seahawks fans out there w guys yeah that's awesome awesome i'm also a really big washington state cougar fan there are some of you I think we just became best friends I don't know who you are huh but uh I am I'm really really excited to be here with you tonight this is this is really only one of my laughing is my third time whether it's a weekend or a Wednesday night service that I've been with these hands have been hired I've been on staff for the last couple months we've been moving up from Klamath Falls for the last few months and trying to figure everything out with housing and jobs and all of that and we're finally settling in a little bit not completely settled in my wife started her job she's an ER nurse at st. Charles so yeah big hand for that she works a lot harder than I do and she's a lot cooler than I am so you should probably meet her just not at her place of work okay I wouldn't recommend it anyway don't go see her at work I'm gonna preach to you from a real simple sermon title tonight if you're taking notes and if you're not I guess that's cool too but I'm gonna preciate from the real simple sermon subject tonight it's not what you think and I'm gonna take the next couple hours it's gonna be really good and revile of people that laughs nervously no it's gonna be a real brief word I just hope that I can encourage you as best I can so if you would with me go ahead and jump into mark chapter 15 and we're going to be in verse 42 now we're picking up in the scripture just after Jesus's death that he's been hung on the cross all of that has happened and now we're picking it up as probably your Bible indicates right at the top of this heading in mark 15 verse 42 the burial of Jesus the burial of Jesus here we go mark 15 and verse 42 says this all happened on Friday the day of preparation the day before the Sabbath and as evening approached Joseph of Arimathea took a risk and went to Pilate and asked for Jesus's body Joseph was an honored member of the High Council and he was waiting for the kingdom of God to come pilot couldn't believe that Jesus was already dead so he called for the Roman officer and asked if he had died yet and the officer confirmed that Jesus was dead so Pilate told Joseph he could have the body and Joseph brought a CLE a long sheet of linen cloth and then he took Jesus his body down from the cross wrapped it in the cloth and laid it in the tomb that had been carved out of the rock and then he rolled a stone in front of the entrance and mary magdalene and mary the mother of joseph saw where Jesus body was laid it's kind of an interesting section of scripture to jump into like I said I really believe that it's going to be encouraging to us tonight and real quick prayer get started can you give a big hand for your normal teaching team real quick because they're so awesome can you guys just give them a big hand really I want you to know Westside church and I'm so excited that I get to be a part of your family I want you to know that you know that you know that you have incredible leaders in this church that love you so much and there is such an incredible a genuine collaborative spirit that really wants to see the city of Bend Oregon come to know Jesus in ways that it is never known it before and so this is not this is not a production it's not a show it's not an event instead it's a gathering of people that I really truly believe is a movement of the Holy Spirit upon this place that will leave bend in the surrounding area changed forever and ever and ever and so much of that is due to the leadership yeah come on give it up one more time go for it so much of that is due to the leadership here at this church and so I feel really seriously honored to be able to have this platform tonight and speak to you someday I hope to have the intelligence of inside of a bow Stern and I hope to have the beautiful singing voice of a quarry parnell and I hope to have the wisdom and vision of an evony recur and I have to have the just dazzling good looks of Casey Parnell someday maybe in my wildest dreams instead I'm starting off with trying to grow a beard like pastor Steve Nikkel okay let's pray real quick I think I really need it pray for me if you would please father God we thank you for tonight thank you for your presence here lord thank you for your presence in worship where we're so grateful that is we lift our voice or that that you overwhelm us with your grace in your mercy Jesus thank you so much for the constant reminder thank you for this community Lord that you have blessed and you will continue to bless as we go through this life together or we love you so much in Jesus name let us be encouraged tonight and everybody said amen amen oh like Casey said my name is Ben Fleming I lead the young adults group here and it's actually really cool God is already doing an awesome thing in that ministry we've already outgrown our first venue in town and so we have to move to a bigger venue because we got too many young adults already coming and so if you are a young adult and you're interested in such a thing we meet on Tuesday nights this next week we're going to be for the first time at the Northwest collective so if you just type in NW collective into your Google Maps it'll take you right there and we're like we're catering dinner for you this next Tuesday and there's going to be desert and there's really no excuse to miss okay so if you're a young adult we're meeting down there doors open at five thirty for food and seven o'clock is when service starts but I I did the last ten years of my life at oit in Klamath Falls and started a young adult ministry down there that God really blessed and there was some really incredible wonderful things that came from that time of my life and before that I come from a little town called Glendale Oregon any of you ever heard of my word I'm getting washington state and glendale oregon shout outs tonight i am a blessed man it's a really small milltown just right along i-5 right between Medford and rosewood right smack between those two towns and it was about eight hundred people there when I was growing up and about 400 people there now because we all know how well Timbers doing these days and so it's a real small town my dad passed here's a smaller size church there it was anywhere from 80 to 110 when I was growing up and I love church I love church I love the services i love the music i love the different preachers and personalities I love baptisms I'm so excited that we're going to do some baptisms from night it's going to be incredible but i love i love i love the church and i really started loving music when i was about sixth grade like i said it was a small church my dad brought me on to play drums on the worship team which was like a pretty big deal right I'm amazing and in sixth grade to play drums and we would play I think we were growing up and I don't know what you would call like the Maranatha movement of music something like that but but we would play these songs now I'm gonna take you guys back a little bit tonight and if you know these songs you don't have to sing him but just smile at me okay but we would sing these songs like and we would sing him in in like trios you know what I'm talking about we would seeing three of them together because that's what you did with music at the time especially in the church and we would sing this song it was called walk by faith and you guys ever heard this song I walk by faith each step by fate to live by faith I put my trust in you and I'm telling you this church and maybe it was just the one that I grew up and I don't know about yours but we would start to walk around the sanctuary there was a Christian conga line up in that sanctuary you know what I'm talking about there was like you know 95 year old ladies and guys just being like hey you know this is and and and that was just the beginning then we would come back and we would sing now I think this was the time in the era of Christian music some of you are blessed that you miss out on this era maybe I don't know maybe you did really miss out but we there was a lot of movement and hand motions to a lot of these songs and so we would come back and we would sing this song called enemy's camp and you guys heard of the enemy's camp is I went to the enemy's camp and I took back what he stole from me I took back what I saw took back what he stole from me I when are you seeing again and then you become up to the really made pardon you go he's under my feet he's under my feet he's under my feet he's under my feet he's under my beauties under my be Satan is under my feet you know we were sing this up and we'd be going crazy just singing out and you know the drummer's just you know jamming away and and then always the last song will be this song called look what the lord has done it with a little something like this go look what the lord has done the brother daughters down look what the lord has done look what the lord has done he healed my body he touched my mind he saved me just in time well i'm gonna praise his day i'll go to praise his name et it just says it agents it come on and praise Him look what the lord yeah you know you sing this out come on some of you were like oh I missed it I just missed those days yeah I'm sweating this is a really familiar feeling sweat a lot in church and my dad was all about my dad was all about man we gotta celebrate in church which by the way is true we gotta celebrate church when we come together we gather together I know we go through a lot of horrible things that I know life can be really really difficult and i'm not saying that those things don't exist but i do believe because we serve the god that has claimed victory over death that we can always rejoice in the Lord again I say rejoice amen and that's what I love about this staff I love about this church there is a sense always even through the darkest of times there was a sense of victory because God is on our side and that has nothing to do with my sermon but that's good preaching right there but one of the things that I've also encountered that while we celebrate in church and and I love I just loved singing I love worshiping with you all tonight and spending this time together a community sometimes one of the most difficult things about celebrating jesus and singing out to him and doing all these things and reading through the scripture can be when we walk out the door we walk back into our everyday life and we start to experience what I would call the expectation gap now I'm singing this out and you know he healed my body he touched my mind and I'm walking out of church with a limp you know what I mean there's this expectation gap sometimes between what we're reading and what we're singing and what we're experiencing that's a reality in our own lives every single day and that's a tough thing to get over so what do we do when there's this gap between what we believe and who we believe God is and what we've experienced in our everyday life now I believe that that Joseph of Arimathea is the perfect example for us when it comes to this feeling in this situation I love how how AJ Swoboda and his book Arya Stark talks about Joseph of Arimathea he says years earlier before this event most likely Joseph had left behind his life of predictability and safety to follow an unknown Savior only to have his vision crushed the night before now Joseph held his dead dream his dead Savior in his arms he hadn't signed up for this this wasn't in the fine print what a failure what a waste I don't know about you but I haven't thought much of Joseph of Arimathea when I read through the scriptures but thinking about him specifically in this context the man that took Jesus's body off of the cross and now is carrying the man that he served that he believed was God with skin on he's carrying him to his grave now there was this hope among so many Jews and and probably there was a thought of this in Joseph's mine that this man was going to come and he was going to save his people not necessarily in the way that Jesus ended up doing it he was supposed to kind of come on this white horse and he was going to be this crusader this knight in shining armor he was going to overthrow the government and there was this going to be this incredible battle instead this man came he lived in anonymity for so long before there was just a few years where he did an incredible ministry we saw all sorts of people healed and changed and saved forever and now he's dead and Joseph who had followed him for probably years previous is left closing up his tomb the expectation gap was so real for Joseph in this moment no I thought you were going to be this I thought you were gonna it wasn't supposed to end up like this and I bet all the questions started flooding and maybe these same questions that flooded into your mind recently is all that stuff that I believed and is it not true was it just a hoax is it just a joke is it just a game is it just something that that I fell victim to is this God is this Jesus really who he says that he is because right now I'm just not experiencing in the way that I was sure that I was going to experience it maybe some of you tonight or sure that God was calling you to have another baby and all you've done is Miss scary for the last few years maybe you believe something for your son or for your daughter or another family member you believe something for your marriage and when you committed to that marriage you really meant it and now all of a sudden everything seems to have gone out the window and we're left to question and Wonder God are you really there do you really love me are you who you say that you are because we've done it right some of some of us have done it we've we've been praying we've been worshipping we've been showing up to church we've been faithful and when we when we sing the songs where we mean um God these aren't just empty words I believe that this is who you really are and yet for some reason when i look at my circumstance when i look at the situation around me when I look at the brokenness in my own life this was not the script that I would have written God how many of you wish God would think a little bit more like you sometimes never been in your card going god you're late look I always loved the idea that God is up in heaven gone oh shoot you're right huh you know God's putting on his pants my bad how's my bad I'm coming cos not shocked by your situation he's not shocked by your brokenness he is not afraid of what has happened and surrounding you in your life and really this is the simple truth that I want to encourage you with tonight God is not interested in meeting your expectations instead our God chooses to exceed our expectations and while Joseph was asking all these questions and all the disciples who the scripture tells us they went into hiding for fear of of the government for fear of people coming to kill them when all these questions are flying around and all of these things are happening just like maybe they are in your life God was getting ready to do something better than show up on a white horse God was doing something he was he was getting ready for something better than to be the right in the shining armor are the next president or the next government or the next leader he was preparing to defeat death itself and I want to encourage you today that while your circumstance may not be understandable while it may be difficult while your trial may be long and hard and full of darkness I believe that no matter what you're facing today you can trust and have security in knowing that your God will not simply meet your expectations but he will go so far above and beyond and he will be a greater God than you could ever possibly imagine there's something about this Jesus that that just won't fit into our little box and I'm going to be honest with you I wanted to so bad sometimes but there's something about it that simply won't fit in our own expectations and that my friends while it's so uncomfortable and it's so difficult and so often it's so unknown it's so much better than you could have possibly imagined I'll finish with with this real simple scripture says in Isaiah 55 and verse sec 6 it says seek seek the Lord while he may be found call upon him while he is near let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and He will have compassion on him and to our God for he will abundantly pardon for my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are my ways nor are your ways my ways declares the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts in that good our God is not like us he doesn't think like us he doesn't have the shortcomings that we do instead our God will save this world in a greater way than we could have ever possibly imagined I'm going to invite the worship team up and just as they're coming up I just want to just pray with you all real quick and hey man I just believe that God is going to resurrect something in many of you tonight maybe it's a dream that you've long given up on because it didn't happen in the way in the context that you thought it would maybe it's a prayer that you need to start praying again maybe it's a level of faith that you need to start having again for for certain things in your life I believe that God is going to resurrect some things and it's going to be even better than you ever possibly imagine so father God I thank you tonight lord I pray for those who would I pray for those who who feel like you have fallen short lord I believe that we've all been there before or we've lost people in untimely ways we've lost people in ways that just being honest especially in those moments that we feel like is so unfair Lord we've lost jobs we've had financial insecurity we've been moved we've been pushed and we've been prodded and so much of this life hasn't turned out or been what we thought it would be but tonight Lord God we choose just like Joseph did even in the middle of his confusion and probably frustration Lord Jesus we choose to continue to show up Lord tonight we choose to continue to press into community Lord we choose to continue to press into your presence Lord because while we don't know what all of this will look like at the end we do know that you are sovereign and that you are good and that you are for us and you are not against us so there we press into you tonight we love you so much thank you for your grace and your mercy we give you praise in Jesus name come on and everybody said amen

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