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Lame Excuses

The road to heave is paved with humility. The road to heaven is paved with lame excuses.


Bible says wherever two or three one two three yep of us are gathered together he's here so he's here among us not in flesh but in spirit and I'm so glad to be here I love this spiritual family the last three years i-i-i-i was pastor of this church for 30 years or so and and that's something because I'm only 35 years old and if we haven't seen slacks up here but a long time pastor Ken where's your jeans Linda and I love this spiritual family in the last three years we've turned to each other so many times and said this is a good place I love the improvements I see I love the energy and the vision and the purpose who has a better worship team its honor we have an ossuary 15 awesome teaching team austins support team it's just it's just a good church and I love the little turn toward exposition more Bible exposition that the church is taken I think it's awesome we're digging into scriptures a little more and I just love it but I need to start with the confession it's kind of what we're talking about today so I need to start with my own confession I need to confess that the last time I spoke with here was which is about six months ago I was talking about how good things can come from bad things and I talked about mushrooms coming out of fertilizer I went pheasant hunting over in the valley and there was a mushroom farm and they also had cows and that's what they used to grow the mushrooms in dirt and poo all weekend three services I said manure I said no no right I I said fertilizer and it got to the fourth service the last service and I just let my guard down a little bit and I could have said caca I could have said doodoo I could have said excrement I could have said a lot of things but I said well it starts with S and ends with hit and and as a way of true contrition this morning I am gonna do what my mom did so many times I'm gonna wash my mouth I would say matter fact she washed my mouth out with soap so many times I actually alright i I developed a taste and so that's actually white chocolate which is prejudice so that's for politically incorrect right there and and she'll be made those for me all weekend for services and that's she's the gala heads a beautiful young lady that heads the sweetpea coffee shop out here you need to buy some pastries this year if you haven't and she is starting a to sweet shop of sweets and pastries just across from just across from chance south of town and I made a lot of money for that announcement right there everybody know she's a sweetheart she didn't ask for any of that I just wanted to do that so anyway I joined a recovery group foul-mouthed anonymous and I just received my six-month award for not saying the S word in a message for six months so that'd be a good place for applause right there of course I haven't preached a message in six months either I'm not getting the calls I used to get it seems like I think there's several churches with my picture and a not wanted poster on the front of the church so anyway but every day is a new day you don't know what can happen this message so I but I didn't have a good excuse for using that s word and speaking of excuses do you think there's such a thing as a good excuse how many do well let's let's think about this the an excuse I looked it up is a reason now when we say I'm gonna explain why I wasn't there on time X Blayne but we're not really explaining ourselves we're excusing ourselves so when you say somebody he's making excuses or he's giving excuses that tends to imply negative justify case of justification but actually the word excuse itself is a little more neutral you could have a good excuse or bad excuse or a kind of good excuse or a kind of bad excuses it's the whole gamut of the thing okay so an excuse is the reason for doing something or not doing something especially if you narrow it down a little bit the kind of excuse we're gonna talk about excuse is a reason for doing something people think you shouldn't have done or not doing something people think you should have done or saying something you shouldn't have said or saying something you should not saying something you should have said and so it's it's kind of it's kind of neutral it can be good or bad you can have a good reason or a bad reason now it's an example of that from the Bible when Jesus had the last supper with the 12 disciples and Judas went to betray him and he took the eleven disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane he begged any of them to stay awake with him through the torturous hours that were ahead of him and they all went to sleep and it says returning he again found them sound asleep they simply couldn't keep their eyes open and they didn't have a plausible so if their excuse was not plausible there must be such a thing as a plausible a credible acceptable excuse if you were there and you were one of the eleven and you stood up at this point said I'm sorry I couldn't stay awake because what would be a plausible excuse I was tired yeah kind of yeah I mean you know you can you can you can stay awake when you're tired and they were tired I think someone might have said you just laid something pretty heavy on us and I'm really kind of in shock you know he just kind of said this isn't gonna end the way you think it is what's coming up is now you know and there was a real heaviness so that what are other plausible excuses too much caffeine no that's what keeps you away to too little caffeine okay what other possible excuses huh too much wine what do you do a communion with a whole jug too much wine that's a good one for Linda too much wine if you know my wife never too much a little little little wine but never too much how about I took two ambien we were headed for Rome with Stan and ginger Simmons our friends and ginger was kind of package squeezed between two people and she wanted to go to sleep but she couldn't get comfortable so she took an ambien and then she took another enemy she's just a little thing she took two ambien two full full the big ambien when we got off the plane she was it was like trying to walk with a squid she looks so drunk she talked to you'd slow I took two ambien so that would be in a closet excuse but if there is a plausible excuse there's a nun possible excuse and there's everything in between okay so what is the lame excuse I want to talk about lame excuse what is the lame excuse it's a bad reason to try to justify myself for an action or event it's a really weak inefficient excuse for trying to say I did this I mean I shouldn't have I didn't do this but I should have and I have a good definition a good succinct definition of a good excuse can you guess it my definition of a good excuse is any excuse I have my definition of a bad excuse is any excuse you have okay so the thing is you can kind of think I don't make excuses but other people that know you they may see it different we kind of we're kind of more lenient with ourselves when we are with others and that's a bunch of bull poop see I am better so why do we give lame excuses why do we give lame excuses okay so you don't want to disappoint why else stay out of try to stay out of trouble why else fear how about guilt no good reasons what do you think is the main reason for lame excuses what was that okay that's a good one no a are not accepting responsibility I think the main reason is right I can't I got Parkinson's you can't blame me from my writing it's terrible pride with the eye right there in the middle whenever we get in as a matter of fact like I said sometimes we think we're explaining without of pride we're actually excusing ourselves and we call it explaining and whenever we get in the situation where someone says you did the wrong thing you shouldn't have done that you shouldn't have said that we have two opportunities the whole spectrum no how can I wipe that board off I can't over here is pride all the way over to humility now I think we have something up on the screen pride and humility okay what's on the left okay Magic Man in the sky over there it is on the left is to excuse yourself I so I can I can excuse myself or I can admit some responsibilities admit a mistake admit wrong accept forgiveness ass excuse me accept responsibility apologize and ask forgiveness they all start with a admit accept apologize and ask admit wrong accept responsibility apologize and ask forgiveness they kind of get more extreme toward humility probably takes the most humility to actually ask forgiveness a little less humility to apologize but it takes some humility the road to heaven is paved with humility the road to heaven is paved with you Millie pastor Steve said in that awesome series we just came through the Lord swear I just thought it was great confession isn't explaining your sin it's owning it confession is owning your sin an excuse is a reason so when I'm caught doing something I shouldn't have done or probably shouldn't have done and I give an excuse that's based on pride and I'm headed the wrong direction because the road to heaven is paved with humility and I'm being proud God you see loves humility the Bible said God loves the humble he gives grace to the humble but he resists the proud you don't want God resisting you that's flying into a strong headwind if God is resisting you and I'm not talking about a healthy Pride I'm talking about a well the kind of pride Satan has I'll explain that in a minute but in the Bible there was a king named Ahab he's the worst is Ray Allah hit the bottom of the barrel and his wife's name was Jezebel and she you probably don't name your kid Jezebel because it's kind of like a witch type thing and she was kind of like a witch type of lady God loves humility so Ahab the Bible says there was never a man like a hab who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord urged on by Jezebel wicked his wicked wife he behaved in the vilest manner by going after idols like the Emirates the Lord God drove out before Israel of course the M writes burned their kids on the on the altar murdered him burned him it was really low and then Elijah said to Ahab God is going to strike you down and Ahab repented he said you've been an evil man then the Bible says when they have heard these words he tore his clothes put on sackcloth and fasted and he lay in sackcloth and went around meekly and the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite have you noticed how I am was humbled himself before me because he has humbled himself I will not bring this disaster in his day there will be disaster but I'm not gonna bring it in his day I think God don't do that that guy's no slug that guy's a worm that guy's their snake but he humbled himself God is so drawn to humility say it with me I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me secondly lame excuses may seem plausible to self excuses so our daughter went care when she was five or six we had nanny and marlo over a couple week knew and their son Elton came running in the house crying say Karras laughter hit me as a slug me in the face and he's got blood dribbling down his nose and she came and I said Carrie did you hit him in the face she said no his face ran into my hand you know they seemed okay to us but they don't sound really that valid or Winona Ryder how many of them ever heard of her when she was thirty she was arrested at Saks Fifth Avenue in in Beverly Hills with $5,000 worth of stolen clothes in her shopping bag she had bought some clothes and then gone back in the store and got $5,000 with clothes as hidden by wetting the dressing them tore off the labels and they caught her and she was charged with grand theft and she was released on 20,000 dollar bill and when she went to court she had an attorney and he argued that she was doing a movie that involved shoplifting and she just wanted to experience what it was like so she could be a better actress to the movie well that is a bunch of bull poop right so that's that's the lame excuse well the US has 5% of the 10% of the world's population and 70% of the world's lawyers why because it's not my fault I need to find a good lawyer it's your fault it's not my fault we actually get so good at shifting blame like the man in the u.s. who while attempting to burglarize the school fell through the skylight he was trying to steal stuff from school he fell through the skylight and the company that insured the school was ordered to pay the man $250,000 because he fell through the skylight and $1,500 a month for the rest of his life a defense lawyers job is to prove standing in his client's plates it's not my fault and for some people it's not my fault has become a lifestyle they actually make a living ambulance-chasing a living saying it's not my father it's not his fault Pastor Rick Warren points out that excuses are simply rationalizations rationalize we rationalize and that is rational lies there may seem to be some truth in it and there may be some truth in it but it's not enough it's still a lame excuse rat poison is 97 percent corn so you know just because there's some good in your excuse doesn't mean it's not a lame excuse third lame excuses are losers the truth is self self excuses are losers excuses are nothing more than teaching a person to fail and giving you an excuse to fail excuses are the biggest barriers to starting a project or enterprise or business you'll never be a person who chases your dreams if you learn how to give excuses y'all always have a reason for not doing it making excuses is the enemy of productivity and making excuses is the wrong thing to do if you're a parent because your kids are watching I still remember my dad saying I I I spanked you in anger not in discipline and I apologized I'll never forget it for all my life I heard my dad make an excuse and then come in a couple hours later saying I was wrong please forgive me that he was humble enough to do that there's an old proverb that says you can make excuses or you make you can make progress but you can't do both making excuses is bad parenting as I said as a matter of fact here are some excuses that were written by parents for their schoolchildren and the spelling on them is exactly as appeared on the piece of paper my son is under the doctors care and should not take PE please execute him please excuse Joey Friday he had loose bowels please excuse me beyond from gym today she is administrating please there's no guys laughing please excuse Jimmy for being it was his father's fault the road to heaven is paved with humility say it with me I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me see and the other side of the story is the road to hell is paved with pride the road to hell is paved with pride and lame excuses the Bible says that Satan convinced a third of the Angels to leave heaven and come out from under God's Authority and rebell with him he must have had an amazing excuse he was there and the glory of God he's awesome but Satan came up with the idea that God's not really being fair there's something he's he's hogging the god position if we had a little more God position ourselves we'd see that he's selfish and he really doesn't do the best for and all that I think he I think he literally convinced some angels to become demons and you know here's what God says to lose the first thing you had everything going for you you were in Eden God's garden you were dressed in the splendor from the day of your creation you were sheer perfection and then imperfection evil was detected in you your beauty went to your head we call that what pride arrogance and how does God respond to pride I threw you to the ground I set a fire around you and within you and I reduced you to ashes he's speaking prophetically because that in the end Saint is gonna be reduced to ashes there are 929 chapters in the Bible how many chapters do you have to read before you come to excuses just look at the book of Genesis just a chapter - and you're there excuses right upfront I believe Satan came up with an excuse for leaving god-given Authority in position and convinced a third of the Angels and then he jumped right to Adam and Eve or some time later he went to Adam and Eve and he taught them to do the same thing the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die but God knows in the day you eat of it your eyes will be open and you will be like God knowing good and evil God doesn't want you to know what he knows he's hogging the information he's not a good god he's not as good as you think he is you can disobey him you can't eat the fruit you have a good excuse and they bought it and it's so every since then giving excuses has been comin as' our DNA alexander solzhenitsyn in the book Gulag Archipelago said it's the nature of viewing human beings to seek justification for their actions he'd been there he'd been a Soviet soldier he'd been in Soviet prison he saw some of the worst and he said we tend to want to justify our actions then the Lord God called to Adam and even said to him where are you so he said I heard your voice in the garden every other day I ran to you when I heard your voice but now I'm hiding I heard your voice in the garden I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself so for the first time Adam feels for the first time he feels guilt and shame and the ugliness of his situation and God said who told you you were naked have you eaten from the tree I commanded you not to eat from and the man said guys what are the next two words he's standing for God and she's right here and he's gone man said the woman and look look what says the man said the woman you put here with me the what now he's ready to blame God you you've the woman the woman the woman the woman you're the one that put her there ladies who were the first to give an excuse of manner woman turn to turn to a man and say you started this go ahead just who was the second to give an excuse woman guys turn to the woman and say I started but you finished it go ahead what are the words I was wrong I'm sorry please forgive me those words have saved my marriage I'm looking you in the face and saying Linda and I would not be married if we hadn't learned how to say those things with sincerity it just would not be because over here is pride excuses and over here is humility apologize or even go further than that and ask forgiveness and it works with God or people both if you set your heart on pride if you refuse to say those words you're headed you're on the wrong road you're headed the wrong direction you're not headed for heaven my three desires for this message the last couple of weeks as I've been preparing my heart in my mind first of all that you and I would leave with a new longing for just a healthy humility not a worm's theology but just a healthy humility secondly that we would all remember that excuses are losers so at the exit the Bible says you're really blessed not just if you hear my word but if you do my word so I said Lord what could they take home with them as a reminder to do this word and not just hear it and I had some little things made their that big it's got an e with a slash through it in the middle of a circle so you put this on your mirror at home and you're in your bathroom and you say I'm not gonna make excuses there you see it there you put it on your dashboard and you're not gonna make excuses for what you said that started with s when you came to that roundabout and that but I cut you off you put it on the refrigerator you're not gonna make excuses for what you're opening that thing to eat because you were gonna lose some weight you put it on your wife's forehead so every time you get an argument you make excuses or they think she's Hindu but you know what it really means okay so so live the word he gives the prouds he gives proud skeptics a cold shoulder but if you're down on your luck he's right there to help wise wise living gets rewarded with honor stupid living gets the booby prize how many want to live stupid and get the booby prize I don't want to do that that's I put a post on Facebook just a while back some well some days you'll answer to Jesus so you might as well start practicing now so don't wait til he comes back and have him say you get the booby prize don't wait till he comes back and be humility and say I should have asked you forgiveness I should have accepted responsibility I just had my gun turned on everybody else is their fault it's not my fault and third I want you especially looking magnifying the microscope a little morning look go a little deeper I wanted to especially finish with talking about the excuses people have for not following Jesus and whether you're a follower of Christ and you should be following closer or you're not yet a follower of Christ and you should be following him I had a conversation this week with somebody what does it cost would you do it why would you not do it and I said let's think about it together there is no good excuse for not following Jesus of friends there's no good excuse for not leaving today following him closer than you came take it home with you make a fresh commitment inside your own heart I'm gonna follow Christ closer because the man came to him then another said I'm ready to follow you good master but first excuse me while I get things straightened out at home Jesus said new no procrastination no backward looks you can't get you can't put God's kingdom off till tomorrow seize the day now is the time let's bow our heads the doers of the word is there anybody that would say pastor Ken I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me I need to say that to God about something and I will would you just would you just speak those words to God silently just it now would you raise your hands I'm not gonna embarrass you I promise you everybody's got their heads bowed would you just raise your hand if you said that to God like God see your hand raised that's great that's awesome let's all pray this prayer together dear God pride God Lucifer into trouble pride got Adam and Eve into trouble pride gets me into trouble help me not to be too proud to say I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me I'll do better Lord God I don't believe I've ever said until today those nine words to you thank you for forgiving me and thank you that when Jesus comes back I won't have to give any lame excuses alright now tell you what we just bum say now that's worth applauding this flog come on he's the father of lame excuses if you got something you need to get out of your pack and off your back I want you to go over the prayer wall today right now get whoever's with you just say wait for me a minute I'm going to the prayer wall get it taken care of it's all stand together and let's all say those nine humble words I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me now remember that following not following Christ closer than ever before is the lamest of lame excuses let's quote this verse together and now if children stay with Christ live deeply in Christ then we'll be ready for him when he appears ready to receive him with open arms and with no cost for red faced guilt or lame excuses when he arrives turn to somebody and say no limit lame excuses all right we all agree then God bless you I love you get out of here [Applause]

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