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Love Doesn’t Strut

Humility is like a secret relationship potion. Jesus didn’t have to be humble; He chose it because it works. Humility dictates the way I see myself compared to those who don’t believe like me, look like me, have what I have, or know what I know.


you guys ready for fall cuz it is here yeah cold this morning yeah alright was it snowing yet well welcome I'm so glad that you guys are here this morning it's been an interesting week in our nation and I'm gonna talk a little bit about that in just a moment but I want to say hi to those that are watching online great to have you with us as well and to our spanish-speaking community part of our family that's here right now they're getting live translation and it's so great to have you joining us also we've been talking in a series that we started a few weeks back it's called radical kinship we've been talking about how the love of God interacts and counteracts really the the culture the polarizing culture that we live in today in our world how does the way of Jesus speak to that and because I we're living in a world now where a cultural trend toward picking sides being against others labeling people is wrong on intellectual and light and stupid you know we live in this world now and and the way of Jesus compels us to a whole nother way a different way a better way so if you have a Bible turn to first Corinthians 13 we've been unpacking this epic chapter in the Bible that if you've ever been to a wedding you've probably heard the these words spoken by the person officiating and and we're going to be talking about it not as it was written to those who are seeking to live the way of Jesus the word love in the Bible in the New Testament there are several words they use that describe different types of love the word that we're using in this series that first Corinthians uses is the word agape and it means unconditional love love without limits and we're looking at how that and how that interacts in our relationships how that changes our relationships that the love of God never gives up it cares more for others than for yourself it it doesn't want what it doesn't have and today I want to talk about how love doesn't strut this is gonna be fun love doesn't struttin first Corinthians 13 Paul writes I won in layout a I want to lay out a far better way for you if I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate if I speak God's Word with power revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as a day and if I have faith that says to a mountain jump and it jumps but I don't love I'm nothing if I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr but I don't love I've gotten nowhere so no matter what I say what I believe what I do I'm bankrupt without love love never gives up love cares more for others then for self love doesn't want what it doesn't have love doesn't strut it doesn't have a swelled head it doesn't force itself on others isn't always me first it doesn't fly off the handle love doesn't keep score of the sins of others it doesn't revel when others grovel it takes pleasure in the flowering of truth it puts up with anything it trusts God always it always looks for the best it never looks back but keeps going to the end love never dies let's pray Jesus as we open our hearts up to your word today would it change us personally Jesus we ask you to speak to our hearts help us to hear what you want to say to us help us to respond to your word help us to not just be hearers of the word but doers of your word so change our hearts open our minds to hear what you have to say to us today in Jesus name Amen did you mean that prayer that Amen at the end they're like you ready for it ready for it so I just really want to encourage you to open up your heart and your mind I'm gonna start the message this way that it's okay to disagree with me and still belong to this family and it's it's important for you to know that in the culture that we live in today where you have to pick sides I'm not going to ask you to pick pick aside except for this side the side of love I'm going to ask you to pick that side and that side doesn't always end up on the sides that cold reveals to us love and love flows between all the different sides of the political persuasion all the different sides of even the moral persuasion we there's there's something that we're missing I think in our culture today and the and the church of all places should be the place where we regain where we recreate a new narrative a new story a new community that can impact our community a community of love radical kinship radical love our world needs it more than ever and so today I want to talk about love doesn't strut and it's these two words that I want to focus in on in the in the first Corinthians 13 passages love does not boast and is not arrogant some of your translations may say it's not prop love love isn't pride love does not boast it is not proud love does not boast and it's not arrogant and this two greek words let's put up the first Greek word and I'm not gonna even try to pronounce that what it means though it was important to boast oneself in other words employing rhetorical embellishments and extolling oneself excessively yeah I'm pretty good I mean really really I am probably the best communicator in Central Oregon Suzanne do you think I mean and I have single-handedly changed the culture of Church in the United States so we all see this we see this every day when you turn on the news you see it that this idea that we we we abound in self proclamation of how great we are and so let's let's practice go and turn to somebody next to you and say I'm awesome all right just go ahead I'm awesome you already know that but I'm awesome yeah this is it's this is this kind of like we're putting ourselves out there where we think we're more than we might be and then the second word is more of an internal response to the primary sense of blowing to inflates to make proud or puff up everybody take a big breath of air right now and then breathe it out and blow it out just a lot of hot air just came my way I just that's that's the idea there is that we we fight we puff ourselves up so Paul saying love is not boastful and it's not proud it doesn't puff up and and and it's super interesting because the church in Corinth what Paul wrote this so Paul we tell you little bit Paul Paul was a Jewish guy who was persecuting followers of Jesus so before he ever became a Christian he was actually putting Christians in jail and then he's on his way to do that and he has this incredible encounter with Jesus is converted becomes a follower of Christ plants churches all over the known world at that time and then years later he writes back to those churches bringing encouragement correction building them up and this church in Corinth was one such Church that Paul writes back to and and this is where this is part of the scripture that were reading and he's writing to them because there was division among them there was pride they were putting their knowledge above their love for one another and the way they were doing that is found in 1st Corinthians 8 if you're following along in your Bibles go ahead and turn there first Corinthians 8 verse 1 and this is what it says Paul's talking to the church because they had allowed a spirit of pride to kind of come in and I actually believe this I don't I don't I don't necessarily think that there's a spirit of pride in Westside Church I do believe there is a spirit of pride in that church in America but I don't I don't think it's this church but I do think that's possible that there is a spirit of pride in some of us in this church I don't know if that makes sense so I'm asking God to open up our hearts to hear now for the Corinth the church in Corinth there this was the issue there was an issue that they were facing one of many now concerning food offered to idols you're probably thinking well this has nothing to do with me I don't have any idea where my food came from but pretty sure it's not offered idols well what was happening in the church in Corinth was there were Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians there were Jewish people who were Jewish before they were Christian and Gentiles was just mean non-religious animistic actually was probably they were following temples and goddesses and gods and all of this and and then they they converted to Christianity so they were both in this church together here's that here's the issue that that this refers to is that people would come to the temple not Christians just people the Gentile people would come to the temple the temples that were there in Corinth and offer sacrifice to their gods and then the priests would make sacrifice and the left over meat would be sold in the marketplace and so you would have Jewish people before their Christians would absolutely never partake in meat offered to idols it was abhorrent to them but then you had Gentiles who before they were Christians it was just what you did it was like it was offered in the market you didn't even think about it you ate the meat no but whatever no big deal so then you have both of these groups of people converted to Christianity and now they're in the same church together imagine what those potlucks must have been like tension right we don't eat we do eat but you can't eat you should you're okay if you want to eat but they're like no we can't eat and that you should be eating like no we're fine eating there's no big deal and there was just this tension Paul is referring to that tension now concerning food offered to idols we know that all of us caught like quote possess knowledge it's in quotations because he's kind of making fun of it he's saying all of you have an opinion tell the person next you I'm sorry how many you talk to each other so much today I know you just want to come to church and not talk to anybody but tell somebody next to you I have an opinion go ahead because we all do we all have an opinion about everything there's very little that Americans have no opinion regarding yeah are you a ducks fan or beavers fan okay you have an opinion about that and I don't care about that opinion we have an opinion right and all of us possess knowledge we haven't understand we have a certain we have values we have belief systems we have we have opinions some strongly held that we would fit that we would not say our just an opinion there's the sign there is there's a there's something there that if you think this is not just an opinion that you are in danger of being proud full of that knowledge when you think that your opinion is more than an opinion you scene are saying that attitude and so Paul's referring to this this knowledge puffs up but love builds up let's say this together ready go this knowledge puffs up but love builds up amen god bless you guys can go that's all I want to tell you today not this knowledge this opinionated kind of prideful arrogance about what we believe puffs you up and does nothing for the love of Jesus having his way in our culture it gets in the way of the love of God if anyone imagines that he knows something he does not yet know as he got to know so to those who say I know I know the truth and I know I know the truth and it's not just an opinion Paul would say yeah you don't really know he even writes later that we see dimly all of us kind of see dimly in this life right until until Jesus returns that that's the reality so we don't know is we got to know but if anyone loves God he is known by God so so these differences and then verse 8 so food will not commend us to God so he gets to this issue you can read more about it in chapter 8 and 9 he gets to this issue for us Suzanne I were missionaries for a long time we lived in in 1st Corinthians 8 and 9 because we were dealing with people who some things were right that we thought were wrong some things were right that they thought were wrong and the culture clashes and that's what was happening and that's what's happening today and in our church in the world around us and so he gets to it he says food will not come in this to God we are no worse off you're no worse off if you don't eat and you're no better off if you do he's saying listen it's not it doesn't matter it doesn't mo it does matter is take care that this right of yours whether it's to eat or not to eat does not somehow become a stumbling block builds a wall between you and those people in your life make sure that it does not become a so many bought to the weak to those who that feel like I can't part of that meet it was offered to idols and Paul saying there's nothing wrong with eating that meat but if you're sitting with someone who can't eat that meat then don't eat it your knowledge that that it's okay to eat that should not get in the way of your love for each other but we allow our knowledge all the time getting in the way of our love for one another all the time we want to be right at the expense of being loving see I love our community that we can disagree and still belong together and that's the power of love that I can believe that I can believe strongly biblically that it's okay for women to teach men and we express that in so many ways Pastor Bo being one of them and there are others in our church who strongly believe biblically morally even that it's wrong for women to teach men and they can still be a part in some of you right now do you feel any angst in you one side or the other right see that our culture is trying to get you to pick a side for every argument and the way of Jesus cuts right through that and says stop it it's about how you treat one another I'm not saying let go of your moral compasses and just everything goes and everything's free or just whatever you want to do eat meat don't eat meat I don't care it's not I'm not saying that Paul never says that he says as you hold strongly to your belief system treat people well love people well especially those whom you disagree with see when we're proud of our knowledge look at what I know that nobody else knows it leaves a bad taste in people's mouths Paul writes if I understand all mysteries and all knowledge so so you know if you get you if you know everything and you know you're right and the other people are wrong and you don't have any love you're nothing now we're nothing means useless Paul would say that if you put knowledge over love you're actually not worth anything to the way of Jesus knowledge is not the best guide for living in relationships love is let me talk to the married people just for say it I haven't done this any other services better to be right or to be in love okay well Steve you got to have both you know I'm saying cuz I'm right I just brought up something didn't I I saw you guys were thinking of this particular issue right now you're right and God forbid that I back away from my rightness for reconciliation Paul would say one there's no love in you and to your knowledge your rightness is useless anything to help you they're not going to help you in your relationships or in life because love is the best guide for living in relationships we saw this on the mission field we saw this a sense of superiority that kind of developed when Americans came over we just see that they thought they were right and everybody else was wrong and that democracy was the you know the our version of government was better than their version of government we just and we just we had this kind of air about us that that we were right and everybody else was wrong and I afraid that's filtered into sometimes our Christianity that that were right and everybody else is wrong and Paul Woods's say that those of you that feel that way that you're you're useless to the way of Jesus counterproductive to his mission really quiet in here hey that's Paul just I mean I don't really agree with him so yes I want you to ask yourself because this is a message this this is not a message for your neighbor this is not a message for your spouse's is not a message for for the your boss the people that you work with your teachers at school it's not it's a message for you I want you to consider today where is it that God wants to work in your life to make you more like him in in in in putting down pride and arrogance and in what you believe and have you ever put your knowledge or your beliefs or even your values above love have you ever allowed what you believe to to break relationship with people so how we treat each other matters and I'm not saying listen listen I'm not saying that you have to check your values at the door for relationship but Jesus agape love has a way of keeping both truth and love joined together we'll talk about that in just a moment so what might love that is not arrogant not proud look like in these three spheres of relationship that we have in your family your tribe those that are closest to you what would a non arrogant non prideful love look like they're in your church do you guys know that there are liberals and conservatives sitting next to you right now now how can that be it's come on you guys I mean it's like he's like we don't want to talk about what we believe anymore with people because we're like man they're gonna put me in a group they're gonna put they're gonna put labels on me and so I'll just keep it to myself I mean those of you they've been here a long time you still don't know what side of the aisle I'm on and I ain't telling you and it by the way a little caveat if you haven't registered to vote yet you need to register to vote and you need to vote don't I'm not we're not talking about abdication I'm talking about how there's a better way another way than just citing every single time with a certain political persuasion because we'll I'm this and they do that so I got to do that the filter for everything in our lives should be through first through the filter of Christ's love and truth and grace and mercy you know I'm saying so how does that enter how do you interact with each other in these circles with a non prideful non arrogant and I just feel like there's a percentage of you they just want to get up and leave right now it's funny it's funny would you stand up here and you get a sense of something you look out in the crowd you're like oh yeah that's probably true stick with me stick with me here we go how does this work how does this work out first Corinthians 13 tells us I had a whole different application and then I four and then yesterday I was just praying and reading through the text and I realized oh wait Paul wrote to us already how to live this out in relationship how to live out love that's not prideful and not arrogant and relationship is right here for Corinthians 13 and by the way it's a different translation than what we wrote read earlier we read earlier the message translation which is a really loose translation that just is easier to read but it's not like a literal translation of the original language whereas the ESV is more as more closely connected to the original language so that's what we're reading from now love is patient and kind we've talked about that the last two weeks and love does not envy that boat turbo talked about that last week and love does not boast and it's not arrogant so how does that look well here it is love is not rude one to love does not insist on its own way 3 love is not irritable 4 love is not resentful 5 love does not rejoice at wrong doings and 6 rejoices with the truth so let's unpack each of those six things very briefly first thing love is not rude say that with me love is not rude but if what if they're rude to me what if they're rude to me then I'm gonna be rude back to them it's only right tit for tat alright but there's no love in you okay whoa whoa whoa Steve come on that's like an overreaction I do love is not rude love is not rude anytime that you respond with rudeness inside of you and it doesn't come out or outside of you and it comes out right either way it does not matter love is not rude it does not act unbecomingly of the way of Jesus anytime that we take the truth of what we know and make others feel stupid less than like their opinion doesn't matter we talk down to people listen I know we're in process and we there's grace there's room right but I but listen as soon as you realize that you've responded to someone with rudeness let us be the people who first go to them and say you know I am so sorry and you don't say you were jerk that's why I was a jerk I'm so sorry about that if you hadn't been a jerk I would have been a jerk that's not that's not what we're talking about love simply is not rude we have to allow the work of God in our hearts to root that out of us two wrongs never make a right our response to incivility in our dialogue is not incivility its kindness and patience and the lack of pride and arrogance you hear what I'm saying humility love is not rude here's the second one love does not insist on its own way but come on I mean we all have an opinion Paul says that I know you have an opinion but if you allow that opinion to drive your relationships and it will not help the way of love you do not demand your way you don't make people feel like it's my way or the highway in or out love is not rude there's a lot of coughing and happening right now here's a third one love is not irritable I love another translation it says for this word irritability it says provoke love love is not provoked nor does it provoke how many of you watched the hearings last Thursday anybody watch the hearings last Thursday so I watched the entire entire day I was I was supposed to be planning for this message and have you ever watched the news and got caught up in it no just me right and and you and you turn on whether it be CNN or Fox whichever persuasion you might be and and you and maybe you turn on the opposite to listen to the other viewpoint and something happens in you it's called being provoked to frustration - anger - yeah irritability anybody right pause this what Paul saying love doesn't go there love is not irritable it is not provoked it does not leave you exasperated nor does it leave those around you exasperated because if you get irritable do you know your family knows when you're provoked it's like stay away from dad he just watched the news it'll be it'll be fine it'll be fine at dinner but right now give him space it's like we I'm so it's really easy it's really easy when you turn on the news to be provoked and I'm not saying don't turn on the news I'm you need to you need to we need to be people who are watchful this is what this is what I want don't be provoked instead pray don't tune out tune in in order to pray not to be provoked spend some time when you hear something that doesn't resonate with your spirit spend time in prayer for that situation see for me as I as I watched what happened on Thursday and I'm gonna talk a little bit more about that in just a moment but what I saw was I thought I just saw the the both the Republicans and the Democrats have no love in their hearts for the other that's a generality and I know that there I'm sure that there are men and women on that but as my perception of the world that we live in now is that there's no love in our hearts for the other for the other side for the opposition for the people who don't agree with me there's no love in our hearts and maybe maybe just maybe after today with the work of the Holy Spirit we can separate ourselves from the unloving rhetoric that exists and create a new way in our relationships pray not provoke all right let's keep going love is not rude love does not insist on its own way love is not irritable and here is another nub is not resentful here's something I see in my own life is that I will hold on to the wrongs done by others not just to me but to other people as well so I will see that there was wrongs being done to someone else and and and because of all the hype around that I will find myself gravitating that and taking on that very wrong that was done to someone else to myself and so not only do I get irritable but I also get resentful I start labeling people I start putting large groups of people together that they must all be like this because that person wrong that person and I associate more with that person so that person is wrong me and not only that person is wrong me but everyone that that person represents is wrong to me it's no way to live it's no way to live pride and arrogance holds on to wrongs done for far too long love is not resentful love is not irritable love does not insist on its own way love is not rude and here's a good one love rejoices with the truth and some of your like yeah preacher finally speak in the truth so you're not quite getting this message if that's where you're still at then listen I am NOT III what this means what rejoices with the truth it simply means what when truth is revealed we celebrate it we want to be discoverers of the truth not reveal errs of the truth that's somebody else's job called the Holy Spirit he's he's the one who revealed truth but as when we see it as the people of God we celebrate it and not like this I told you so finally I was wondering when you're gonna agree with me this is not the way the way it's like when when truth comes Henry cloud talks about how when light shines on three different groups of people they respond differently to it when the light shines on wise people they run to it that's what that's what this is it's rejoices with the truth I like oh I want the light and I want as much light on as possible I want the light I rejoice in the light and then evil people turn the light on somebody else and foolish people like what light anyway so Henry cloud you can google it but love rejoices with the truth and and this is what I believe whenever we put truth over love not only do we lose but truth loses see I believe the most powerful place that truth can reside is right next to love any time we separate love and truth both love and truth are diminished but when we keep them together equal partners that's how Jesus lived how could Jesus tell a woman who had been living with four had if four different husbands she was living with her fifth how does he how does he reveal that truth in her life shine the light on it and she runs after him and follows him how be love and truth love and truth are always meant to be together never separate and anytime that we separate those two neither one actually exists jesus said I am the way the truth and the life think about that agape God is love love himself said love is the way the truth and the life all right love rejoices with the truth and here's the last one love does not rejoice at wrongdoing we when you see injustice and inequity wrongdoing we do not rejoice in it or celebrate it at the expense of other people or get on the bandwagon with it when we see wrongdoing of any kind to anyone we stand up and out of love for God and for one another we say that's wrong that's not right I will not rejoice and be glad in that because there are things in this world that are not pleasing to God or Humanity him who were made in His image and love will not rejoice in those things this past week I had a privilege really to listen to people in our church who have suffered abuse or even the threat of abuse and I will never politicize people suffering for a certain agenda we must listen we must learn we must open our hearts to hear what's really going on in the hearts and minds of the people not out there not the ones that show it that are shown to us on the media but the ones that are right here see we run so we get so anxious about everything that's happening outside of us that we forget about the people that are right next to us the people that are living in our homes that are that we that you don't even know because they've been silenced by our culture you don't even know the suffering that they've had the people that are that are in our church and in our community we're so focused on what's going on outside of us that we lose sight of what's happening right next to us I think was last Thursday and maybe Friday at the latest that good friend of mine Josh Cordell posted a Facebook post and he he actually launched this series on first Wednesday last month and I think it's appropriate that I read of some comments that he made regarding where we're at and maybe some suggestions to move forward I thought they were so helpful he writes this there's so much pain in this life I can't even imagine what awful things countless victims have had to endure especially women and children who have been abused my heart breaks for everyone who has ever had to face such trauma I know we all have really strong feelings about this right now so it seems like it would be a great time for us to do something about it I don't have all the answers of course but I've got some ideas of things we can do here they are we can build up young people teach our boys and our girls that they have great value teach boys how to become men and how to harness the great giftings they've been given and deep and to be protectors not predators we can teach girls that they are so incredibly valuable special and powerful and that they have the right to feel and be safe we can provide a refuge for those who are vulnerable we can love those who are hurting love them without condition be there for them we can soften our hearts and strengthen our resolve ultimately being a soft place for those who are hurting but also being a firmly planted anchor for those who need something to hold on to my prayer is that we'd all seek to help those who are hurting at the boots on the ground level I'm challenging myself to be a more available resource for those who need to be cared for and encouraged I salute those who are already doing this we can make a difference the need is huge and if you love people you are equipped to make a difference which side are you on I'm on the side of Jesus I know that sounds funny and cliche you know whose side he was on the broken the hurting the helpless how we treat one another matters in our homes in our schools in our places of work in all of our relationships they matter would you close your eyes with me and I want you to imagine a world or the kind of love that we've been talking about is expressed in the relationships that mean the most to you I want you to think about your world I want you to imagine your world I want you to get the the faces of the people that you live with the faces of the people you work with that you go to school with the faces of those that that you spend the most time with and I want you to think about how your life can imagine a world where your life of love makes a dramatic difference in those relationships imagine your world filled with people loving God and loving one another radically now I want you to ask is there anything in me right now getting in the way of that world happening and what you take a moment and reflect and if there's been anything that God has shown you through this message that's come to that come to the surface would you just tell God that you're sorry for that that you asked his work to come in and begin to change those places those whether it's rudeness or abrasiveness or or pride or envy or selfishness she just let him work in your heart right now I want to pray a prayer would you pray this words were after me I'm just a simple prayer say this with me God help me to love the people in my life the way you love them equip me to show them who you are by how I love give me patience and kindness take away envy and pride fill me with your spirit keep your eyes closed just for one more moment and I want to invite anyone who would like to give themselves over to this radical way of Jesus that you want to hand your life to Jesus Christ and ask him to guide you to direct you to lead you in his way of truth and love and if you're ready to do that today and you want to ask him into your life you can do that right now simply lift up your hand look up at me we're gonna pray together if that's you go ahead thank you Jesus I think you got for your love Lord I pray that everyone here would continue to open up their hearts to your way more and more every day Lord when those feelings of anxiety and reaction and irritability and come in Jesus would you would you help us to stop take a breath and pray both for ourselves and for those around us Jesus help us to engage re-engage with the world around us first and foremost in prayer spending time in your presence talking about what's important to you and to us and we thank you Jesus for all those that are leaning into your way in Jesus name Amen can we celebrate with those that responded and so great a couple of things those of you that did respond we have begin packets they're little white packets they begin on them they're all that all the exits as you leave you can just grab one it gives you some resource to help you start your journey with Jesus and some really important stuff in there also our prayer teams with the little blue wands are kind of scattered through on this section to my right your left and they would love to pray with you if there's anything any kind of anxiety in you about where we're at as a culture and in our world and maybe maybe there's something stuck in your spirit that you're having a hard time just getting through the protein would love to just partner with you in prayer this coming week want to remind you of a couple things first Wednesday as I mentioned in the video I really do believe that we're entering into a new season and first Wednesday is going to be a pivotal component of our discipleship of helping us become more and more like Jesus and so I really would encourage you to join us this first Wednesday to hear more about that and to see if that's a fit for you I'm moving forward in your journey of faith and as part of our church as well so this Wednesday for 6:30 that service starts next week we start our Colossians series which is a blue series and for those of you that are new we try to create community around a book of the Bible twice a year and this year is colla this fall it's Colossians and so we have a discussion and if you're not part of a group start a group okay I just let that sink in just for a minute or find a group and we can help you find a group but do something get together even if it's just you know after work with another guy go to a go to you know go to a pub somewhere and grab your blue blue God and talk open up the Colossians and study it together this guide is free it's out in the atrium it has questions and what you should be reading and it's great grab one of these as you leave and blue starts next Sunday and then other than that once you stand with me and I'll just dismiss this in just a moment I want to say one last thing to you do you know that everything has a shelf life that's wikis do to come on down they're gonna burn in the fire when Jesus comes back okay so they're 1.4 Steve I just wanted to model that pride again when we're like one more time for you but everything does have a shelf life except love so goal of the world you guys and give your life away and I'll tell you this you'll never regret it all right god bless you guys we'll see you next week for questions [Applause]

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