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[Music] well good morning Westside you're lucky you're not in the third service because I'm gonna be preaching the quickest sermon I've ever preached ever to get over to watch the Blazer game so you're lucky you get the full deal today hey Steve Suzanne thank you for your gracious hospitality and I want to Amelia I think it was your fault you gave us in our hotel you you gave us some candy and stuff but then my son some Legos and he opened he walks into the hotel he sees the Legos and he said he said mom dad he gave me these Legos and I said well Jesus's Church gave you these Legos and he said I believe in their Jesus so my son became a Christian this weekend thank you well for the next a few moments and the time that I've been given I've given the freedom to talk about something that I really care back she had been spending like last three years talking about this I wrote a book on it and I want to just kind of share this this idea of of rest and Sabbath and I want to talk about how how God actually actually really cares about you and and wants you to to live a life of rhythm that is life-giving and good and so in a moment we're gonna be reading from the Bible as is customary for Christians all over the world we're gonna be reading from Exodus chapter 20 and we're gonna and by the time we're done today my goal is that you would remember that you would remember that God really really really stinking loves you good okay stinkin loves you I guess there's something looks great God Father Son and Holy Spirit and we have gathered now in the name of Jesus the name of Christ has been exalted in the presence of your people and we would ask God today as you did in the Old Testament that you would look down on the sacrifices of your people you would smell them and be wildly pleased and that today as we open our hearts and our minds to the Bible and to the Holy Spirit that you would convict and move our hearts in such a direction that our lives are transformed and changed then that we would live like we are in the kingdom of God that we would live as though there is a God and that we would live our life as though Jesus is the Christ king who was bearing that Kingdom into this world so I would love you and we are grateful for all the moms in the room we're also grateful God for the women in the room who aren't moms and and grieved today we also grateful God for those in the room of lost children grandmothers so we are grateful God for everyone that is here today has brought themselves to church be with us in the name of Jesus when we say amen amen awesome in a moment I'm gonna be directing your attention to the Bible text Exodus 20 but before we do a story I have three grandparents grandfathers effect one stepfather step-grandfather and two grandfathers who were a part of World War two my grandfather Rudy let me tell you about my grandparents my grandfather Rudy I was a Seabee his job was to build air strips on the islands so that planes could land as part of the broader South Pacific arena so my grandfather rank Rudy was a Seabee my grandfather texts my step-grandfather Tex was actually fought in the war but his story is real interesting a week before Pearl Harbor he was drafted into the NBA to play basketball for the Chicago Bulls really tall awesome basketball fan one of the best in his generation and as so many did in his generation he was forced to decide whether he wanted to fight in the war or live his dream and as did so many men in his generation he gave up his dream to fight in the war my grandfather Frank was an airplane pilot and his job was interesting didn't see any any actual battle time or any combat if he said airplane pilot who flew literally was the guy who flew a Himmler Adolf Hitler's right-hand guy flew Himmler to the Nuremberg trials so I get kind of some weird weird history in my family so I'm kind of cool in the cold history and you know when you look at World War 2 and you compare it to Vietnam these were two very different words for our culture weren't they very different experiences in World War two for example in the war ended our culture was in euphoria at that time anybody that was around at that time would remember that it was like we had defeated evil right Hitler had been killed the Third Reich had been dismantled and it was like we had defeated evil and when the men came back from World War two that cultural euphoria we have a whole generation named after that happiness they're called baby boomers and that men came back and we just had it they just had a bunch of kids that was the thing we're happy let's have kids and we even when you look at that time frame right after the war the PTSD rates among the men who fought were super low suicide rates very low a drug abuse very low spousal abuse very low our culture was just in this on cloud nine right I mean we we we were just so happy but when you compare that to Vietnam it's a very different experience wasn't it when Vietnam ended and the men came back very different experience the men came back many of them did not have kids so for a lot of reasons many of them had seen so much evil they didn't want to reproduce children in this age and see all that that evil PTSD rates were super high after Vietnam one of the worst heroin epidemics in our cultures history spousal abuse skyrocketed it's a very contrasting experience and you look at both of these wars and go what was the deal between these two wars and I had this friend who incidentally is a navy historian and he was an admiral for some like thirty years and told me that there's one theory and here's the theory what is the difference between these two wars that the one theory is this when Vietnam ended and the men came back in many cases the men flew back from fighting in the Vietcong fighting vehicon in the jungles of Vietnam flew back and were back literally in many cases were back from fighting within like two days now can you imagine that going from fighting fighting the Vietcong to being back in your living room and holding your child in two days can you imagine the contrast between that experience but when you compare that to World War two as my three grandfather's would tell you it was a very different experience because when the war ended you didn't get on planes and fly home what did you do you got him boats and in many cases the men who fought World War two sat and boats something like two months to cross the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean to get home well what do you do when you sit on a boat for two months you weep and cry you tell your story you spend time with your brother so you just fought evil with and literally literally the the one thing that was different between these two generations is that only one of them were given an opportunity to actually process what happened resident Vietnam they were given no chance to process what happened when I think about that image I am not convinced that there is a more accurate metaphor or image of what is going on right now in our culture we have no time anymore to just stop process grieve cry if you're honestly if you're on Facebook and you're not depressed what are you on twitter is even worse I'm on both mediums I can't you you go through it's just a tragedy hard thing after it's absolutely over well we don't have any time to stop anymore we have no time to simply stop and process what is actually going on you know it used to be actually some of the older people in this room will remind us of this they're actually used to be laws in our culture that required you to rest we have these things called blue laws that were on the books until the 1960s we're literally Sunday's everything shut down you couldn't go to McDonald's on Sundays you can go to the bank on Sundays you can do what did you do on Sundays and if you were a kid you remember it you'd go to church in the morning you go home afterwards your parents would take a nap and you were always like a little confused like why do my parents have to lock their door when they not like what's available they take a nap then you'd eat food and you'd be at home and you'd be stuck at home all day and for a lot of people that remember that when they were kids like it was super boring but you did it you had a whole day off you'd hold it and you were required it was legislated okay will you stop that and we work as a culture we have now no we have no framework for rest it used to be that you go to your work now work is in our pocket we can't go anywhere without work we can't go anywhere without being connected we have no chance to stop there's actually this incredible book written by an agnostic a Jewish woman by the name of Judith she loved it's brilliant writer who talks about the Sabbath and her culture and she says you know when you looked when you look at her culture America that what the Europeans who actually came to this this land came the Puritans came with a desire to start what she what they called a Sabbath Society they came with the dream to start a society that had rest and space in it and she said isn't it ironic that we were the one nation founded with the principle of the Sabbath and we'd become the nation most hostile to it we don't do it anymore what arrested I'm 38 years old in my 38 years of life I can remember one day my 38 years of life one day that represents anything even close to our society at rest it was September 11th 2001 when the planes flew into those towers into a field in Pennsylvania and into the Pentagon and everything stopped planes had to stop flying and everybody could went home what did they do we all called the people we loved and cried it's a closest thing I've ever seen and now the only thing that causes us to rest anymore is tragedy we don't have anything I would actually say if you're younger in the room yeah I actually I am I have a theory about this we actually secretly are dreaming about tragedy we want it to happen because it gives us an opportunity to stop I think that's why our culture is actually obsessed with zombie apocalypse right now is because the zombie apocalypse as scary as it is we would rather have the system burned down than continue with what we're doing right now my point is friends a world without rest is killing us teenagers are killing themselves at super high rates right now young people depressions tube riot friends it is all because we spent six to seven hours a day in front of this thing we are exhausted if you were on us this morning how many of you if you if you could name it if you could just name it this morning would say I took core of who you are you're absolutely exhausted raise your hand raise your hand and even the people that couldn't raise your hand they're too tired to do it the rest of you can just raise your hand if you're a liar raise your hand we're exhausting and here's what I want to say this month this is why I'm here God told me to come and tell you like God cares more about you than the world does and that when God made you he and created you to live a life of rest and margin and that burning out is not his dream for your life God really likes you that's what I want to say today I want to read a passage of the Bible because because this this idea of Sabbath rest is like all over the Bible so let's let's read a passage from Exodus chapter 20 in fact this is the 10 commandments which I would venture to say just I guess you give the Ten Commandments I think it's a pretty big deal I know what you think about it but I think it's a pretty big deal and I think it's something that God really cares about and we make stone tablets and put them in front of a courthouse about it and I think that we're gonna do that we probably should start doing it so let's listen to the Ten Commandments the first commandment you'll remember I don't have any other God before me God's saying don't worship any other God commitment to don't make anything that looks like an idol don't worship anything that looks like God commandment 3 don't misuse God's name commitment for and we'll come back to and read this in the second is the Sabbath commandment we'll come back to that in a second commandment 5 honor your mother and your father commitment 6 don't murder and it's it should be important we should all recognize that those two Commandments are right next to each other okay so you want to honor your parents a good way just don't kill them like that's a good start right there um don't commit adultery don't steal don't lie don't give false testimony don't covet so don't be jealous so we go through these these tenets let's read the one that we skipped over here which is the fourth commandment I'm gonna put it up on the screen this is the fourth amendment remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy six days you shall labor do all your work but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God and on it you shall not do any work neither you nor your sons to your daughters neither male or female servants nor your animals nor any foreigner residing in your town friend six days the Lord made the heavens on the earth the sea and all that is in them but he rested on the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy um did you notice by the way again I'm gonna guess that most of you are gonna say you know Ten Commandments are pretty big deal I'm gonna guess that that you're gonna say yeah that stuff that the Mater stuff so we should pay attention to it did you notice that of the Ten Commandments that the Sabbath commandment is the only one that begins with the word remember now I'm a stickler for words I teach the Bible a professor I believe but I think boards matter I think God started this commandment because God knows what he's doing and I think God knew that of the Ten Commandments this would be the one that we would be the most likely to forget remember it God's invitation to covenant people God's invitation to Adam and Eve God's invitation to us is that one day a week we would stop and we would rest with God now you again you go through these Ten Commandments and and I had I want to tell you a story I want to tell you a story about these Ten Commandments because I had I had an experience that really really really had an effect on me it was a very rock to my soul a couple years ago and tell you about this about ten years ago my wife and I my son my wife and I my son had pneumonia but my wife and I moved from Eugene to Portland we started this church called Theophilus in December we stepped away and knew that our time of serving this community had come to a close and the really hard thing is that the churches is going better now that we're not there it's just really frustrating because I kind of secretly wished it would fall apart when we left because then I could be like yes I am important but you leave and it's fine then you realize oh I'm not the Lord so anyways my counselor and I are dealing with that so 10 years ago we moved to Portland and started this church and about five years in so this is five years ago the church started getting really tired which is natural church planning starting at church is really hard you know every Church somebody had to start it and church planning is it's it's horrible it's it's horrifically painful it's beautiful but it's painful and but I noticed our church was getting tired I mean starting a church is really hard in the church 200-300 people they were starting to feel it so I decided okay here's I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna we got to talk about this from the pulpit so I'm gonna preach on this so I decide I'm gonna preach for three weeks on the Sabbath and so I said on my sermon series my stuff ready go that's good talk on this stuff talk about the Sabbath and I I have preached in my 15 years 20 years of public ministry I preached on things that have made people matter I've preached on sexuality I mean I'm I'm crazy conservative when it comes to sexuality I'm so stuck in the first century and it did not make me any friends in Portland I i prasun marijuana once that imported that did not go well I preached on open marriage once I've my point I preached some things that have made people not preached on politics I presume things that make people matter I preached for three weeks on the Sabbath and I don't think we ever had more people leave the church and what I found in preaching on the Sabbath is that when you talk about the Sabbath it steps on every Idol we value as Americans it steps on affluence it steps on productivity on wealth it steps on on popularity it steps on all that stuff and crucifies it and so when I preach on it people were kind of upset with me and interestingly enough the two groups of people that were most mad at me were business owners and moms oddly enough and there's a whole list of reasons why that's the case but people were mad so our elders wanted to meet and talk about that which was great because I mean when you start preaching on the Sabbath tea and stuffs happen and the good things were happening - it wasn't all bad it was all good - and our we were sitting I was sitting with the elders and we were talking about the 10 commandments and I had this almost out-of-body experience I remember just looking and I saw something I'd never seen before that terrified me it dawned on me for the very first time that of these 10 commandments that we've just gone through if I was to break 9 of these things right if I was to steal from the church money from the church I'd probably lose my job if I was to preach another gospel I'd probably lose my job if I was to commit adultery I'd probably lose my job if I was to you know murder somebody I'd definitely lose my job you know I had these and but it dawned on me I was I was thinking about it and if i dontoh me that if i is a pastor broke nine of these commandments I'd lose my job but if I don't take a day of rest I'll definitely get a raise and for the first time I saw that our church cultures actually celebrate people that break the fourth commandment and our culture incentivizes people to ignore what God has asked us to remember and I hate to say this I don't know we don't actually believe in the Ten Commandments we believe in nine Commandments and one really strong suggestion and I guess my question this morning is when did we think that we knew better than God like at what point in our journey where we're like we're like God meant like nine of those but that one he was just sort of extra credit at what point did we think here's what I think I think God actually knows what he's talking about I think God actually is wiser than we are I think God is actually wisdom were foolishness and that when God said I want you to rest a day a week and one extra credit you know interestingly enough you know we're looking at the law here and I know some of you are all concerned now you're like great Steve brought in a guy who's bringing back some kind of Judaic legalism and I know that and I just I just want to affirm for you you can't argue that I weigh too much bacon for anybody to make that case like I the amount of bacon my family consumes will prove to you that I am NOT a pharisaical legalist trust me at all but here's the deal even if you don't look at the law can I just point out the very beginning of the Bible when God created Adam and Eve and he took Adam and Eve and he put him in the middle good you remember the story God takes out him and he puts him in the middle garden on day six and he says I want you guys to rest in day seven and when you look at that moment God says to Adam he makes them and he puts the more he says I want you to arrest you say really excited teach Old Testament class in the Old Testament when you compare the the Old Testament story Genesis 1 and 2 and actually compare it to all the other religions in the ancient world what's really interesting is the creation story in the Bible and all the other religions their story about creation is actually really similar and what's weird about that is you know a lot of a lot of people would kind of get into YouTube videos and stuff and really excited to be Christians and so you see you Jewish all the Jewish people just they just stole all the Jewish creation stories from all the others the Acadians the Babylonians the Egyptians I would say in a world where all these religions were killing each other the fact that they agreed on some kind of creation story is evidence that it actually happened I mean the fact that they agreed is phenomenal what's interesting is not how they agree but how they're different when you take the creation star in the Bible and you compare it to the Egyptians the Babylonians the Acadians all of the other creation stories when you compare them there are three things that the Bible that no other religion does three things number one the creation star in the Bible is the only one in which everything God makes God calls good in this creation story when God makes stuff do you notice he can't make it without you patting himself on the back he was like I made that and it was good and that it was good it was good it got just it always does that everything God makes is good when I preached here after after Steve and Suzanne's son passed away I preached on mangoes heaven it friends have you ever have you ever eaten at Wild Rose here I've been northern Thai food you can't eat that and tell me there's no God and I just I I've some atheist friends I'm just gonna drive them out here and take them to Wild Rose and see taste and see that the Lord is good and they will break down in front of their noodles and cry out to the Lord I know it cuz it's you can't it's all good when God makes stuff good he makes it good do we corrupt it we do but God makes stuff good the creation surround the by was the only one that does that the crisis number two the Christians during the Bible is to only want friends and this matters on Mother's Day is the only one it is the only religious story in the ancient world that says that women are made in the image of God why is that important friends you know I honestly from from it's so engrained in the story of the Bible the centrality of God's plan with women in this world it's so much so that when Jesus resurrection the grave it is the male disciples who are in a ring terrified and the women go to the tomb see it's empty and go tell the dudes He is risen can women preach the dudes wouldn't know about Easter if it weren't for the ladies honestly any anybody that would say the Bible is patriarchal and anti women frankly you haven't read it from page one on this is the story of a God Yahweh who takes he doesn't even call we women are made in the image of God and the third thing the creation story the only one that is this this is so good the creation story in the Bible is the only one in which God gives people a day off Sabbath is God's idea I mean we we should be dancing in the aisles right now we literally worship the God who invented the weekend it's increased and by the way G notice have you ever thought about this Adam and Eve were made on day 6 day 7 was a day of rest have you ever thought about the fact that Adam and Eve's first day of existence was a day of rest friends that right there is the first picture of the gospel in the Bible and it's the heart of God if any of you believe in any form of the good news that says that you've got to repent stop cussing stop looking porn go to church do all the right things and then God will love you friends that is not good news that is fake good news the good news of Jesus is before you did a lick of repentance Christ died for the ungodly you are loved before you you were loved before you sinned or even made friends we do you notice that Adam and Eve had done nothing to earn a day off they done no work because that is the heart of God God never says you get rest after you got your stuff done God says you rest first and out of that you're gonna your stuff done my son is seven years old you know what he was in my wife's home for six months in nine months six months he was in my woman for nine months you know what he different I'm once I'm gonna tell you what he did for nine months he didn't work he's been out for seven years for going on eight years now you know what he didn't do it for for seven years he hasn't been working he's been eating my food and playing Legos for seven years I just want to say I think it's beautiful that the way got made this world is that you start with the Legos and the good food and then you get to work it's like God actually instituted it to be this way in fact to be theologically accurate to end the life of an unborn child is to end the rest of one of God's children god this is so important to God it's so important that when Jesus who is God God when God becomes a human being when God comes here in the form of a human being when God comes even Jesus Christ rested he's all under sin that Sabbath he's going to synagogue he's resting he's going up into the hills to retreat Jesus is always sleeping he noticed this and he's always sleeping when the disciples are awakened awake when the disciples are sleeping in the boat when the storm is gone they're terrified Jesus snoring in the back and the garden gets CENTAC Jesus guess how many Jesus is sleeping to decide what Jesus is awake praying the disciples are sleeping it is not a mark of healthy spirituality to be well-adjusted to a sick society if Jesus was not well adjusted to a sick society Jesus lived the rhythms of heaven and it turns out when heaven comes to earth it includes rest now problem is and by the way bad news if you don't like it in Jesus the law creation I've got bad news for you because the book of Hebrews says that all of eternity is Sabbath so even if you don't like you now got bad news you'll be doing it for a really long it's everywhere our problem is we are more faithful to our bad theology and our cliches than we are the Bible and more often enough friends I don't know how many times I've heard of well-intentioned pastor say I don't need to rest because the devil never rests to which I would say that is like literally why he's the devil he is exhausted but we love being busy don't we we love it we love looking busy we love being busy that's interesting when you look at Jesus God in the Bible never once our God or Jesus described as being busy never once and largely because when you've created time you can't be late for anything I get that but busyness it's interesting Jesus or God are never described as being busy there's only one spiritual entity in the Bible ever described as being busy in job chapter 1 when Satan comes to God and God says what have you been doing Satan and Satan says I have been running to and fro throughout the earth the only spiritual entity in the Bible who is called busy is Satan busyness is not a divine quality it's a demonic quality Jesus says about the woman who the spirit had been cast out the evil spirit jesus said that when the evil spirit was cast out of the woman do you remember this jesus said that that spirit runs through arid places looking for a place to rest because the demonic can't rest that's the irony in the Bible Satan doesn't know how to rest but God does and my gut tells me that every single one of us on some deep level it's so hungry for this I'm gonna warn you it's a terrifying experience you know Moses goes up on the mountain I've thought about this many times when Moses goes up on the mountain and he comes back down and everybody's worshiping the golden calf he brings the ten commandments are all idolaters now you know that's that's probably why most pastors don't take sabbaticals we're terrified about what happens when we're gone you know like as everybody and start worshiping a golden calf if I if I leave that's not the real fear I'm gonna tell you the real fear for a pastor the real fear is going up the mountain and coming back down and seeing everybody's still worshiping God and realizing you're not as important as you thought you were the Sabbath complete the Sabbath is the worst news in the world for narcissists because it says you're not the Lord and then when you come back from your day off the world's still going so how do you do this I'm gonna tell you what we do pen bar so you can about your phone I'm so sorry I keep forgetting to bring it I'm proud of myself I'm gonna switch this to Ukrainian while I have um this is what we do so the first thing you got to figure out if you want to take a day of rest a week this so first thing you have figure first of all what day is it gonna be what Daisy does it have to be Saturday a lot of people have debated this - this Saturday definitely Sunday and actually here's what's awesome the Bible actually addresses this issue Paul says at two different points in the New Testament he says you know some people think one day is holy some people think another day is holy but what you're gonna do is this you're gonna make a decision about it and do it unto the Lord and his point is this stop bickering about what day it is and judging other people and just start living a day a week of rest okay so for me you know by the way if it has to be Sunday I'm toast because no pastor in human Christian history ever once no pastor has ever gone home from church on Sunday and afterwards gone and sat in their couch and said how that was a refreshing experience sunday is Tara it's your blood pressure you're a rack adrenaline you're just a wreck for like five days and then you preach the next week it's like the rhythm of life and it's horrible so Sunday it can't be it can't have to be Sunday so by God's grace he cares for all of us and so what we do my family does Tuesday the first thing I do when I come home on Tuesday is I want to teach you a trick this is your phone how many of you have one of these so here's what you're gonna do the first thing you're gonna do when you start your Sabbath the very first thing whatever day that is is so there's this button right like right up right up right up here or some somewhere there's a button and you press it for like three seconds and and here's what happens it turns off you heard of this but don't worry the people who designed this whole thing it made it so that when you turn it off it flashes a little apple with a bite taken out of that like you're back in the Garden of Eden or something and that you've been eating from the wrong tree all week long the tree of knowledge been the old friends you can boo me all you want but I've been at this long enough to know what an idol is we have turned this into our God we're better at this than we aren't following Jesus we have space for all of our notifications here but we have no space for notifications from the Holy Spirit we walk around this is it's terrifying to turn it off - I mean we live our life just walking around this is life for us Oh whose Walker it's walk around young people [Music] and it used to be just young people now it's all people too and but they're just slower so [Applause] everybody's doing it now and we're wondering why God is so quiet god I don't hear your voice what is it friends I'm gonna tell you right now it's not that God is too quiet it's when you live your life you're making it really hard for God to get through I bet if he took a day week and this wasn't your Lord for one day a week God would get really loud so we turn that thing off it's terrifying then we light these candles they're called Sabbath candles and we sing this song it's super nerdy everybody gets named in the family shabbat shalom which means Sabbath peace shabbat shalom - Quinn shabbat shalom - Elliot shabbat shalom - AJ then we go to bed Fodor devotions we read scripture together and we pray and we go to bed and in the morning this is this is the most important part this is why I came here this is why I came here I want to tell you about this in the morning my son comes upstairs comes upstairs to get me and he gets right in right in my face my wife gets asleep and Lord willing on the seventh and she he gets right in my face and he goes papa his breath is just demonic it's cast that out and we get up my son I get we go downstairs and what we do is we just make man friends we make the biggest pancakes you've ever seen when these things are just massive and he by this point the wife she sees smells it and she comes downstairs and we have the biggest pancake feast you've ever had and my son he just pours maple syrup on these things man he just goes crazy and you know why we do it here's why we do it there's this old tradition that on the morning of the Sabbath the father was to get up before any of the kids and get each kid a spoon of honey so that the children would never forget the sweetness of God's rest we don't do honey we do maple syrup and the hope is in 50 years when I'm dead anybody even whispers the word Sabbath around my son he'll just start to draw because he remembers and I want to tell you friends today in closing I know that the Sabbath is difficult it gets in the way of everything but I'm going to tell you this after 13 years of keeping the Sabbath it is the closest thing to Eden I've ever tasted and it turns out that when we show up God has already been waiting for us Jesus called himself the Lord of the Sabbath I'm gonna translate that for you he is the lord of the pancakes and he is calling you because he's infatuated with you is that good news that's great father sending Holy Spirit as I conclude my time I'm grateful for the opportunity to open the Bible and read the good news all over again and in the name of Jesus I would pray today for moms and dads and kids and grandparents and single people on business owners and employees everybody in this room who was exhausted that they would have heard the good news for them today and the good news is this that Jesus can say to us come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest Jesus we listen your words we come to you we're tired give us rest God in the name of Jesus [Applause]

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