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so good to be here with you Aloha oh I feel at home already no this is so great to be here and really it's my first time with you but I felt like I already know you because you guys were so well represented at our national conference in Seattle we had to plant at a couple churches in Seattle but it's been four years since we've been back and so it's so amazing to see all of the people that we know and love but to see the parnell brother is leading worship to see the Browns talking about doing what Jesus does and then of course to hang out with your your amazing pastor there is so much fruit from this church can we just thank God for that you guys Wow amazing I am so so privileged to be here and I'm privileged to introduce my family my my parents actually live here in Bend and they minister at desert streams can we welcome my parents pastor Neil and Diane Burgess right there it's so good to have you guys and I everything that I learned I learned from them and and of course when I introduce you to my Ohana my wife and my yes five boys count them five ways I think we have a picture of him right here yes so Elijah aid in Benjamin and we thought that was it and then Cindy had this great idea like certainly God will give us a girl if we try it one more time and then God gave us two awesome twin boys and isn't it true that whether we're talking about your own family or the family of God the whole key to making family work is honesty we've got to be honest with each other everything isn't hunky-dory all the time you're thinking everything isn't easy everything in a bed of roses and when we can be honest with each other that's when we can move forward together honesty produces clarity clarity produces unity we need that in our home and we need that in the church so let me just ask you a question how are you doing this morning and I totally believe you I totally do but maybe this doesn't happen with you because you guys are so honest sometimes someone will come up to me and say how are you doing and I'll say ah so good and then I'll say how are you doing and they'll be like great and then we walk our separate ways both lied to each other's faces right because I'm not doing good and they're not doing good but we figure in the back of our heads they don't actually want to know how I'm doing and if we're not careful we take that same thing and we apply it to every relationship in our life now I think if there's any safe zone to be honest with each other it ought to be right here right in the family of God we all just were singing about how none of us would be here if there wasn't for the grace of Jesus Christ at the cross where we're all on the same level before the cross would come in here wounded and broken and Jesus takes us just as we are so there's no reason to pretend God sees it all anyways and unless you and I are honest though we're not going to be able to see the breakthrough and God wants to bring you see the hurt can only lead to healing when you and I are willing to be honest and take an honest look at what's going on and this is where we find Nehemiah in the book of Nehemiah II we have a man that was had a pretty great job he worked for a pagan King Cyrus and in the kingdom of Babylon he was far removed from his people Israel and he did not live in Jerusalem and he was one of the top guys in the land he had a really great job penthouse suite a couple of his brothers come to visit from Jerusalem they say how's it going how are you doing and instead of them giving him the fluff answer they told him straight up it's awful Nehemiah it's horrible back in Jerusalem that our city hasn't had walls for years now in those days did not have walls around her city would be like you not having doors or windows on your home that's not a good thing anyone can access things that are valuable to you or the people that are valuable to you and hurt or wound or take them in those days it was the same so Jerusalem was vulnerable to all the enemies of God's people now Nehemiah had a choice in that moment when they were honest with him is he just gonna give them the fluffy religious answer oh I'll pray for you as you go back home or is he going to know that if God is bringing this need before him it's not just their need it's his need in fact this is exactly what happens he identifies with the fact that the people of God have come under the judgment of God because their sin and even though he doesn't lived it's his sin - you see when you and I can get honest with their sin we can also begin to see the solution when you and I understand that it's not just your problem or your problem but it's our problem we can begin to see the solution to that problem come together in that same place of honesty and that's what I'm praying that you and I can do today is as he goes and he asked King Cyrus he risked his life he says is there any way you would let me leave my position for a while and go back to my people we need to rebuild the wall now he was risking his life because if this pagan king or nothing of this God was offended he could have Nehemiah killed but God always honors your faith he honors you humility and he honors IRRI pendants because he did those things not only did King Cyrus this pagan King say no you're free to go Nehemiah but I'm also gonna send you with protection and I'm gonna send you with supplies to help your people rebuild this wall after at the dormant state that this wall had laid in for years everyone getting used to the brokenness Nehemiah shows up on the scene rallies everybody together and he says this here in Nehemiah chapter 2 but now I said to them you know full well the tragedy of our city it lies in ruins and it's gates are burned let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and rid ourselves of this disgrace and then I told him about how gracious the hand of God had been on me and about my conversation with the king and they replied it once good let's rebuild the wall so they began the good work I want you to notice the plurality of the response here in communication Nehemiah isn't going in here and he's saying hey I'm gonna do this he's saying we're gonna do this he doesn't say this is the tragedy of your city all right this is your guys's fault that's why this has happened it's cuz of your own stinking sin I didn't even live here right he doesn't say that he says this is the tragedy of our city even though he didn't have a house there he owns it this is us together doing this together we're gonna rid ourselves of this disgrace and we're going to rebuild this wall I'm hoping you and I before we're done this morning over the next couple of minutes we can come into that place of unity because we're coming in that place of honesty saying hey this is our mess the message is in the mess and God is going to help us see a miracle come out of it so what prevents us from that what prevents us from that kind of honesty and unity and usually it's two things the first is this I'm prideful some of you might not want to write that down if you don't want to write it down you probably should write it down because the truth is all of us have a place of pride that we've got to deal with Nehemiah had to deal with his own pride that's not just their mess it's mine not just their issue it's mine it's not just their sin it's mine if he hadn't he wouldn't be able to be used by God as he was going to and and it's they're dealing with the brokenness that's not just some kind of an easy thing to fix we're talking a massive massive undertaking okay here's a picture of the walls around the city of Jerusalem that they're going to need to rebuild and it's it's an amazing amount of work they've got 12 gates that need repair eastern and southeastern sides that needed a whole new wall and each wall was eight feet thick okay one two three four five six seven eight that's a really big wall we're not talking a white picket fence we're gonna tuck in a couple stones stacked on each other they had no heavy machinery all they had was the Spirit of God and the people of God to accomplish the purposes of God in their time all they had was each other and their own hands and the only thing that would get in the way of them doing this impossibly insurmountable work was what one of them was pride so what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna paint the picture for you of what a miracle was happening is 40 different groups began to work simultaneously all around that wall from various socio-economic classes it didn't matter young or old rich or poor man or women everybody was jumping in to say you know what we're God's gonna do this and he's gonna do this through us together I'm gonna read through some names they're very difficult names they're not names that were used to you and as I'm reading through them I'm gonna do my best to pronounce them correctly if you happen to know the correct pronunciation just keep it to yourself we're gonna go with mine yeah and but as we read through these names I want you to picture your names in there that I want you to understand that this is not just a rallying call for the people in in Nehemiah Stein but this is a rallying call for us and I want you to notice is you reading of the various types of people that that includes every single person in this room and what God wants to build right here in Bend the high priest Elijah and his fellow priests were up and at it so you got you know pastor Steve he's going for it but then it's not just him it's his team and it's not just the team it's everyone on board they went to work on the sheep gate and they repaired it and hung its doors continuing on as far as the Tower of the hundred Tower of Hannah now the men of Jericho worked alongside them next to them she was a cool son of Emory the fish gate was built by her sons and brothers and they repaired it hung its doors installed its bolts and bars Maremma son of Uriah said if a cause worked next to him a shulam son of bear kaya the sin of measure and that's the hebrew by the way if you don't know it that's the that's the hebrew word next to him zaytox had a vana and next to him this is why we should not skip genealogies and lists of names because there's always something in there God wants to show us and next to him that took collides and in parentheses it says except for their nobles who wouldn't work with their master and refused to get their hands dirty with such work hmm so God is moving in and throughout a people that were desolate discouraged and in despair he's using everybody on this wall except for these ones of great import great influence they are standing back from the wall going not me I'm not getting my hands dirty on this you guys can take care of it if you and I aren't careful we too can get stuck in the parenthesis of pride just like the two coed nobles we can be shouting at the heavens god how come you're not using me anymore and God's response is I'm actually doing something right in front of you you just refuse to get your hands dirty we understand that the miraculous will emerge from the mess and if you and I have gotten to a place where we no longer want to get messy we're gonna miss out on the miraculous we're gonna see God using everybody else and we're gonna be missing out because of our pride and I hate to say this but we said we're gonna get honest this morning I've grown up in the church and what I've seen more often than not as those that have grown up in the church we are distancing ourselves from the work of God because we think we've already done our time I don't need to do children's ministry I've done that or at least nodding those kids check check that off the list youth ministry yeah I almost broke my leg playing basketball on that tournament check greeting people all those dirty hands check you know coffee I don't know check I've a shrink past the bucket check right and so we end up moving away from the very place where you want to see where God is doing find the servants you want to see where he's moving to find those who are serving you want to see where God is about to do his most miraculous thing find the place where people are serving the most and that's where you will see the very presence and face of God and if we're not careful you and I we're back here like this our arms folded going God doesn't use me I mean I don't know what's going on and it's all because we have checked out of what God is actually inviting us to all because of pride and it's not easy it's not easy to admit we're prideful and a lot of times God will use things in my life to show me reveal how prideful I am and I'm thinking I'm pretty humble stuff right and they've got to go I'm not really John no not really and so you know when we're planting we planted a couple churches in Seattle New Hope churches and in in Hawaii and most of the time when you get a church going got to be a vocational and so I would work for this company you guys may have heard of Starbucks yes never does that one I stole someone's apron Andrea hope she's not missing this anyways on the on the inside of every apron is a mission statement kind of like what we're supposed to do when we work there it's to create inspired moments in each customer's day so it's literally right there as you're putting it on so you have to look at it and be reminded this my job Howard Schultz says we don't serve coffee we serve customer service at Starbucks that's what we sell and so normally I would take the opening shift cuz no one wanted the opening shift and that would allow me time to do ministry in the afternoons and evenings and so I would take the opening shift and it was usually me and one other person 4:30 and I would always be working the drive-through because I like the interaction with people so they were taking care of the front end of the store I was taking care of the drive-through in which means you're multitasking until the next shift person shows up and so your goal is to have it open by 5:30 next person doesn't show up till 6:00 so that means I'm taking the order on my headset I mean put it in the computer I'm doing the transaction and making the latte and heating the scone lots of stuff going on all at once until the next person comes in to help and so uh you know you know who you are but people are lined up before the thing even opens up at 5:30 and they've you know they're ready to go hi welcome to Starbucks how may I take your order but putting it in things to go and find it's about 5:45 hi welcome to Starbucks how may I take your order someone's waiting at the window hi I would like a latte and an orange cranberry scone warm'd absolutely sir we'll take care of that I'll hop that up here for you he says thank you I say no problem clicking the headset off and then I'm about to help the person at the window and he says what do you mean no problem there you go I'm sorry sir what was that he said what do you mean no problem I know I just meant that I'll have the latte and the scone right here at the window it's it's no problem so I clicked that off go to help the guy and he says well if there was no problem why did you say no problem hold on I'm sorry sir I don't understand let's talk more about it up here at the window so helping the guy and you know he takes off and then he rolls up and he says excuse me I have a retired English professor and I need to inform you that if you're gonna be interacting with people you need to understand it is improper grammar they say there is no problem when in fact there was no problem in the first place because the very statement of no problem flies that there was a problem that you now need to solve and if there was no problem why are you saying there was one in the first place and so I'm thinking to myself well you know sir there wasn't a problem before but there is one now what is your problem it's 5:45 in the morning my caffeine hasn't even kicked in yet I'm trying to do five billion things all at once and you're gonna give me an English lesson on my improper grammar inspired moments in each customer's day I'll tell you how I'm gonna inspire you right what if this lid accidentally comes off right and I know you guys are like pastors shouldn't think that way but we said we're gonna be honest in the room so I'm just being honest team thankfully the Holy Spirit took over and I did not do the thing that it felt like doing to him and I handled the transaction very courteously and kindly and said thank you very much he said thank you and you know as he drove off you know what I wanted to say no problem no problem but I didn't I reframed and you see you you don't think you're prideful until someone treats you like that until someone feels like so insecure that they have to belittle you with their own knowledge right pastor Wayne Cordeiro puts it this way the true test of a servant is when you're treated like one and I did not know that pride was there until mr. no problem decided to educate me at 5:45 in the morning you notice the mission statement on my apron doesn't say create inspired moments in every nice customers day create inspired moments in every customer who tips you well day so each customer's day I think there might be some of us here who started out serving the Lord with all of our hearts and then like professor in the drive-through room someone belittled you someone didn't notice what it is that you were doing they didn't thank you they think someone else instead of you you weren't recognized for the volunteering and the serving someone even treated you like a servant to make themselves feel better and somewhere along the way you used to be involved your hands used to be getting dirty in the work of God but you've taken off the apron since then going you know what I got enough stuff going on in my life I don't need any extra grease you can forget this and you've hung up your apron I want to talk to you this morning and say you're here because God wants you to put it back on why so you can be belittled so you can be shamed so someone can make you feel small No so you can be a part of the big work that God is about to do that only happens if you're serving where he's moving you see when you get hired at Starbucks you get handed two things get handed a manual to show you how to do it and you get handed an apron to remind you of why you're doing it when you ask Jesus Christ in your heart you get handed two things it handled a manual show you how to do it and you get handed in an apron to remind you why you're doing it because Christ did not come to be served but to serve give his life as a ransom for many they tied the apron around his waist wash the feet dirty feet of his disciples in he said you will follow my example you will do as I have done you see in the kingdom of God we don't graduate from serving we graduate to serving and the best way to combat pride and get ourselves out of the parentheses of pride is to find a place to serve and get dirty get messy see Jesus set people free one person at a time why don't we do that well it's the second reason because I'm insecure some of you might want to write that down so if you feel insecure about writing down I'm insecure I'm insecure about even telling you that I am insecure and I'm insecure because I'm thinking about you thinking about me thinking about why did pastor Steve have that guy so insecure and prideful come here and speak at this church we're gonna have to talk to him when he returns there's must be somebody else there you could get to stand up here you see what insecurity does it just causes me to think about me I'm completely missing out on what it is that God might be doing in you because insecurity is all about me one of the things my favorite things to do is to raise up the next generation kind of work myself out of a job and so in Seattle was raising up one of my guys that name guy named Ron Kim a Korean young man and he was overseeing our our college ministry and and I said hey Ryan I think you're ready I think you're ready to preach a weekend message it's like really I'm like yeah we're gonna take my family for the weekend so you ready I worked on the message with them and and thought he'd you know he was pretty pretty ready to go and and so we came back after that weekend began to ask some of my leaders hey how did Ryan do to do okay and and they just began to say you know Ryan's amazing Wow kids on fire really it was good no no it was great it was incredible in fact you should have him preach more yeah that's a that's a great idea and so I went to one of the guys that had been with me from the beginning you know we pastored that planted that church for about ten years and I said hey then Ryan was was he okay you know theologically sound and everything everything good he said look me in the eyes and said that was the best message ever there was an echo on those on that word I promise you sure as I'm standing here now instead of rejoicing as a good spiritual mentor would that oh I'm so glad to hear that I've preached five hundred messages and his one message was better than all of those I'm so happy to know that for some reason I just started going into this spiral of insecurity he's so cool I'm so lame he's in his 20s and I'm in my 40s he wear skinny jeans and I can't even get him over my thighs I know and you guys are like aren't those skinny jeans no these are regular jeans they just look skinny on my fat legs okay okay just we'll just leave it at that but yeah I mean you you want to feed the monster of insecurity you just start comparing yourself with someone else and then you're not gonna be thinking about what God's doing in them you're gonna be missing out on what God is doing in you and it was like God just had to slap me upside the head and go John you're missing out on the fact that this is a win for you when he's winning you're winning when someone in the body of Christ is being used by God he's bringing glory through the body of Christ and the biggest revealer of insecurity Ness is when God is using someone else are you and I happy about that or are we comparing ourselves to say well why isn't God using me when someone else is getting thinked or noticed are we rejoicing and how God is is spotlighting that person or do we begin to just get all kind of comparison and insecure and and all of that well here's the deal I was missing out on the fact that that was actually job well I had set my protege up for success and I was missing out on the joy of my Lord in that moment completely because I was just insecure and comparing myself instead of collaborating I was competing and I just want to encourage you no matter where you're at no matter how God is using you there is unity in diversity when you and I can celebrate what God is doing uniquely through each one of us we're not supposed to be the same I'm looking around to this room and none of us are the same we're all extremely unique and I love how I daleks Ochs puts it he says it's amazing how much you can get done if you don't worry about who gets the credit and when we're not worried about who's getting the credit guess who gets the glory he does and you can see that here in this snapshot in Nehemiah as we continue to look at how God was building this wall by the way it was it was built and and we get these little snapshots here of how God used regular people just like us to do the miraculous and says here ozl son of hair her ayah of the Goldsmith's guild worked next to him next to him hand and eye on one of the perfumers and they rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem as far as the broad wall the next section was worked on by Rifai a son of her mayor of a half district of Jerusalem now it doesn't say what these people look like but you can kind of surmise or picture in your head like I when I read in the scripture I'm trying to picture what it would be like to put myself there same kind of surmise by what they do in their occupation what they might have looked like and it's important for us to understand that every one of these people that were working on this wall they all had day jobs and yet that didn't keep them from being a part of what it is that God wanted to do through them as they came together so what do you think Goldsmith guy look like here's a man who works with flames hammering and metal I'm picturing like an Arnold Schwarzenegger ripped this guy is stacked he's got one of those muscle shirts on because he can't even fit real shirts over his muscles you know and I'm picturing them like Arnold Schwarzenegger walking up you can hear him coming hello how are you and then you ask him where's the bathroom he goes over there right just like the Sun is like glistening off his muscles he isn't even you need to use bolts hands he just goes I will build this wall right and he picks it up like this and it's in place and it will never move for the rest of eternity right and you're so glad that this guy is on the wall near thinking we're gonna get this thing done overnight with a guy like goldsmith man on the wall but God doesn't stop there no he needs everybody on the wall goldsmith guy needs perfumer now I don't know what perfumer look like but I'm guessing you're not picturing like a you know bowtie you know maybe a button-up shirt you know maybe some skinny jeans it's kind of waddling up like this glasses how's it going hi what are you doing I am I'm here I'm gonna help out the widow you've got the high part don't worry I'll get the low part I you need some perfume don't worry I got this take a picture with all of us might yeah good job I got it so you've got things like two very different guys you know goldsmith guy perfumer guy and then he got the mayor right he's a man of respect he's got positioning they've gotta influence and he walks up there and he's not gonna be like this to collide Nobles he's just suit and tie and he's like hey okay you got the high part got the little part I'll take care of the middle don't worry guys we're gonna get this done together for Jesus takes office outer jacket rules if it's leaves he's gonna get his hands dirty grabs a boulder now here's the cool thing when that wall is done I need to stand back and the next generation looks at it and they feel safe when they wake up in the morning because they don't have to worry about Marauders taking them or the things that they love are they gonna know which one that Goldsmith did which one the perfumer did which one the mayor did because it doesn't matter who gets credit what matters who gets the glory and guess who gets the glory when that wall got completed everyone singing the praises of Jehovah God they sing his praises because it wasn't about what he could do or he could do or he could do but what God could do through them together and then you begin to understand the wonder the enemy likes us to be competing with each other instead of collaborating because impossible things become possible when you and I glory in our diversity we come together in a unity like never before which by the way is how the book of Acts reveals the church was birthed and unity 120 people just like you and I gathered in an upper room saying I don't know how you're gonna use his Holy Spirit fall from change his history what if God wants to do that here what if he wants to do that again what if he wants to do that through us they all had jobs but they didn't miss out on the big job that God was having them do together 1st Corinthians 12:4 says there's different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same spirit as a source of them all you are different for a reason because what you can do the person next to you can't do what the person next you can do you can't do and the whole thing God is waiting for us to do is to step out of the shadows find our place on the wall get a hands dirty for the kingdom of God I was reminded of this and when my twins were 5 justice and Jackson then I gave them a bowl of jelly bellys any fans of jelly bellys in here you guys like Jelly Belly's yeah there it's so much better than regular jellybeans and they have like like I don't know 50 different flavors or something and it took them that you see how many how many Jelly Bellies are in that bowl I took them like an hour to eat that why because they savored every bean like it was the delight of their life they would I just I just sat there in Washington put on in Jackson yeah this one's chocolate I'm like whoa really injustice take one out dad this one's hot cinnamon whoo oh my gosh and they were just so excited and they did that with everyone mmm coconut lemon you know it's just like there was just the delight of their life was eating these jelly bellies it was like in that moment the father heart of God spoke to me said John do you know that's how I feel about my people I love every single flavor in there and they're all in the same Bowl and I take the light in every single one of them I savor the flavor of that my different people in the body of Christ you get all that it's how he feels about you I don't know if you know that but that's how he feels about you he doesn't want you the same as the person next to you he did that on purpose and then I really blew my twins minds when I said you know something happens when you take it to flavors and you put them together have you guys done that you guys ready to have your minds blown okay where there's gonna be a run on Jelly Belly's after this surface is done because I'm gonna show you why look what happens licorice bless - buttered popcorns Italian biscotti toasted marshmallow pressed french vanilla raspberry equals raspberry creme brulee cotton candy - french vanilla and pina colada you got yourself a wedding cake in your mouth top banana french vanilla strawberry jam chocolate pudding very cherry and you've got a bananas two cappuccinos a chocolate pudding in cream soda and you're eating tiramisu come on - green apples a cinnamon and you've got a candy apple you've got caramel corn - toasted marshmallows chocolate pudding and you're eating s'mores you've got Goldsmith guy you've got perfumer guy you've got a mayor guy right here and now you've got a wall that wasn't there before you've got you and you and you and you and you and yes you all the way back there and you over there and God is gonna do a move through this church that people will know God is alive and Bend because we refuse to do it alone we come together we come together honestly and maybe you're gone but it but how do I do that well I'm glad you asked here's your place on the wall all of these lots of different positions there and some of you guys walked in with these gifts like it's second nature to you but the person next to you they couldn't do that if they tried God's never gonna force you on wall you and I got to decide here don't wanna be a part of the miraculous thing God's about to do the fruit of this church is very obvious that's got to tell you I don't think you've seen anything yet and the next thing that God is about to do it's gonna be through you because you're willing to get your hands dirty you're willing to serve I take your place on the wall I think that God's gonna build I'm gonna get the attention of everyone that lives here that doesn't know he's alive yet they're gonna know it through you what's prayer Jesus I just thank you God for this amazing church and these amazing people and what it is you're doing in this place what a privilege to be here I witnessed firsthand the fruit of your spirit moving in and through every man woman doesn't matter God our socio-economic class doesn't matter or culture or background you're gonna use all of that to do what only you can do when you bring people like us together to do something bigger than us all God only just want to be honest before you I want to repent or any place of pride an offense that's kept us from serving in a place of insecurity in comparison that's kept us from celebrating how you use each one of us in different and varied and beautiful ways I thank you for the combination of flavors you're bringing together in this place it's going to cause the world to stand up and take notice and realize God is alive and he's here and it's building something for eternity we don't want to miss out on that God we're gonna be a part of what you're about to do in this place and the mighty name of Jesus we pray and all God's people said thank you so much for having me so good thank you John on your way out today I just remind you the Parnell brothers have their album and it's called see we're not the same person so grab that it's not called that it's call if you never leave me that joke is not playing today I'm trying so hard and then also pastor Casey part now I wrote a new journal centered around 21 days walking through the topic of restore my soul so check that out set the table here otherwise you guys can have a great week and we'll see you next week

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After 27 years as a Deputy Marshall, Jerry Butler believed that retirement just meant a reassignment to something special that God had planned. A simple “yes,” to serving in the nursery at his church has turned into a beautiful legacy impacting more lives than Jerry could have imagined. Jerry has been rocking fussy babies, blowing bubbles, and changing diapers in the name of Jesus for a total of 40 plus years. His life of faithfulness is a stunning example of what God can do with a humble heart surrendered to His calling. We are so thankful for people like Jerry who serve Westside families and sow seeds into the next generation.