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[Music] everybody welcome those are watching online as well good to have you with us so what do you guys think is the most misused word in the English language in the United States what do you think love okay no sorry not most not the least used the most misused what do you guys think your most misused word awesome what about literally literally is at the top of the list here's the most misused according to most misused word in the English language is ironic and we just don't use it right well there is a word in the church that we've been using I believe I want to make the case incorrectly for I don't know a few hundred years I believe that and what do you guys think the word is it's a it's a word let me just help you out it's a word that we've used that we've used to abuse people manipulate people shame people what do you guys think sin it's the big s word in church and I want it on the screen so you can see but I wanted a big and like read and like fill this whole thing because it's just it's obnoxious and we don't like this word and last week pastor Bo talked about the best word in in Christianity and what's that word love right she talked about love and it was such a wonderful message and and she didn't have the guts to talk about sin and so I get to do that so but yeah we we talk the Bible talks a lot about love it's the Greek word agape in this word agape means unconditional love that that that and this was a word that was kind of a made-up word for in the in the first century because they didn't use it and so the church adopted this word to describe the kind of love they were seeing from Jesus to them and then from them to each other and they had to describe it well this word that we use for sin is the Greek word hamartia and you can just tell right away this is a worse word than agape agape sounds like a word you use it like an Italian wedding it got bad and everybody's happy and harmonious sounds like a word that you like a disease yeah I just found out just I got hamartia like it's really bad I guess I've had it since I was born and it's theirs yeah anyway it's not a great word and we don't like to talk about it and so in the church we don't talk about sin anymore matter of fact I've seen it growing up in the church I've seen a pendulum swing back and forth between these two words there was a thing called the holiness movement where we talked about hammertoe Mattia all the time we may feel people feel guilty about it there was no room for you to to sin and then we swung way over here to this other side of just talking about love and and grace and you're good you're good everything's fine you know and there's an both or not I mean imagine a dad who on one side that all they talk about is how bad you are and that's all that and how much you've missed it but equally problematic is nothing's ever wrong the child can do no wrong and then they go off to work and the moms left with these devils that's in their house you know so so I want to talk about this because we've got to figure out a way to have a conversation first amongst ourselves in the church about sin about how do we talk about it what is it and then how do we communicate it even outside of the church now hamartia simply means it's a simple word and it means to miss the mark go ahead and say that to miss the mark go ahead tell somebody next to you you've missed the mark okay go ahead go ahead you could preach we can start trying this now that's probably not the best way to launch into a conversation with someone but this is the rillette this that's what this word means hamartia simply means to miss the mark and it was used early on by Aristotle in his in his poetics he talked about it's often the protagonist the the flaw in the protagonist his story or the error or the thing that caused them to miss the mark that's what hamartia sin and we used it the Bible then adopted this word and we used it to describe the separation that exists between us and God but the but and by the way hamartia generally at least one of us first shoes didn't mean moral failure all the time now that's kind of all it means and and yet I want to get get us back to the original definition of this word and and and and talking about missing the mark because all of us do not just non-christians Christians missed the mark all the time someone say Amen right on that's so true now so what is how does the Bible talk about hamartia I have a short video I want to show you it's actually a little bit of a long video that I show you that's from the Bible project and it's super intriguing how the Bible uses this word hem RTM so watch this most people assume the Bible has a lot to say about how messed up humans are and that's true it's also true that the Bible's vocabulary about this topic sounds odd to modern people using words like sin iniquity or transgression and so the Bible's perspective on the human condition is often ignored or treated as ancient and backwards this is really unfortunate because through these words the biblical authors are offering us a deeply profound diagnosis of human nature iniquity describes behavior that's crooked while transgression refers to breaking trust and sin this is actually the most common of these bad words in the Bible so let's focus on him for a few minutes sin translates the Hebrew word Kutta and the Greek word hamartia the most basic meaning of sin isn't religious at all katha simply means to fail or miss the goal like when the Israelite tribe of Benjamin trained a small army a slingshot experts they sling a stone at a hair and not hop that is fail or mess or there's the biblical proverb that warns against making hasty decisions because you're likely to untie your whip miss your destination so when the Bible sin is a failure to fulfill a goal but what's the goal well I page 1 of the Bible we learned that every human is an image of God a sacred being who represents the Creator and is worthy of respect and so in this way of seeing the world sin is a failure to love God and others by not treating them with the honor they deserve so sin is about more than just doing bad things it describes how we easily deceive ourselves and spin illusions to redefine our bad decisions as good ones so why are humans such bad judges between moral failure and success well the first appearance of the word sin in the Bible offers an insight there these two brothers Cain and Abel their parents had just given into this beastly temptation to redefine good and evil by their own wisdom and now Cain is faced with a similar choice he's jealous and angry that God has favored his brother and so God warns him if you don't choose what is good kata is crouching at the door it wants you but you can rule over it so in these stories sin or moral failure is depicted as this wild hungry animal that wants to consume humans and we know how that story ends the Bible is trying to tell us that failed human behavior our tendency towards self-deception it runs deep it's rooted in our desires and selfish urges that compel us to act for our own benefit at the expense of others and it leads to this chain reaction of relational breakdown this is why in the New Testament the Apostle Paul describes hamartia as a power or a force that rules humans in his words we are slaves to sin he even says sin lives in us so that the things I don't want to do that's what I do so with the word sin the biblical authors are offering a robust description of the humor condition this is why in the Bible the story of Jesus is such good news he's depicted as the creator become a truly human one who did not fail to love God in others that is he did not sin and yet he took responsibility for humanity's history of him he lived for others and he died for their sin and he was raised from the dead to offer them the gift of his life that covers for their failures or in the words of the Apostles he committed no sin yet he carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we might die to our sins and live to do what is right and that's the story behind the biblical word for sin amen let's pray and die you guys can come that's all we need actually there's a couple things I really like about the the video in terms of what they said about sin one is the idea that the mark that we often miss is love and John in the book of John that beau talk that we started last week not the book of John the letters of john first john second john third john talked about that it shows this parallel between love and are missing the mark of love in which is sin and I like how that they expressed that that the missing the mark isn't always those if there's some moral failures in our life more often than not it's missing the mark of loving God and loving each other as we love ourselves and I also liked how the video described love as a sin as a power there's there's something in us outside of us in the world around us that is pushing us to miss the mark there's a constant tug force pull whatever you want to describe it of trying to get us to not love others as God as God has loved us and so this idea is expressed in the writings of John now John was self proclaimed the beloved of Jesus he actually said he's the one that Jesus loves that's me and he writes more often than anyone else in the New Testament love and we were going to do a series a long series six six or seven parts on his writings in first second and third John but as Bo and I started digging into it we realized there's like two themes in all of John's writings and these are the two themes are agape love and hamartia sin matter of fact John uses the word agape fourteen times in the letter to fir in first John and he uses the word hamartia twelve times he talks almost as much about sin as he does about love and I want us to think about our lives and how much more do we talk about love than we do about sin at least six seven ten times more because we stay away from that word and I want to talk about how does John there's three kind of general categories that John talks about sin or his theology of sin and so here's the first one we all miss the mark we all sin I love what he writes in 1st John chapter 1 verse 5 verse 8 if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us in other words we all have missed the mark and if you think you haven't you're deceiving yourself so let's do it one more time till the person next to you you've missed the mark now that you know it's true we all miss the mark we all have we all have this goal we all want to love each other more than we do but we all miss it we we we just simply miss the mark that is a basic point of John's theology about sin and we miss it because we're human we miss it because I mean I mean I made a joke about how Martita being a disease that I had since I was born but it's true we have we've all miss it you know I mean your two-year-old you know there's sin in the world by your two-year-old that that you know don't don't touch that yeah I'm gonna touch it because you told me not to we're human so we all missed the mark here's another point the second point of John's theology about sin don't thanks John super helpful over and over John keeps coming back and I put the scriptures here that if you want to write them down you can dig into this later but he constantly he's saying those who live in Christ who are born of God do not sin over and over he is inspiring us to this higher ideal that that that we all missed the mark yes absolutely we do but we don't have to we can strive for something better I wish I had my golf my golf clubs up here I just thought about this in the last service but I every time I play golf I have a mark ask me how many times I hit the mark I mean I can count on one hand how many times I've missed the mark in five years I mean I said it's not very often but does that mean I stop aiming see every time I line up to swing a golf club I I line up where I want to hit the ball and and then I then I swing and there's all kinds of things that caused me to miss the mark starting with my swing but I admit those when there's element the elements there's the people I'm playing with it I don't like I mean there's all kinds of things that cause you to miss the mark but but but when I missed the mark do I just throw my club down and like storm off the golf club golf course I'm never playing this stupid game again know why because every once in a while I hit the mark and it keeps bringing me back to playing this game now that's a silly illustration of this idea that we all miss the mark but that doesn't mean stop trying to hit it there's there's a higher there's a higher ideal there's a higher calling and our world desperately needs to hear that that there's a better way to live than the way that we're living right now there's a better way to love than the way that we're loving right now and then John the third Theology kind of part of John's theology about sin it's not only oh we missed the mark and don't miss the mark but when you do miss the mark Jesus covers us over and over you can see chapter 1 verse 7 verse 9 chapter 2 verse 1 and 2 and verse 12 chapter 3 verse 5 and 8 chapter 4 verse 10 chapter 5 verse 16 and 18 over and over John keeps coming back to this idea that we all missed the mark don't miss the mark and when you do miss the mark Jesus forgives you cleanses you protects you he helps you overcome the temptations over and over he's saying that there's power to not miss the mark only in Jesus Christ who was fully human and did not miss the mark and died for us missing the mark and gives us the power to live into his life which didn't miss the mark do you see how this works this is the gospel this is the good news but we live in the tension that this exists that man we all missed the mark but I know I'm not supposed to miss the art but I do miss the mark and not only that but the way that we communicate to people who have missed the mark has missed the mark we communicate to people who missed the mark that they are unloved unwelcome and not accepted by God and that is not true that sin as much as missing the mark is the way that we communicate this is so important and we must communicate it we can no longer just talk about the love of God and not talk about how we've missed the love of God and how we've have we misconstrued it and how we have how we've used it to manipulate people and how we how we constantly miss the mark well John summarizes this idea in John chapter 2 verse 1 first John chapter 2 verse 1 when he writes my little children and I love this about John he's old by this time he might actually be like in his 90s potentially and so he's he's writing to this group of Christians and he sees them as children I love that in the context of of him discussing love and and he's it's familial it's like we're in this together we're going we're going the distance it doesn't matter what you do in terms of my relationship with you I'm in this and if and if you and if you miss the mark like I've missed the mark then Jesus covers both of us and we're in this together we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna hike the long road together any any and there's it's this familial idea my little children I'm writing these things to you so that you may not miss the mark so that you will not send there's something in John's writings I encourage you to go home this week and read first second and third John and let the love of God flood over you and the inspiration that he gives to you to not continue to miss the mark to look at your life and say God would you would you would your love so infuse me with the ability to press into the mark and go toward the mark that you have for my life I'm writing these things to you that you will not sin but if anyone does sin if anyone does sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous we have someone who's standing in the gap for someone who is fighting for us someone who is who is praying for us someone who is forgiving us someone who is cleansing us from all the mistakes that we've ever made he's the one that keeps on what Jesus has done is that the powers and the forces that are pushing us away from the mark his love and his sacrifice for us pushes against the forces that are pressing against against and he pushes us back towards the mark of love and I don't know about you but for me the resurrection of Jesus is the most powerful the most powerful statement about the ability of God to change us from people who missed the mark to people who can hit it so we need to talk about missing the mark because because imagine if we don't imagine if we just all decided you know whatever you do is fine I know you I know you hurt people but I'm not gonna say anything oh oh wait that's why we are where we are today is because we've we've either said it incorrectly and we talk all about moral failure and how that separates us from God and we don't even talk about the mark we just talk about we just tell people how they missed the mark and we don't keep inspiring people to a better ethic a higher way you see that we got to keep talking about imagine I took a took my two-year-old niece to to the pumpkin patch a couple years ago and they had this little arrow thing you know those little arrows that you can shoot at the target and stuff and and and and I remember her trying to do that and and she I can't I don't think she ever hit hit the mark I don't think she ever hit the target not once you imagine me with my little two-year-old like what's wrong with you it's right there or just not caring I like do what you want it doesn't really matter if you hit it or not yet everything in her knows that it matters or imagine me getting getting down with her and and let me show you how to hold the bow and let me show you how to put the arrow in and let me tell you how to how to aim and how to see the mark and I mean let me be in it with you because listen I was right where you are I was right there not very long ago where I couldn't hit that target for nothing man let me tell you about my golf game I can't hit you no I can't we missed the mark but that but there's a mark that everything in you says that we should hit so let me help you let me get in it with you so here's a couple things to think about as you apply this message to your lives this week the first thing is let me keep I'm hitting the wrong button I was about to blame the team upstairs they love the one I do that and it's my fault focus on the mark not the mess so focus on the mark not the miss instead of constantly telling people how bad they are or how much they've missed it remind them how important they are and how and and and tap into the drive the internal drive that God's already given every human person to to love better to love more to be who they were created to be in the first place tap into that when we talk about sin don't talk about oh you missed it talk about what are we going for how are we getting there how we how we how how can how can we adjust so that we arrive at where we want to arrive we need a higher calling a better way to live and I'll tell you I tell you that culture is is ready for it the culture is ready for the church to to retell the gospel narrative in a way that's compelling that doesn't focus on the myths but focuses on the mark and they'll and I'm telling you they're yearning for it because they know they know we all know that we've missed it that we aren't as a humanity goes we are not where we could be we have fallen short of what we're created to be everybody knows this to some extent and we just focus on the mark not the miss and then here's a second thing and I a little hesitant to share this one with you because of because of some of some of you that are here let me say this see something say something and the people I'm a little worried about are like I have no problem with this oh no no that's not those are the people that I want to tell you have a bit of a problem with it okay don't don't don't don't be the person who always constant don't be the dad who has only one thing to say to their kids how much they've missed it where they can improve why they aren't doing it the way they told you to do it don't be that dad with your friends your co-workers don't be the one that's always highlighting the miss be the one that when you do see someone that that is just like five degrees they're going in this direction you know that if you keep going down that path they're gonna miss their mark they're gonna miss the mark that that is best for them in their life and and and and and help them help them through the power of Jesus press them push them pull them inspire them back towards the mark so we have to start do you have people in your life that you've given permission to do that with you I mean literally if you literally they're I think I'm using it correctly literally have you talked with someone who that you said to them I don't there's gonna be times in my life where I miss it I say something I shouldn't say I do something I shouldn't do and I give you permission to tell me to call me on it have you given do you have anybody like that in your life that you've given permission to I mean we all have people in our life it just doesn't do that and that's okay too but I I think it's much better when we give someone permission and what if you're the person they've given permission to how do you them and love them see love and agape and hummert hamartia go together cannot talk about sin and not talk about love and some would argue that you can't talk about love without talking about how we've missed the mark of love see something say something here's an idea do you guys know and this is something that our culture this is this was revelation to me disagreement doesn't mean rejection and what I mean by that is that there's going to be people in our lives that we disagree with that they that their mark is different than our mark that makes sense and in our society today that gap if we if we say we disagree with you with with the path that you're taking the mark that you've chosen what our society says that means rejection I reject you can we want to be interesting to change that narrative where their mark and their mark and our mark are different but it doesn't mean rejection it doesn't mean rejection at all it means that we're gonna walk together and I'm gonna continue to pray and and see what God might do in that person's life and in my life to close that gap I'm gonna ask him what God would he what are you saying to me that that you know that maybe I'm missing the mark I or teach me show me the error of my ways help me and understand who I am and who you've created me to be and help me to communicate your truth in your love and your grace and your your your you know to help move them and shift them or what you know I'm saying that it's done in relationship it's done in relationship and this idea that if I disagree with you the if you disagree with me it means you're rejecting me is Society isn't built on that there's no way for that there's no way to function in society that's built upon that idea don't be afraid to speak out this Wednesday I'm going to talk about in first Wednesday I'm going to talk about how to share your faith and such a scary thing but every whenever you're talking about faith your faith or sin or whatever always talk start with your story always start with your story I've missed the mark I fell I failed I didn't achieve what I wanted to achieve and this is how I got through it and and if it wasn't for the love of Jesus who just embraced me and my brokenness I don't know how I would have ever gotten back up and kept walking toward that mark I would you like to receive him she'll help you we're gonna talk about that our first Wednesday I hope you can join us but whenever you open your mouth Church whenever you open your mouth whether it's social media opening your mouth or whether it's at work or whether it's with your family would it always be laced with love agape always that the person on the other side of that communication would know without a shadow of a doubt and no matter how they respond to what you have to say you will love them unconditionally because that's the way Jesus loved us well let me finish and we want to finish is I want to talk about how the world back to kind of go back to this idea that the world is desperate for this how many of you watch the Oscars have you watched the Oscars it's not a sin to watch the Oscars my wife went to a Oscar party with some girlfriends and her sisters and I stayed home with my mom and watch the Oscars at home and and I got a text half halfway through it with a little picture up from the television screen my wife was looking at with Lady gaga and what's that guy's Bradley Cooper I don't really like him very much at all and Suzanne sent me this text as they were doing this little duet they sing they sang in a movie and they sing it again live on stage why don't you ever sing to me that was but I think that's what the text said is that whether said something like that I might be getting a little bit wrong but that's how it felt to me and and so funny funny funny thing about that so last night I'm watching the fugitive the old one with Harrison Ford and Suzanne turns to me and she says you grow way better beard than Harrison Ford does I'm like thank you very much but in the back of my mind I'm thinking one the guy's old and she's comparing me to him two didn't come up with Bradley Cooper she didn't say I grow a better beard than Brett anyway anyway sorry Grayson so this song they did I decided because I'm I'm not gonna let Bradley beat beat me at romance cuz he's just doing it for the money anyway I'm doing it for love so I learned the song on the keep on my piano at home and I played it to her when she got home from the Oscars thank you [Music] I'm amazing I know I know I hit the mark on that one just saying anyway they sing this song and Lady gaga wrote this song and it in it and it and it's it's a cry of this of what I believe the gap that I'm talking about today it's a cry that of that when she wrote this song shallow it shows the gap the longing that that humanity has for something more something better that that even as she wrote this song read some of the lyrics in just a moment that recognizes the miss the gap that exists and this is what this is what this song said tell me something girl are you happy in this modern world or do you need more is there something else you're searching for in the good times I find myself longing for change and in the bad times I fear myself we've all missed the mark we've we're all broken in one degree or another and most people won't deny that today and what they need the church to be is people who who cast a larger vision for living a better way for loving that is compelling and isn't and we're not gonna sacrifice we're gonna say hey we're missing the mark there we have there's something more for us and and there and and I believe it will tap into the yearning of our society you close your eyes with me and Jesus has come to forgive us to love us to cleanse us to make us right with God with ourselves and with each other he's made us so it made a way for us to find lasting life he of all people that have ever come and lived on this earth have expresses a vision for living that pales in comparison to any other way that while we were still sinners people who missed the mark jeez died for us so that we could live with him in this new way that even though we still are broken and we still fall we still fall short and we still miss the mark that his love covers us and covers all our sin and if you'd like to receive that love today for the first time especially for those of you that have never received his love which you and you want to and there's something in you there's going I want I want to know the love of God and His forgiveness and His mercy would you simply right now lift your hand up to God not to me but to him and an expression of your commitment your desire to say yes I want to receive the love of Jesus today yeah all over the room thank you Jesus thank you Jesus for your love that compels us to keep walking toward the mark to keep going toward loving each other as you have loved us help us Jesus to not lose sight of what's most important help us to not help us to be bold as we express this new vision of life in you to those around us give us wisdom and discernment in that endeavor as well in Jesus name Amen amen can we do this applaud those that made that risk for that decision today that respond responded in that way so great so great our prayer teams have already gotten up they're here at the front and over on the side if you need prayer for those of you that did respond we have begin packets oh one other thing I wanted to mention to you guys is super important to me and and to the future of our churches we have an event on March 16th called our leader advance it's actually a little bit of a misnomer this year because it's not just for leaders it's for anybody that would like to learn more and in terms of where we're going and ways to engage in the mission that God has called us to as a church and so on March 16th it's a Saturday from 9 to noon right here in this room we're going boh pastor Beau and myself we're going to talk about the vision that God's given us to continue to reach our city the way in which he wants us to reach our city and we're going to have a panel of people including the mayor of our city DHS director of DHS school principal a business owner it's gonna be an interesting morning and conversation and so sign up today you can do that online or over at the info center for our leader advance again March 16th other than that god bless you guys hope to see our first Wednesday if not I'll see you next weekend take [Applause]

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