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To know how to pray and connect with our Father in heaven so that the grand narrative of God’s kingdom coming is accomplished in our personal lives and in the life of our communities.


so I want to begin today's message just by rereading the Lord's Prayer and so I'm gonna read this for us it says our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen amen amen well do have any Seahawks fans in the house today come on where you at alright fair enough do I have any like diehard Seahawks fans in the house today okay sir who said that back here all right Dan how you doing who else right here okay Zach's a die-hard fan now these guys know Dan is a Cano that the Seahawks have popularized they didn't make it up other teams have had this for a long time but the Seahawks have done a wonderful job marketing this concept of the the 12th man have you heard this so the idea is there's 11 players on the field but the 12th man is it's you it's us it's the fans in the stands and at home watching the game and and so this is you know kind of caught on especially strong with the Seahawks in fact in 2013 Seahawks fans set the world record for stadium noise at an ear breaking 137 decibels so loud that it's the same volume of a typical moment on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier like with jets and this is loud you thought worship was a little loud for your taste you should be at a Seahawks game in a couple hours here I think they're playing at 1:30 all right so we gotta get you out of here soon Zack okay now can I use you an example Zack do you consider yourself the 12th man okay thank you for answering that way absolutely he said now if Zack today somehow made it to the the game goes to the stadium finds his way to the players entrance rolls up in his vehicle rolls down the window and the security stops and says can I help you and he says I need in locker room I got suit up I'm the 12th man he would find out very quickly that it's much more lucrative to be man number one through 11 right it the contracts are better you get more time on the field right everything is better and this is not speaking to Zach's you know enthusiasm or passion you seem like a very passionate fan of the Seattle Seahawks but what do you lack you lack access what I want to talk about today is in our prayer lives when we go to God and when we speak to him and when we pray do we lack that kind of access maybe we have all the passion in the world and by the way I think passion for Jesus is a good thing there's nothing better than standing in a packed room and worshiping together it's a beautiful thing I love passionate expressions of worship but there is a difference between being a passionate follower of Jesus and being someone who has access and authority in following Jesus and so what I want from my prayers when I pray a prayer like the Lord's Prayer I don't want to know that I can just you know say it with the right inflection or you know use the right words and be the most eloquent and and get my point across in a way that impresses other people no I want a prayer that is effective a prayer that has authority because here's what happens if you if you pray and you feel like your prayers are ineffective over time it'll generate this insecurity when we go to God that maybe I'm doing this wrong I was on a phone call with a friend of mine his name is Dan and it was we hadn't known each other long we had worked on a couple projects together but we're ending this phone call and I was gonna say like I would say to a closer friend all right we'll see you later buddy and hang up but right as I was saying that I changed my mind I was like I don't think Dan and I are that close so I I wanted to change it to we'll see you later Dan instead I combined the two and at the end of the call I said all right we'll see you later daddy and hung up what do you do after you call back and be like about that last call hope that doesn't make our relationship weird but I've always thought of you as a father figure in my life I don't know what you say see you later daddy when we pray and maybe we feel like we've been ineffective in the past sometimes it generates this insecurity I don't know what to say I don't know how to pray I'm not as eloquent as you know some other person I've seen or that pastor or that and we get insecure in our prayers and here's the thing if we were completely confident that when we pray we would be all the time effective that everything that we would pray we would understand with complete confidence that God Himself would hear and it would change the course of our lives and the society around us when we pray we think of that I think what it would do is it would cause us to constantly pray for some pretty consequential things if you knew you had that kind of authority that kind of access to the ear of God I mean think about this that my thoughts and my words my prayers would reach the ear of God and cause him to do anything different than what he would have done otherwise that's a big statement I mean that is that is heavy stuff that what comes out of our hearts and our minds would affect God's heart and so to do this we want to talk about this concept of do we have the kind of authority when we pray it drives us to this place of confidence that we know when we open our mouths they got here is this turning your Bibles if you have them or on your phones or you can look at the screen at Matthew chapter 8 we're gonna go to verse 5 of Matthew chapter hey this this portion that we're looking at today is is in the middle of the prayer it's your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven over the past two weeks pastor Steve has walked us through our approach to God that he's our Father he's not a landlord he's our father and we come to him as such and the next week Pastor Steve's gonna jump into what it looks like to petition to make requests of God but right in the middle is where we're at today and what I see it as is is this concept that it's not necessarily a petition asking God to do something asking God to act when we say your kingdom come your will be done how I see it is it's possible Jesus is doing is he's saying when you pray that prayer you were saying not my kingdom come and not my will be done but yours see it's not so much a prayer of petition this week as it is a prayer of submission that with these words we correctly place his priorities his agenda his kingdom his will above our own because otherwise man I will I will continue to build my kingdom I will continue to pursue my will I will continue to ensure that I have security and I know what's going on and I don't face uncertainty in my life but when we pray this prayer your kingdom come and your will be done we open ourselves up to the possibility that we're gonna lose a little bit of our control in exchange for something else in Matthew chapter 8 we find Jesus encountering a man and we pick up the story it says when Jesus returned to Capernaum a Roman officer came and pleaded with him Lord my young servant lies in bed paralyzed and in terrible pain and Jesus said I will come and heal him now for most people this would be the best news Jesus is gonna take a moment you gonna come to my house and he's gonna carry out a miracle in my house but the officer said Lord I'm not worthy to have you come into my home just say the word from where you are and my servant will be healed I know this because I am under authority of my superior officers and I have authority over my soldiers I only need to say go and they go or come and they come and if I say to my slaves do this they do it and when Jesus heard this he was amazed turning to those who were following him by the way he turns to those who have left everything as a leap of faith to follow him and to them he says I tell you the truth I haven't seen faith like this in all of Israel and everybody following says well what about us right you see this this Roman officer comes and the only thing he offers as evidence and prove that he believes in Jesus is his understanding of how authority works and somehow it's an understanding of authority and how people submit and how this whole thing functions that causes Jesus to say now you're speaking the language of the kingdom now you're talking in the language of faith now you're starting to see that this is not a game of who can be the loudest or the most passionate or who can shout their prayers above the noise of all the other people no this is a thing of authority do you understand how authority operates and works because if you do you're tapping into what I'm talking about when I talk about the kingdom of God coming and in even Paul writes about this in Ephesians chapter 1 he says God has now revealed his mysterious will regarding Christ which is to fulfill his own good plan and this is the plan and I imagine the the church in Ephesus hearing this read for the first time leaning in like what is the plan of God what is the plan that has been set out for all ages that has now revealed what is it and he gives us the plan he says at the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ everything in heaven and on earth and they say is that it that's the whole plan he I thought you're gonna talk about you know he's gonna topple this government he's gonna establish this and he's gonna move and shake and then all the the plan of God is simply to bring everything under the authority of Christ submission to Christ is the grand plan this is the endgame of God yeah it is that an understanding of authority is what separates as I believe this separates us from ineffective prayers and effective prayers our understanding of how Authority works now a couple weeks ago maybe a month ago the fires real still burning is hunter oregan the smoke was still in the air and I went with my family my brother and his family and my parents and I took my daughter and we all went to polina Falls anybody been applying a false normally lovely it was very dry and very smoky that day and we're with all these little kids so we typically you know look for the shortest quickest hike and so I tell my daughter we're gonna go to a waterfall so she's thinking swimsuit right we get there and if you've been applying to Falls you know that the the quick path it takes you up above the waterfall to a couple different viewpoints on either side of the Falls but you're really not even close to the Falls you're not close enough even to feel the spray you just kind of look from a distance above it now as we're there we're watching as people are taking the more challenging path the more challenging route down into the ravine where then you can access the Falls from the bottom the ground was so dry obviously we've been looking for rain for a while that's why the fires were burning so badly and the dirt was like a like a thin powder it's the worst I'm following my little niece Emily as she's walking and she she kind of stomps more than walks anyway and so I'm walking behind her with every step these these clouds of dust are coming up into my face you know and I thought there is a whole different experience down below there is a whole different way of interacting with this waterfall than what I'm experiencing up here for those who are willing to go to the extra effort to make their way down to the bottom of this ravine they're gonna find a whole different experience a wasted my thought about this when it comes to authority that authority comes and it flows downward and we can spend our entire lives as people who pray and become frustrated because we feel like we don't have effectiveness we don't we're not experiencing what has been promised when we speak to God it feels like he's not listening and I believe this that there's a whole different experience awaiting us in prayer if we are willing to find our way down and go to the trouble to come underneath the authority of God that submission is the key that allows us to experience effectiveness in our prayers and so right here in the middle of the Lord's Prayer Jesus places this key he says when you pray here's the thing that's gonna unlock your ability to then petition God and the verse that follows you say your kingdom come your will be done I want my will but not today today your will be done here as it is above Authority and Submission it is the key that unlocks our effectiveness in prayer so when we're affect ineffective sometimes we think Managed I need more passion you know we used to sing a song stir it up in our hearts or stir it up a passion for your name we'd sing it over and over again especially with our youth you know it retreats and like winter camp like Spencer was talking about thinking if we do this like 300 times surely they'll be passionate by the end of it you know this sing it again they're not passionate enough yet passion is wonderful but Authority is so much better effectiveness is so much better and when you have this access this authority the the fact is that when you are close to the Father in this way when you are submitted to him and your you have this proximity to God the cool thing happens you don't have to shout to be heard you know sometimes it'll be at the dinner table and our daughter Clara will come in from outside she'll be playing in the yard and and so she'll be all kind of energetic and wound up a little bit and so she'll start shouting at the table and I'll look at ours like Clara we're right here you don't have to yell inside voices and I just see this image that Jesus is portraying of how we pray that we're sitting at the table with the father and he said you don't have to yell I could hear you you've got access you've got authority here you belong here and so a prayer whispered in authority will do far more than a thousand prayers shouted without it and so we sit next to the father and we just say Here I am I submit to you I submit to your will and Jesus modeled this so beautifully even in John five he turns and he says the son of man he's referring to himself son of man can do nothing except what he sees the father doing he spends his entire ministry finding times in his crazy schedule when the crowds are pressing in to break away just to spend time in prayer with the father to say this is all about you I'm watching you I'm looking at you what happens next you'll will be done and so much so that he ends up in the Garden of Gethsemane the night he is betrayed just before he goes to the cross he knows what's coming and he goes into the garden takes his closest disciples they go up together and then he breaks away and all alone he kneels in prayer it says later in Matthew that he turns to his disciples at one point during this night he says that I am in sorrow to the point of death I mean he is he is in anguish over what is about to happen to him and he knows it's coming and he kneels there in prayer and it's in that moment that he says these words he says if there is any way for this cup to pass from me if there's any possible way that I can avoid the suffering that is about to come to me father please let it pass and then he quotes back to the words in the Lord's Prayer he says but not my will be done yours be done and in this moment in the garden we we get an image of Jesus the Son of God in a moment of complete and total submission to the Father he is giving up any right he would have to turn back now any right he would have to hold on to what he wants in it and to do it his way you say know everything I have now I turn it over to you here the keys your will be done and then this is so cool he stands up from that moment of submission completely turned over to the will of the Father he stands up and here come the guards coming to arrest him and take him away jesus knows what's going on so he approaches them and he says who do you seek they say Jesus Nazareth and he says these three words he says I am he and in John 18 we're it's this little tiny verse that you might miss it says the guards stumble back and fall on their backs before him man how embarrassing they've come to arrest him and they can't even stand in his presence this is the authority of Jesus when he comes from a place of total submission he walks in total authority and listen I want effectiveness and authority in my prayer it's not gonna come by getting louder and getting more eloquent it's gonna come when I learned to submit everything I am and say not my will be done yours be done I want to walk in that kind of authority they fall on their backs I was I was looking at this there are wolf sanctuaries all over the nation and these exist in a large part because people who adopt wolf pups don't know what they're getting into we have a picture of a wolf pop yeah people go online they they they're like by wolf pups and they see pictures like this and like I want that I want to bring that home so they do and then a wolf's grew up very quickly and in a matter of weeks or months they turn into this one day you're like hanging out at home with your cute little wolf pup the next morning you wake up and you see this what have I done and so all over the nation there are these wolf sanctuaries that care for and take in Wolf's that have been raised trying to make them domesticated they fail and so they bring with these wolf sanctuaries the reality is is that no matter what you do with a wolf it is not bred for submission you know it is the dogs that we all own right for thousands of years mankind has bred wolves into dogs for that very purpose so they would be submissive and I have one of those descendants of wolves in my home it's a Pomeranian Chihuahua about four and a half pounds her name is Lucy wears a little pink collar I'm so ashamed I don't walk her in daylight I wait till night falls is the sundown okay come on let's go for a walk but my wife can attest to this as much I'd like to tell you today that oh that's my wife stock you know I'm I can't be bothered with a little creature like that the reality is it's my dog I mean that dog loves me and when I'm in the privacy of my own home I may or may not carry her around and go like all Bond villain on it you know just like padding this dog I love this dog and I've been told by my parents and my wife whenever I'm not there and they're watching the dog for me what she will do is she will lay on the floor in the entryway and stare at the door sometimes for days until I return Jesus does this in in John chapter 4 pastor Steve talked about this last week he speaks to this Samaritan woman at the well and he begins to talk about what it is to be a true worshiper of God he says the day is coming indeed is here now when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and in truth the father is looking for those who will worship him in that way and the word he uses for worship is the same word you would use to describe a dog licking the hand of its master you see the thing is when I come home and if I've been gone it doesn't matter 20 minutes or a week that dog has one thing in her mind if she's been fed recently she has one thing in her mind and that's to be with me and when I walk through that door and she jumps up on my lap there is a deep contentment in that little dog's brain because she is with the object of contentment for her which is what it's me there's no other agenda in her mind you know she's not trying to butter me up for the gasps that comes later here is a dog who has been waiting for me to return and this is the image that Jesus gives us that if we want to be true worshipers effective in our prayer it's not enough just to be submitted because I mean think about a wolf you could get a wolf to submit you can beat that dog you could you could abuse that animal you could keep it locked up until finally you break it but that's not what we're talking about here we're talking about submission that comes with contentment submission that comes with a sense of I don't want to be anywhere else I could run away I could I could try so this is who I want to be with there's no other place I want to be and how do we get there well it's a chapter before when Jesus is talking to the religious leader Nicodemus where he gives us the key to this submission with contentment he tells them don't be surprised when I say you must be born again I don't know about you but I was born with kind of a wild heart an undomesticated tendency my tendency isn't to submit to the Father and so what does Jesus say he says you're never gonna make it and so I'm gonna give you a way that you don't have to try to create count some kind of submission in that old heart that wild heart I'm gonna give you a new one that finds contentment with the father it doesn't have to fight it and so this is by the Spirit of the Living God you're gonna have a new heart you're gonna be born into something new that can come and sit with the father and be completely content in your submission to him and you're gonna have his ear anything you ask he's gonna hear you and he's gonna answer and so we wait for the father we look to the father we find contentment if I we look all the way back you know in the Garden of Eden what the devil comes and what does he go after in Adam and Eve their sense of contentment did God really say is is this really the best you could do are you really happy here don't you think you could do a little better and this seeds are sown of discontentment in the heart of man and now Jesus comes back on the scene he says I'm gonna restore to you contentment and submission not in a way that is forceful not in a way that beats you over the head with it not in a way that locks you in a cage no I'm gonna create a new heart in you that when I come through that door there's nowhere else you would rather be and we find ourselves coming underneath the authority of God and it's not a burden we receive his authority when we do this we find that a prayer like let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven it doesn't usually start out there cause he's starting government's doesn't usually start in pop culture or society but when the church gets serious about having authority and praying prayers like let your kingdom come and your will be done it actually starts right here patient zero you and me that when the kingdom comes here in us boy then it has a chance to go out from this place and start affecting our society and our culture and there was this young man in 1904 and the nation of Wales his name was Evan Roberts because a strong name I like that name and he was in a prayer service on a Thursday morning just like any other morning and at the end of this prayer service he would later write he went down to the front of that little church and gets on his knees and he prays a really really simple prayer it's not complex it's not wordy it's not real eloquent but he would point back to that prayer as the beginning moment that would spark a spiritual awakening in his nation like they had never seen before arguably the greatest move of God the most influential and consequential move of God that it happened in the 20th century started in the nation of Wales as this young man Evan Roberts went to his knees and pray this simple prayer The effect of this move of God was so profound that they said the mules that were working in the mines stopped responding correctly to the men working there because the men working there were so changed by the power of God that they stopped using profane language and abuse to get the mules to do what they were supposed to do so the mules were like I don't know what you want man it didn't just affect what happened on the inside of the church it didn't just grow services it didn't just you know help churches expand or launch new churches it did all those things but what it did was it took society by storm all over the kingdom came in a powerful and a meaningful way not just within the church but also outside it and the prayer that he prayed on that morning was these three simple words he prayed Lord bend me I've read that story and I've even preached on it a time or two I don't know why it never struck me that if there was any city that could pray that prayer and have an edge on it it'd be our city for those of you they're always looking for a sign from God they're all over our city and I thought about this and maybe it's cheesy maybe it's little corny okay whatever but imagine a couple thousand West siders all over this city that every time we saw the name of our city on a sign I want a bumper sticker or in the window of a shop or built out of shrubs on the north side you've seen that right every time we saw the name of our city we just prayed the symbol of our Lord been to us we get so rigid in our will and our way in our kingdom and what I need to happen and God would you just bend us to your will that we would find that this church we don't just operate with elevated opinions that we lob out of this culture around us but that we stand in the authority of Christ because we are submitted to the authority of Christ and we pray this prayer over and over again caught benda spend me bend me god and that we would find that what comes next doesn't just affect us in the church it may start here but it doesn't just affect us in the church it affects everything in our society around us God bend us God Ben does I want to end this message today just really simply by reading the Lord's Prayer and so would you stand with me as we close today and we're gonna read this we're gonna read it with faith we're gonna read it with authority God would do what he wants to do let's say it together our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen god bless you have a wonderful week

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