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The Cruciform Life


well we're in a series called in Christ we're going through the book of Colossians in the New Testament about twice a year we do what's called blue groups or we encourage you to gather in community and connect around discussion about a book in the Bible and so we're in the book of Colossians in the last four weeks we've really been talking about the supremacy of Christ it's like Paul the author of Colossians writes about who Jesus is and that and he kind of compares like the people that he wrote to in Colossae were were Romans and so they were part of the Roman Empire and so they had to give their allegiance to Caesar to Rome and Paul is making the case that rather than giving your allegiance to Rome Jesus actually deserves your allegiance and he's encouraging the Christians that are part of this church that he's writing to to give their to give their allegiance to Christ and so we've been talking about that and we were talking about who Christ is and and and and we haven't yet talked about how does Jesus impact our everyday and Paul typically in his writings talks a lot about who Jesus is before he ever gets to what Jesus asks us to do and I actually think that's a super important like order and Eugene Peterson wrote this book as kingfishers catch fire and this is what he kind of talking about this this chapter that we're gonna be looking at he writes this but if the Christian life means anything at all it finally has to get into the world of what we do between waking and sleeping into the realms of the routine ordinary speech habitual responses casual reactions if Jesus makes it into our daily behavior observers will begin to think there might be something to this after all and we ourselves are not going to be satisfied for long we're just talking about ideas and truths that don't filter into the ordinariness of our living and so today's message is a little bit about getting it into the ordinariness of our living the way of Jesus but we've got to start with who Jesus is and that's why we've spent so much time in this series talking about who Jesus is because I think a lot of the hurt that we've done to the people around us to those that are outside of the church is when we start with like behavior modification as the entry point for Christianity that you have to be a certain way and you have to do sir things in order to be received and embraced by God or his church and and we've got a light we got to flip this around that that all are welcome and you're gonna see that in Colossians chapter 3 that that Paul's saying anybody I mean you can come from any walk of life and experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ but the reality is is at some point the way of Jesus has to impact our everyday it has to change us because if it doesn't if it doesn't have the power to change this I guess I would wonder does it have any power at all does it have the power to create new life in us and and better relationships through us you know I'm saying and so that's what I want us to look at today is start this conversation and really this is kind of the idea to become like Jesus you have to know Jesus and to know Jesus is to become like Jesus you can't separate the two but we start with knowing Jesus that we want to know Jesus and out of that knowledge of Christ then we become like Jesus but today I want to talk I want to focus in on becoming like Jesus and Eugene Peterson writes this to begin a discussion on Christian living by talking about what we do would be like planning to write a novel in Chinese before you knew a single word in Chinese so we have to understand who Christ is and that's what Paul does at the beginning of Colossians chapter 3 if you have a Bible don't turn there because it's right here I just wanted to say something an opposite of what I usually say right there if you don't have a Bible you need of have a Bible and if you have a smartphone and you don't have a Bible shame on you there is about three billion people who have downloaded the youversion app on their smartphone and you need to do that like right now don't be one of those other people that don't have the you know yeah the only 1 billion people in the world that don't have you version all right list clashes chapter 3 is with me this a focus Steve go ahead you tell me to focus focus Steve yeah go ahead tell me to focus all right I just wanna make sure you with me okay here it is Paul writes Colossians chapter 3 since you he's talking to Christians or non-christians Christians great so those of you that have been with us through this series you know that the book of Colossians was written to Christians to Christ followers not to unbelievers at all Colossians this is written to Christ followers to people who are part of the church in Colossae since you those of you that are in this community have been raised to new life with Christ so he's right he's starting even this chapter that's all about becoming like Jesus he starts by making sure we know Jesus that we've been raised to new life with Christ the old has gone the new has come I love baptism mostly I mean just for the symbolic like people are saying saying no to the old way and yes to a new way I love that that when we actually put people under the water you know some of you might have been sprinkle baptized little sprinkling I'm not gonna say it didn't count because what do I know but I don't know about you but I got a lot of stuff that needs to be like buried you know I'm saying like it needs to go under the water and I need to like I mean I need like a bucket of water just poured over my head every single day and that's the idea of baptism is that the old is gone the new has come up and that's what Paul is referring to and there's an image kind of baptism imagery throughout Colossians 3 so since you've been raised to new life with Christ because we're not the same because we we've we've chosen to say yes to him and not to Caesars we've chosen to go his way not the Roman Way set your sights on his way on the realities of heaven where Christ is in the place of honor at God's right hand and I love this phrase if you if you go if you leave with anything just come back to this think about the things of heaven not the things of Earth just like memorize this just like take one second right now one minute it's not hard think about the things of heaven not the things of Earth that's something that that we desperately need in our world today is that the the people of God we would wait my eyes so quickly go to everything around me to what the media is saying to what somebody's posting on social media to what to what is happening in the elections and all of that stuff and I'm not saying that's unimportant but what I am saying is that if we're not careful all of a sudden our eyes will drift and will no longer have our eyes on Jesus but we'll have our eyes on this stuff around us and I want to tell you that it's almost impossible to to know Jesus and become like him if our eyes aren't on him if our eyes get constantly redirected to the problems and the pain and the issues of this life I'm telling you this really it's gonna be really hard to see the life of Jesus happen in you and so that Paul's reminding us of this that keep your eyes on Jesus because you can't do what he's about to write you can't do it unless your eyes are on Jesus you can't do it it's not possible so what does he say he says they so put to death you cannot put some things to death in your life without your eyes on Jesus so what does he want us to put to death the sinful earthly things and I love this word lurking within you tell this say lurking and tell somebody next to you there's stuff lurking in me go ahead be honest it's confessional time it's confession time confess your sins one to another James writes and yeah so a little confession I didn't ask you to go to specifics so stop doing that you actually let me tell you all the things lurking in my life there's this and there's that thing I did yes no not yeah but there are things right and Paul is saying that to keep to become like Jesus means that there's got to be some things that that you put to death in you that will SAP there's some things that will sabotage the way of Jesus happening in your life and and if you don't take care of those things progressively ongoing then then it will be increasingly difficult for you to be like Jesus so put to death a sinful earthly things lurking within you have nothing to do and here's some of the things with sexual immorality impurity lust and evil desires Oh guys guys stop right there okay so most of you know the struggles I've had in my life with with lust and evil - okay with all of it and and I I mean my hearts broken as I think about the young the young men in our in our congregation on our community who before they're even 12 most have already seen pornography I mean it's just it's rampant it's so easy now and I just and I and I so I read this and I'm thinking I just I'm like so often the passages like this in this in in the Bible will produce shame in us when there were actually written to produce life in us and the reason they produce shame in us is because we think we're well I'm the only one or I shouldn't be struggling with these things so and God must hate me because of these things right because of the last sentence in this line because he's mad at me you know and we're gonna talk about all of this and so so I just wanted there's no shame all right all of us are struggling there's the look there's all of us have things lurking you just confessed it to somebody else so you already acknowledged it and so there's things lurking inside of us right don't be greedy for a greedy person as an idolatry worshiping the things of this world oh my goodness do you guys read this last line yet go ahead I'll let you read it I don't want to read it because of these sins the anger of God is coming actually glad you came today so what does this mean I mean it's like it's God mad at me because that's what I've always thought and here it is see we think God is mad at us because of these things one the anger of God is coming hasn't come yet that's it kind of important just thought of that now it's not right now it's coming eventually it's coming but why why is this why is it coming at all because if you've been around Westside for any length of time you know we love talking about love we talk about the love of God all the time and we rarely mentioned the anger of God and here it is in Colossians and we're doing a series on Colossians till we so let's just skip it because you know let's not skip it why is God angry this is why the anger of God is coming is because all of these things that are lurking inside of us when when we act on those things hurt other people whom God loves including ourselves and God gets upset when any of his creation hurts another of his creation it's not like God is like up in heaven and he sees his creation who he created with free will so by the way God knew that we would blow it God knew that we would make mistakes God knew that we would struggle with these things yet he still chose to give us freewill so it's not like gods up in heaven gone oh I can't believe they did it again I'm so mad no that's not why that it's not it at all he's he's in heaven and he's going ah there's so much more that my creation I have so much more for them the way they treat one another matters the way that I mean it matters I just I want them to to have abundant life and these things will sabotage that and so I get really mad at this stuff that will savage I she doesn't he's not angry at us it's this thing he's angry at this stuff that happens in us that's broken and that causes brokenness in others and and and I think it's really important to make that distinction now here's a phrase I just hate actually I want us to pull it out of our of our thinking I want out of our language I I don't like this phrase I think it's I think it's it's it we misuse it and I've used it I used it like last week and I'm studying for this message I'm like I got to stop using this because this is what what happens is this idea love the sinner hate the sin anybody ever said this you don't have to raise your hand just nod your head if you've ever said this thought this that I'm supposed to as a Christian a biblical Christian I'm supposed to love the center and hate the sin here's the problem with us trying to do this it goes back to this as long as we have this stuff lurking inside of us it will be impossible for you to do this it's impossible and I'm not saying that this is like theologically wrong it's not in the Bible by the way but there's something about the Ministry of Jesus that he was able to do this that you and I earn just I'll be until until you figured out the sin issue in your life I'm not sure you could actually do this love the sinner hate the sin Jesus could do it I think about the woman at the well who had five different men in her life over time and Jesus doesn't like condemn her at all right because that's the Bible does say that Jesus said that I didn't come to condemn the world but to save the world so there's something really Jesus came to love us I mean it's the kindness of God that leads us to repentance not the wrath of God right but he was able to look at people like Zacchaeus who was a tax collector and an evil guy that was and and he forgave Zacchaeus an embrace a kiyose and did he did he did he say hey Zacchaeus your stuffs okay I mean just keep on stealing from people that's totally fine just follow me but you can keep doing no of course not but the prostitute woman was caught in prostitution and the religious leaders threw her out on the street Jesus happened to be coming by and as and as he does he does he like look at the woman say hey just I forgive you and it's okay if you go back to that life no why why would he not because he loves this woman and he wants life in her and not not death and so he so there's something about this phrase that's probably right but you and I cannot do this let me give you an extreme example and work backward from there how many of you have heard of Westboro Baptist Church go ahead I need to actually know if you've heard of Westboro Baptist Church Westboro Baptist Church I was looking for them you probably you probably don't know that you've heard about them in the news but you have heard about them in the news as a church that I was looking for their website and I couldn't find I was looking Westboro Baptist Church calm and I was looking at those things and I finally just googled what their website their church website was I found it and their church website their actual church website is God hates calm and their whole website the front pages all that all the different verses in the Bible about God's wrath and God hate and all of this and I was like I was like okay we can't do this when we try to do this people do not fill this they fill this because we can't we can't do this we want people to fill the love of God because it's the kindness that leads to repentance but but when we try to love the sinner hate the sin what happens is that they experience hate not love see that that's what see when we focus first on God's wrath and his anger and we miss apply it to the world around us right but then then then they feel like man those Christians just hate us you know well I don't hate you just everything that you do I mean come on I mean okay we can't do that we can't we gotta get away from this we can't we can't continue to try to balance these things out and like see there's a better way there's a better way to live and here Paul writes about it he says here put on your new nature and be renewed as you learn to know your creator and become like him so we're when you become a Christian it's like this transference happens I was I was dead now I'm alive I was unrighteous and now I'm righteous it doesn't matter what I've done or what I do or what I'm about to do it's I'm covered under as long as I stay in Jesus as long as I stay connected to Christ I'm covered by his righteousness so when God sees me he's he doesn't see all the the brokenness that I haven't me he knows it's there but it's like he doesn't like his anger his wrath toward me is not existent because he sees me through the lens of Christ that's Bible that and so so so I've put on and you've put on a new nature and over time being renewed that's like every day is this new renewal that's happening as we learn to know Jesus and become like him in this new life way this isn't in this new life it doesn't matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile circumcised or uncircumcised barbaric uncivil slave or free Christ is all that matters and he lives in all of us well it it matters Paul come on I mean our identities that we have socially sexually gender politically they matter right I mean Paul of course they matter Paul saying in this new life all of those things that you that that we like to identify ourselves as matter less Paul might say don't matter at all but because you know I still want you guys to come back next week I'm gonna say it matters less then Christ see in the Roman world you came in with all of your gods and you came into the Roman Empire where I'm even barbarians came in with all the different idols and all their different lack of morality that uncivilized that's that word means people that have no morals no sense no kind of sense of North Star guiding their so Paul saying that you that and he's talking to people in the church and he's like all of these people came from some of these backgrounds and he's and and what we do in America is we like we identify ourselves primarily as all these other categories and oh and I'm also a Christian and and I and I and I'm actually I'm actually stop I don't want to use the word Christian anymore to describe us like no it's filled with baggage why because because most people feel like if you're a Christian now you have your your all these other things it's in society and you know whether it's Republican or this or that it's like Christian has packed with all of these other cultural ideas and I want to separate myself from that because because I'm first and foremost a follower of Jesus and and and and what I'm hoping that we can get to is that that as a follower of Jesus that identity impacts all my other eye it it's like instead of all of these other identities impacting my identity in Christ does that make sense and we've just got to flip that because then then we can have conversations around what what being in Christ means if if I'm gay or what it means if being in Christ if I'm a Republican or a Democrat or what what does it mean like like voting this week I hope you vote it already and if not you still have time when you take your ballot do you do you practice like okay here's I'm just part of this party so that's what they would vote on that's how they would do it because I'm part of that political party so I'm just gonna lining myself do you see see how I'm going I'm aligning myself with a political party never have you have we asked Jesus how does your way your values your ethos impact the way I vote and if you do this I would argue that you won't be aligned with one political party you know I'm saying I mean I'm not saying like stop being part of a political prime not saying that but I'm just I look at the church in American I'm a little worried that we're identifying ourselves primarily politically and then in Christ and we got we got to change that we've got to stop that we've got we've got to turn the tables on that and I'm first a follower of Jesus and then I am male or female I'm first a follower of Jesus and then I'm gay or straight I'm first a follower of Jesus and then I'm Republican or Democrat or whatever and then here right here I go so then you take that you go like what of the way of Jesus might change the identity that I've held on to for so long over here what will his way speak to my way see what the most dangerous phrase I think that we can say as Christ followers this is just the way I am mean so you just pretty much closed yourself off to Jesus producing anything new of life and health and hope in you when you when you just said this is just wham my approach in my relationship with Jesus is this is the way I am oh god help me you know I mean it's just like God I I want to have a little humility in my life and go god I'm not I'm so far from from from who you are Jesus and I and as I get to know you I'm even more aware that how far away I am from being like you and so and so and I never feel judged right God by the way I never feel condemned by Jesus in this process I feel like I feel like he's encouraging me like I know you see some things that you didn't see before about your character about the way you treat your wife or the way when you work with your coworkers you see some things that I want to work out in you and I'm like yeah yeah but every day Jesus yeah every day something new that God wants to work see I think I think Jesus wants to revamp why is this important why is all this important because we are Christ's image in this world we represent him I don't represent Christianity anymore I'm a Christian I'm not saying I'm not a Christian but I don't represent Christian I represent Jesus and I'll be honest sometimes I do a really poor job of that but the reason why this is so important that is if we come if we come to our world and in our relationships first as any other identifier than being in Christ we will skew the image of Christ that makes sense that if we come first as as as whatever identifier you want as I'm I'm white so I'm gonna come I'm gonna approach my world in my relationships as a white forty eight year old male I mean that I mean right there I'm a bigot it's a little political joke they're not very funny obviously but but but if I come as a Christ follower it has the ability to then inform my white male Nassif forty eight years and it has the potential of transforming me into what some would say a better version of myself but what I would say more like Christ see that's that's that's what I desire desperately and and I love what Peterson writes he just does a little story here and I want you to kind of put your imagination on all right so this is a great story imagine a young man go ahead and start imagining a young man starting off on a two mile walk a crowd across town to see a girl hey got the picture seeing her and spending the evening with her is the purpose and goal of his walk she is very much alive in his imagination he can't keep her out of his mind passing the delicatessen he remembers her favorite candy and buys a box passing a flower shop he has inspired with the thought of how lovely she would look with flowers on her soul shoulders so he buys a corsage passing a church he looks particularly long at it for he wants her to remark that this is where she would like to be married nearing her home he glances at his reflection in the store window straightens his tie and fixes his hat and by the time he arrives at her door we will have all been able to list at least a dozen specific actions in the course of that two-mile walk all caused by the girl in his imagination she was in his conduct and his Christ in yours see as we're walking the two-mile walk of life do we do art is our mind on Christ and his way and his ethos and his purpose I mean we spent the entire year this year talking about the different ways that Jesus lives and interacted with people and is that constantly something part of your journey as you're walking along and you're thinking about that in and you're thinking about his way and you see somebody on the street and it's different the way how you see them and how you approach them and answer you're on social media and you're you're in you're interacting with people that just don't agree with you at all and and are you thinking about the way of Jesus in the ethos and and as he thought that how you would communicate something to them is is it has the way of Jesus impacted your everyday you're walking along you're sleeping and you're waking or or do you just like well that's what Sunday I gotta live on Monday I gotta pay the bills on Monday I gotta do what I got to do I got to stick up for my rights I got to make sure people know what the truth is or are you allowing the Spirit of Christ to energize you with wisdom and love and compassion and truth and helping you lead this life see are you is he and your conduct or is he just in your head and your heart but he never you never let him work his way out into how you talk how you love how you treat others how you vote do you see I'm saying see the way of Jesus is we can't just it can't be only knowledge because I would I would I would suggest that the that if it's only knowledge then maybe you're not really a follower of Christ but just a knower of him got really quiet so what does a life shape by Jesus look like and Paul helps us out here he gives us a list of a couple things here of verse 8 and verse 12 to 13 he describes this life of death which he he says he says put to death some things in your life and and put on some things so so take off some things and put on some things see these are things that are from below as these are earthly Roman American kind of worldly kind of ideas and then these are these are new and living and the way of Jesus and so so how do I so what as I show you these lists I just want you to like pick one on each side okay I just want you to think about what's one and you know you know this great word and people in the church don't like it because we used it and to kind of bring shame but it's the word conviction conviction is life to you and me in this journey to become like Jesus the reason I say that is because if you're never convicted about something in your life I think how are you going to become more like Jesus if it never does it ever like if you never allow God to like tweak something and go like oh you don't don't do that stop that now and you don't and you don't change your behavior out of fear of God you're like I want a man you're right god I'm totally like I mean I'm just not treating the people in my life well and so help me to become like you Jesus renew me and knowing you better and all of that and so this is the list that he that he gives us and this is the death list these are things that were it's really funny but I'm the only one that laughs in a room it's really awkward you don't have to laugh I'm just acknowledging that right now here's this list of anger rage malice slander obscene talk and lying and these are just taken straight from the the text and what's interesting to me is that this word anger when Paul says put to death anger this is exactly the same Greek word as the wrath of God earlier that the wrath of God is coming the the anger of God is coming so it's interesting to me is that is that not only does Westboro take on the anger and hate of God but sometimes we do too and part of the Christian journey should be part of following Jesus should be getting rid of that that's not our job our job is not to be mad at the world or even each other because of the sin stuff in our life and the brokenness in our life that's not part of that that's not part of there's a whole nother list I'm going to show you in just a minute that and how we respond to ourselves and to each other when when we see brokenness and hurt and damage happening but but our response should never ever be in this category and when it is as I asked I'm praying that there's at least one on this list that the Holy Spirit convicts each of us in one of these things would convict you and so that you can say I don't want that Jesus would you help me is it anger or rage or malice malice is like treating people badly just because they disagree with you slander obscene talk line these are things that these are not like God goes oh these are reprehensible to my character it's like these are hurting my people these are hurting humanity whom I created in my image and we need to stop anytime I can I would say that anytime you see this happening in your life or in the life of people around you in the life of people on the media and the life of people of political figures whenever you see any of these things happening this you've got to know you've got to know it is not the way of Jesus it is in opposition to the way of Jesus so how do we how do we change when I was younger I asked my boys I have four sons and I asked them how angry is dad I was pretty angry this is a season in my life and I asked him to rate me from one to ten they were from six to ten years old I think I asked them to rate me from one to ten and I was average doubt of the seven I don't know what each of them scored I don't remember but and hold that against them but I I wasn't mad at him but when I found out that that my expression of my relationship with them was built primarily on anger during that season I was I wanted to change right of course so I was like I kind of stopped being angry Steve stop being angry stop being angry you know I'll read a book about anger management that'll help focus on my anger so I'm not angry it doesn't work it just makes you feel bad about yourself instead start doing these things lean into life and death will slowly grow away as you grow into these things mercy and kindness and humility gentleness patience and forgiveness these are things that bring life into our relationships into our conversations into Facebook into our voting into every aspect of our life these things will bring life and death will doesn't have a chance against these things oh sure they might get the loudest they might get the most publicity cuz this is what people this is why people buy newspapers when they bought newspapers is why people watch the media's because we don't don't put somebody on there that's kind does it sell but I'll take a kind person in my relationships and in my conversations over a raging person ten out of ten times I have no desire I have no desire to even be with people like this but by God's grace you know well but people that are living this out you just want to be with them like they're so compelling alright I got to finish that one way over time all right want me to finish with a story Susie and I we're at any Portland Timbers fans out there yeah they won their playoff game we went to sidelines which is a bar downtown where my son chase this is a shirt in his honor his little face my oldest son anyway so we went down to sidelines so anytime there's a tempers game and we can get away we go if we can't get to the game will go to sidelines where chase liked to watch the Timbers plan so we were there watching on television and and there was two older guys in sitting next to us and one of the guys name is Paul and Paul over here welcome I'm glad you came but my wife and I my wife in particular was really energized by the conversation with Paul because we were sitting there I'm watching the game she's watching the game they score their first goal and the bar erupts well Paul and his friend had no idea that there was even a game on of any consequence and so he was kind of shocked him a little bit like and he turns to Suzanne because his back was to us turns to Suzanne who's sitting nearer to him and says what's going on and Suzanne says there's a soccer game Portland Timbers just scored a goal and he's like who are the Portland Timbers I don't know if he said that but that's what's the feel of it like why are you into soccer and so then Suzanne says because we lived in Europe and they're really into soccer he says what were you doing in Europe it's just a says well we were missionaries and then you can start to feel like okay this could go either one of two ways you know as soon as religion comes to the conversation well Paul he asks some really good questions Paul asked my wife do you feel like all the resources that you guys spent on being overseas actually made a difference super good question now you guys got to know that I'm sitting on the other side of my wife who's sitting next to Paul and I'm not I can't really hear much of the conversation and truth be told I didn't want to be a part of that conversation I was watching the game that's why I was there thankfully someone's a little bit more like Jesus in our in our relationship than man and that's Suzanne so Suzanne is interacting with Paul and they're they're having this wonderful conversation about mission work in it and does it really matter and can we actually make a difference in the ask Suzanne do you think anything we do especially in light of all the polarization and nobody's really talking to each other anymore can we actually make a difference today and Suzanne was like yes every conversation every relationship every act of kindness makes a difference and it makes the world more beautiful and Paul yeah give her a hand your and Paul was like that's really compelling do you guys remember we were actually talking about things of faith spirituality and a new friend that isn't an ongoing churchgoer said that's really compelling see this is what I believe what Paul writes at the end of this section and Colossians 3 that above all clothed yourselves with love and if we do this church if we if we as the people of God clothe ourselves with love kindness mercy compassion gentleness all of the characteristics that are described about love if we do that then that what does love do binds us all together in perfect harmony and some of you are going like whatever Steve we come on you sound like the Beatles or something I mean this harmony thing and binding us all together and we're past that I hope not because our world is increasingly becoming stretched thin and pulling apart at the seams and what we need is the church of all people stepping into that gap and saying wait I don't hate you I may not agree with everything that's what we have that conversation later what I what I want you to know I love you I love you I mean it doesn't matter where you came from it doesn't matter if you're a barbarian or sofyan slave or free it doesn't matter whether you're gay or straight it doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter how you vote and how you eat and what you eat it doesn't matters except that I love you and I and if that's our approach I guarantee you like Paul somebody will say that's really really compelling you close your eyes and bow your heads with me and to become like Jesus you have to know Jesus there's no way around that you can try to add little little tidbits here and there of things that you hear in messages and in churches and and try to add it all up together and to become like Jesus and but at the end of the day the only way to really become like him is to follow him is to allow him to to reach into your heart and begin to speak to you and begin to shape you and begin to convict you and then let him let him impact you your life today that's the only way and that in terms of becoming like Jesus long-term can happen and so the question for many of us today is do you know Jesus do you have a personal and growing relationship with him and if you don't know Jesus and you'd like to know Jesus it was really amazing that's all you have to do is say Jesus I want to know you I want to be found in you I want my life now to be embedded into your life Jesus and I want there to be a relationship back and forth with you I want my heartbeat in my thought life in my and my actions and my decisions to have you Jesus in in them and and over them and through them I want to be saturated in in in in who you are and your ethos and how you how you lived and how you how you talked and I want that I want that to be over me an end man and I know that starts by knowing you and so I I just I'm making a decision today to know you if that she would you just lift your hand up right now and just to acknowledge not necessarily to me but even to yourself into God yeah that's the decision making right now is I want to know Jesus I'm asking him to be my Lord yeah anyone else thank you Jesus for life thank you that we don't have to live the death list any longer that we can live fully alive in you help us to know you Jesus and the power of the Resurrection even sharing in your sufferings because we do want to be found in you Jesus not having our own righteousness but being covered by yours so we love you today and we worship you today and we honor you today Jesus and we ask all of us Jesus have your way in me Jesus say those words quietly right where you're at but out loud if that's your prayer have your way in me Jesus go ahead and have your way in me Jesus have your way Jesus in my coming in my going have your way Jesus and my everyday in my conversations and in my relationships and in my work and in my school every everywhere I go Jesus have your way amen amen can we celebrate with those that just made that decision so great our prayer teams available right over here up in the front around they have their little blue lights and if you need prayer just make sure you connect with them also I want to remind you about first Wednesday this coming Wednesday it's a whole new revamped kind of format it's really life-giving and helpful and practical so I hope you can join us for that as well next week we're gonna close off this series and Pastor Bo actually was kind of the brainchild through the Holy Spirit was but she was the one connecting with the Holy Spirit to come up with this series on Colossians and so she started this series and next week she's gonna end this series and bring a great word powerful word so I hope you can join us for that and other than that god be with you guys we'll see you next week and have a great week [Applause] [Music]

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