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[Music] wait to see you guys this morning when welcome those are watching online as well good to have you with us we're in a series where we've been unpacking the famous statements that Jesus made where it starts with the phrase I am which he echoes from the time when Moses had a conversation with God through a burning bush and and we'll talk more actually about that but we've been looking at Jesus's statements where he says I am the bread of life I am the light of the world I am the way the truth and the life I am the vine and you are the branches and today we want to look at a phrase that he mentions in John chapter 10 I am the door I want you to imagine not having doors in your house anybody can come in and go out teenagers can leave whenever they want to and you have no idea it's so easy to sneak out or your in-laws can come in anytime they want imagine the in living in a dangerous world and what it would be like without doors so Jesus uses this analogy and I think he does that because it's it's he wants to show us some characteristics of who he is that he provides some things for us access and protection and and safety and security and and and and I and I want us to look at that and so if you have a Bible turn to John chapter 8 I know I said John chapter 10 but I want to kind of set the parameters so nobody's getting their Bibles I'm not it's not gonna be on the screen today John 10 it will be a there are some people moving now so John eight is where I'm gonna start and and really look at kind of the context behind why he why he even uses this analogy I am the door I could think of a few other better ones you know I'm saying I mean door why adore Jesus and so Jesus in John chapter 8 now those of you that were in earlier in the series will remember John chapter a is where he said I am the light of the world so he gets done saying that I am the light of the world and there's this pushback that happens constantly in the life of Jesus where the religious institution is constantly pushing back on the claims that Jesus makes about himself and this is no exception and so he's confronted there they're like saying Abraham's our Father we don't know who your father is Jesus but Abraham's our Father we follow Moses we don't know who you follow and Jesus in John chapter 8 actually tells these guys these religious people that your father is the devil not Abraham it's a great chapter you should read it and in verse 42 Jesus says to them if God were your father you would love me for I came from God and I am here I came not of my own accord but he sent me and then they pushed back in verse 53 are you greater than our father Abraham who died and the prophets died who do you make yourself out to be in other words who do you think you are I mean how do you how do you make this claim that you're like greater than Abraham and and how dare you tell us that our fathers of the devil I mean who do you think you are verse 56 Jesus says this your father Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day he saw it and was glad and so the Jews the religious people said to him you are not even 50 years old how have you seen Abraham and Jesus says to them truly truly which is a phrase that that it's actually the Amen before the Amen usually you say the a man at the end but he says here at the beginning because it's that important for us to like have ears to hear kind of thing he says Jesus says to them truly truly I say to you before Abraham was I am there's that phrase I am now for 1400 years nobody had used this phrase nobody had heard it it was so sacred it was so holy that even when they wrote out that the name of God they would leave some letters out because it was so holy nobody said it until this moment 1400 years after Moses and the burning bush when God when Moses is like God says to Moses I want you deliver my people and Moses and secure he's like well who should I tell the people that sent me and God says to him tell them that I am sent you and here is Jesus as clear as it can be reconnecting himself to God the fullness the Bible Jesus is the fullest expression of God in the flesh he is God I am so what would they did in verse 59 they picked up stones to throw at him because that's heresy who do you think you are we we knew you were thought you were greater than Abraham and greater than Moses but now you're saying you're God we're gonna have to stone you for that one and Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple it's actually the reason why they crucified Jesus is because he continued over and over to connect himself with God and so this so he hid himself went out of the temple so as he's walking out of the temple chapter 9 he's walking out of the temple there's this blind man right outside the temple he's been blind since birth Jesus sees him and it's the story where he spits in the dirt makes some puts the mud on the guy's eyes tells him to go wash in the pool of Siloam which is a pool of healing the guy goes and washes in the pool and he can see never has been able to born blind he now can see it gets around as you can imagine everybody knows about it and they're all excited about it except for the religious people like who healed you and there and he says that guy Jesus you know the guy that you like confronted that it's like not that great he's amazing and they and he starts to testify of who Jesus is and they can't have any of it the religious institution can have any of it so they do what great religious institutions have been doing since time began they excommunicated him they said you can't be a part of us anymore if you're gonna continue to say that this man jesus healed you of your blindness then you can't be a part of us anymore so he's ex community he's not only as communicated from like the temple but he's excommunicated as a Jew it was that serious and so now he's left without family without friends without a community of people Jesus hears about this he goes and he finds him and he encourages him and this man puts his faith in Jesus as the Messiah which is in other words as the son of God as God himself in the flesh he puts his faith in Him and then Jesus in that moment turns because the crowd had gathered again and so did the religious people and he turns to the crowd and this is what he says in chapter 10 verse 1 truly truly there it is again amen and amen I'm telling you the truth I say to you he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way this is when Jesus starts to look at the religious people that man is a thief and a robber I'm talking about you that's what he's saying to those religious guys but he who enters by the door is the Shepherd of the sheep to him the gatekeeper opens the sheep hear his voice and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out pastor Evans gonna talk next week about the other phrase that's embedded in this section where Jesus says I am The Good Shepherd so I'm gonna try not to you know walk all over Evans message but this this is all tied together the sheep hear his voice and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out verse 4 when he has brought out all of his own he goes before them and the Sheep follow him why because they know his voice is stranger they will not follow but they will flee from him for they do not know the voice of strangers this figure of speech that Jesus used with them but they did not understand what he was saying to them so Jesus unpacks it in verse 7 a little bit more clearly a little bit more simply says Jesus again said to them truly truly because it still is important even though I'm simplifying it it's still as important it's the first time I told it to you guys is it's as important I say to you I am the door if you've wondering what I was saying before if you're wondering who I am if you're wondering how I see myself in relationship with you I'm telling you right now as clear as I can I am the door of the Sheep all who came before me are thieves and robbers they just want to take from you they just want to steal from you but the Sheep do not listen to them I am the door Jesus says I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy I came that they may have life and have it abundantly Jesus is calling these religious leaders thieves and robbers he's saying he's making a a contrast between the religious institution that just tries to take the manipulate and he's saying I came to offer something to you I came to offer life for you abundance for you I'm not I don't want to take something from you I want to give something to you and it opens up a whole new world of possibility for those who choose to follow him I remember the day I remember the day like it was yesterday it's almost 26 years ago when I was standing in a small little sanctuary in Milpitas California and I'm standing at the front of the aisle as I'm waiting for my bride to walk through the doors of that room and when she walked through that door my life changed dramatically it wasn't always easy but it opened up another world of opportunity and life that I had not it yet even imagined could be because she walked through a door I remember the two of us walking through the door of our first home and realizing that if we could buy a home I wonder what else God might provide in our lives I remember walking through the doors of the Sistine Chapel and being just overwhelmed by the presence of God in that space it's walking through doors has the potential of opening up worlds of new worlds of possibility and and and the image that Jesus gives is not one of constraint it's not like once you walk in he slams the door locks it and says I got you know like it's this freedom he talks about how the sheep can come in and out and find pasture and why does he do that it's not like oh just go and find another way to God he's saying no my sheep hear my voice they know who I am they'll stick with me there's no reason for me to try to control them there's no reason for me to try to constrain them because it's not about rules and rituals and regulations to follow Jesus it's about him his voice who he is following sticking close to him see when we enter through Jesus it's like our world doesn't get smaller it gets bigger it doesn't get more limiting it gets more expansive we don't have less freedom we have more freedom and in using this analogy there's three things that I want us to to kind of unpack together and you can write these down using this analogy he says three things about who he is and and and how it relates to us as people first thing that I think that Jesus is saying to us when he says I am the door he says I am I think he's saying I am your permission what I what do I mean by that I think he's saying that you have access I want you to think about a popular club but you just go to a popular club and there's this huge line to see precious bird playing at the club okay and so come on and so I made fun of him every other series I'm not going to do that there's a huge line waiting for precious bird but you but you don't you're like yeah I don't want to wait in line with everybody else you're like wait I know them and I know the guy at the door of the club and so you skip the line you go right up to the guy at the door of the club give them a little bro hug you know and he says come on in why because I know you and you know me you have access there's not there's not this limiting like I don't know you good Jesus opens up the door wide you can walk right in see entering into the life that jesus promised isn't sakes take some code word or secret handshake all are welcome it's about who you choose to know and be known by and if you choose to follow Jesus the way of Jesus to walk in through the gate who is Jesus everyone is welcome no one is left out no one no one I mean I know you want to follow Jesus but look at your life it's like all are welcome see some of you think about Christianity is is filled with white fluffy sheep that never have any problems and they just come prancing into the gates you know like you look so good that is not the narrative of Christianity we come in broken ashamed weak in need of a savior that's Jesus came for the sick not for the healthy he came for those who know they're broken and they need something and Jesus stands at the gate arms wide open anyone everyone is welcome including the white fluffy ones that don't mean there's anything wrong everyone is welcome all of humanity you have permission you have access he's not going to turn anyone away for any reason you have permission second thing I think we get as a result of him being the door I am your protection I am your protection you probably don't have a sheet pin in your backyard you probably have a fence though I imagine many of you have fences with gates and we have fences and gates for protection we have locks on our doors for protection I think it's really important that you see Jesus as as one whose all are welcome with this illustration it's not about keeping people like like well you're not you're not accepted because he locks the door it's more like he wants to protect those who choose to follow him he wants to guard their hearts he wants to cover their lives literally the shepherd in those days would there wasn't gates to the sheep in the shepherd was the gate the shepherd would just lay at the entry of the of the sheep pen at night so that nothing could get in to harm the Sheep to take from the sheep to kill the sheep and and here's this this this contrast with these religious people who are trying to take and steal from the sheep and Jesus is saying no that's not my way my way is I'm gonna guard this sheep I'm gonna protect the Sheep I'm gonna ensure that the Sheep experience life not death life not death and as a helpless sheep I feel more and more helpless I don't know about you I feel more and more helpless as this world continues on less and less in control listen listen control of my own life let alone the world's life and I'm and and as a helpless sheep I feel I love this imagery that we have a savior a protector someone who will guard the door someone who will stand in the gap someone who will fight for us someone who is on our side someone that will cover us and protect our souls from everything I have this electric the smartlock on my on my front door now when my mom moved in to live with us it was important to just make sure that I could see it has a camera and and she's by herself a lot and so I just want to make sure that she was protected and so I'm the owner of this lock I give permission to those who have access to this locket who can come in and out matter of fact you just get close to the lock and if you're one of those people it automatically unlocks for you you don't have to insert a code it's like oh they want me to come in oh that's so nice but I don't give that to everyone right it's not about again it's not about access it's about this idea of protection that Jesus once he what he promises to protect his sheep then you add to that think about that and then think about this when jesus said all authority has been given to me on heaven and in earth in heaven and on earth all authority so our protector has all authority over everything including death and as a result of that because of that I have chosen to trust him with not only my life but the life of everyone I care for I've chosen to give him and trust to him because he has all authority I don't I can't truly protect the the things I love the most in this world but I know he can I know that he's got them I know that he will watch out for them no matter what we face no matter what we walk through no matter what comes no matter what we feel is taken from us I can trust Jesus the the door the protector with everything Jesus says this Paul says this when thinking about Jesus as protector in 2nd Timothy chapter 1 he writes and God chose me to be a preacher and apostle and a teacher of this good news that is why I'm suffering okay that's funny interesting to me yeah anyways as a preacher that's why I'm suffering hmm okay let's keep moving on if that's what you want if you want to pre to be a preacher a teacher I hear that a lot you know I got a call me a preacher I just like okay well good is that your promise you know it's awesome that is why I'm suffering here in prison listen to this but I am not ashamed of it I am NOT I am not ashamed of the suffering I am not ashamed of the gospel I am not ashamed of Jesus I am not ashamed of God who sometimes it feels like he allows things that happen that I wish he wouldn't I am not ashamed of it why for I no say no I know the one in whom I trust I know him I know that he is the bread of life I know that he is the vine and I am the branch I know that he is the way the truth and the life I know that he is the light of the world I know him I'm connected to him I know what he wants to do i unders I and I am sure certain without doubt that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return I have had I've had times in my life where I have doubted and I have and I have wondered God what are you doing God why have you allowed I was in the next time that Jacob and Josh's funeral on Friday the two boys that were on their way to Redmond and we were family friends we go back to middle to middle school and ground grade school with some of my boys with them and I'm just sitting there going and then I'm reminded that he he can sustain the weight of my brokenness the weight of our tragedies the weight that this world sometimes throws at us it's like so you those of you from California you know this right I don't know earthquake where's one of the places you want to get to is in the doorway it's in it's under that it's like there's this place the weights it can hold up under the weight of the earthquake and I have found as I know the exercise will find one day that that that Jesus Christ the door can sustain the weight of whatever you might go through because I because I haven't raiven trusted myself to him and until the day of his return why why can't why can't Jesus make this Proclamation why can't he be so bold to say that the way I can carry your weight because all Authority has been given to him in heaven and in earth including the authority over death death hasn't even one he broke that see that see he's saying I'm your protector and maybe you don't always fill it in the here and now but hold on because your life will not be lost forever he is guarding that which we entrust to him our very souls because he is our protection and the third thing I think that Jesus is saying to us about being the door of our lives is not only does he give us permission and access all or welcome not only does he protect us and guard our hearts and our souls but oh yeah I think he's also saying I'm your pathway I am your pathway my wife and I used to remember back in the day when before really smartphones were being used for navigation purposes and anybody ever go to MapQuest and like print off all the pages do you guys remember that all the pages of directions like I mean how many trees did we kill through that generation I don't know but man I remember pages was like me like I don't know five to ten pages of directions a little map sort of them and so people oh you are so old this was like five years ago I don't know seven I don't know when that long ago anyway my wife was a little slow to trust the smartphone's with their directional abilities so I I remember for like a year longer than we should have I was still printing off those MapQuest things this is like Susan this is a you should see these apps they like to take you to the place then of course one time they messed up if she's like I told you Dave get back give me MapQuest oh my oh my gosh okay print out all the pages right and at some point you have to decide whether you're going to trust Jesus Christ or not whether you're going to put your life in his hands whether you're seeing this is the thing about trust the more you trust the more you trust the more you give the more you lay down your life and say Jesus you're my North Star I'm gonna hold on to you even when things don't make sense I'm just gonna keep you as my North Star I'm gonna I'm gonna that you're my target you're the you're what I'm aiming for even when everything else kind of seems like I'm just gonna keep going right to you and I'm trusting Jesus that that what you promised you will do I'm trusting Jesus that that there there that that in Christ there's there is eternal life I'm trusting you Jesus I'm putting my faith in you that the things that you said you would do that everyone has access that you'll protect that you'll guard our hearts that you that I'm trusting you that there is life on the other side of the door that there is abundance on the other side of the door in relationship with you Jesus I'm trusting you Jesus it hasn't been fourteen hundred years it's been forty nine years since Jesus since that word has been said and here's Jesus saying I am I am what you need I am see faith is not let's make a deal I wonder what's behind door number three well I wish I would have picked door number two see Jesus is a door of decision and in it as much as there are times where I'm like oh man Jesus's feel so exclusive I'm reminded that there is no one else in all of history that could promise the kinds of things that Jesus there is no one in all of history that could promise eternal life if you believe in him no one else did it Jesus is the only one that promises that you can have access in relationship with the father if you walk through his gate I've you've heard me say Jesus first Jesus last Jesus only Jesus always it's interesting the conversations I have with people and they're not they're not they're not filled with animosity or anything it's just interesting is there life giving actually I think but where people will say yeah I just I love I love I love Jesus he's amazing but you know he's just one way right I mean there's other ways to have a relationship with God there's other ways to spend eternity in heaven and whatever you however you define heaven right I mean there's other ones like actually you can't say that you love Jesus or that you like his teaching and also say that there's multiple ways you can't that actually doesn't work you know and they're like why why is it because of what he said here's a not because of what I say not because not even because of how I interpret it it's just like constantly showing up in the teachings of Jesus where he is saying that if you want to have relationship with the father you have to go through me you have to deal at some point in anybody's life you have to deal with Jesus you have to decide whether he was legit or a lunatic there's no other option I used to live in Echo Park and there was a lunatic lived in Echo Park who can was convinced he was God were the robes wrote white robes the whole thing he's Jesus his name was Jesus he who's like I'm Jesus I am God and well I was like really it was interesting it was an interesting thing for me I was like oh you know he was broken right but but the things that Jesus said he's either that guy in Echo Park or he's legit there's no middle ground there's no like well he was a good prophet a really nice guy a great teacher there's not there's no middle with Jesus not because of me and what I think about is is because of what he said and how he presented himself over and over and over again you guys you got to decide lunatic or legit see Jesus is the pathway the door of decision and don't forget who we are in light of who he is we're not the gatekeepers we are not gatekeepers we are sheep you are sheep and I say that with as much love as I can I mean he loves his sheep but that's all we are when I when I don't want I don't want to stand in the door that's not my place it's not your place to stand in the way of Jesus that's his spot he said it I am the door anyone else is a thief and a robber anyone else who tries to stand in that place and be the moderator of who gets who's in and who's out is a is a liar a thief and a robber those are the words of Jesus I am the door I'm the one who stands there and I'm the one who welcomes people in and if they choose to walk in through me trusting me then they're in then they have relationship with me that will grow and thrive but see we're we're a culture of choices aren't we I mean just like watch Netflix for a second and it's choice after choice after choice after choice and or going to a restaurant after church today like which one are you gonna go to which out of the 85 restaurants that are in Bend that are all great are you gonna go we need to close some down to make it easier for all of us to make a choice but we are a culture of choices and so that's why this feels so there's so much tension wrapped around this ideas because Jesus removes all other choices not because he's mean but because what he offers pales in comparison what other people offer pale in comparison to what Jesus offers no one else can offer it okay since I've already made some of you uncomfortable let me just make you more uncomfortable I want I didn't want to actually I'm gonna go back I actually didn't want to show you this first I was like Jesus I mean I've okay I'll get the point across Jesus I'll get the point across they'll know that you're the way that you're the door I'll get that across he's like Matthew 7 Steve Matthew 7 Matthew 7 I could get away from it and you'll see why I didn't want to show it to you this is what Jesus says enter by the narrow gate for the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction and those who enter by it are many I don't think he said this with pride I don't think he said this with arrogance I think he said this with brokenness and tears in his eyes because he desires that none would perish but all would have eternal life for the gate he goes on to say is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life and those who find it are few the reason there is few that find it is because it's a hard way it's not an easy way the way to have life doesn't come without struggle and hardship and loss Jesus even said that if a seed doesn't go into the ground and die there it won't produce life there's something there's something about the way of Jesus it's really hard so some people tap out at that point other people tap out when when they realize that that that Jesus says things like this that narrow is the way he's not talking about morality by the way he's just talking about people giving their whole life to Jesus it's just not that many that will do it it's a narrow road because there's not many people on it I mean if there was a if there was more people on it would be a wider road because that's how roads were made back then how many people progressed traversed it more people traversed it the wider it got it's not the way we build highways today where you just build it to the people you know it's like people just choose not to walk on it because it's not easy you know Jesus invites us to a life on the other side of our pain he invites us to a life on the other side of the door that all our welcome to he's not going to keep anybody out he's not gonna like oh wow I was hoping you'd look a little different before you came to me she would close your eyes for a moment and I want you to do something for me with me is I want you to get a picture of an entryway from outside inside maybe it's maybe it is at your house maybe it's at a school or work place of work but somewhere familiar to you where there's a there is a clear entryway to the door or the doorway and I want you with your eyes closed I want you to picture Jesus standing in that place and I'm not gonna tell you yet what to see I want you just to see what do you see with Jesus is standing there what is he doing what what does he look like what what expression does he have on his face what a body language does he have I believe the way you see Jesus will determine whether you trust him or not the way you see him will will determine whether you give your life to him or not and so what do you see do you see a frown or a look of disappointment or disgust you see his arms folded across kind of standing stoic and I want to invite you to see what I see when I think of Jesus standing in that doorway in that entryway I see I see him with a big old grin on his face so he's almost laughing and the sparkle in his eyes and I see him with his arms outstretched toward me almost as if he's about to to let loose and run toward me before I even get to the doorway like open just come on I can't wait to see you I can't wait to hold you I can't wait to be with you when Jesus says I am the door he is welcoming all to come all who are weary and heavy burden come to me he says and you will find rest for your souls if you believe in me he says out of you will flow rivers of living water you'll never thirst again Jesus we run to you we run to you like we've never ran to anything or anyone else before and we ask that in your arms of embrace we would find life and hope and healing and grace that would sustain us through this life and into the next we love you Jesus we're so grateful for you for what you offer us for what you give to us for how you stay with us and your name we pray amen when invite you a couple things to do a couple things before you take off today one is our prayer team is available over at the prayer wall they would love to just have provide another access point for Jesus and you to connect and so they'll be over there right after this service to help that happen also I've noticed something I noticed you guys are all sitting in the same place as you were last week if you were here last week you remember I talked about how we can create community right where we sit every Sunday this is your like your little church little Church right over there little Church right over there little tricks right over there little Church over there that and these are your people you can connect with them on Sunday mornings if you sit in the same place so for those of you that did that high five to you keep being in that habit because it's helpful and connecting community another thing I want to mention blue groups are happening this week just two more weeks left of blue groups and you're gonna be talking in your groups about what life would look like without doors and gates and fences with no gates and what that would look like last thing I want to mention is easter is coming up we've talked a lot about that super excited obviously about Easter why because it's an invitation that we get to to the door to we want to we want to see we want to help people see Jesus it's almost like it's almost like it's not a standing in the door saying hey guys over here it's like we're gonna go out into the neighborhoods and streets and take those little cards with us and and just invite people I was gonna say drag people but that's probably not the best way to think of it but to invite people to come along with us and and and see this guy I've been telling you about and he's amazing and so easter is an opportunity to do that so I wanna make a challenge I'm challenging myself I want to challenge you guys to invite five people for some of you that's a high bar for some of you that's a little bar but I want you to invite five people not people that go to journey or Antioch or Eastmont those are my friends okay so you can't do that you need to invite people that don't go anywhere that would that that without you inviting them they probably won't show up at a church but you inviting them they may actually show up and so grab those cards as you leave grab a handful of them however many you would use and think about the people as you're leaving today think about the people yet you would invite Easter Sunday service and then come with them whatever service you decide to come just invite them to attend with you because it's really hard sometimes they walk into a church for the first time like there's a weird people in there right crazy people yeah there are but come on I'll be with you I'll help you out and so Easter invites make sure you do that and keep sitting in the same section it's awesome god bless you guys have a great week we'll see you next weekend [Applause]

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