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The God of New Things


I want to do something with you this is uh I want to do a story I want to reveal some Scripture and then I want to tell you what I saw in this place Monday night I drain worship 2013 we had a big snowstorm or we live in the Medford area we live in Jacksonville a little town outside of Medford little gold mining town and Jen asked me to go pick up a laptop computer from some friends down a couple of blocks away and on the way back in that snowy season where there was half clear asphalt and half ice I slipped I just I'm just dinking around just through a little country rodent and I slipped on a piece of ice and all my 225 pounds came down on my quadriceps tendon here and it snapped and I went down like somebody hit me with a 9-millimeter just in my knee and it was like excruciating pain I picked up my cell phone I told you I'm I'm in serious pain I don't know what just happened she came a guy that was driving by saw what was happening they got me in the car went to the hospital doctor says yep that's what's happened you've popped your your um your quadriceps tendon was seeing a day-and-a-half here's a bottle of happy pills and a brace and go home and to eat those as much as you want come on back here we're gonna slice you up and reattach your quadriceps tendon my therapist who worked with me after the surgery for months like three months said he's only had three of these in 35 years it's the largest muscle the largest tendon in the human body hard to break this puppy I did so I got a pretty cool scar right here I'll show you for the summer I had shorts on about three weeks into that I had made the decision early on because I was thrashing at night out of pain and and I had just a lot of heavy drugs because when you have those kinds of surgeries you're on some pretty heavy pills and the doctor says take them as you need them and you know it's taken much gonna think woman stay on these for a while and get off of them because I don't like you know the pill feel and about three weeks into that I had abandoned the bed I mean the first night I'm thrashing and beating her half to death because of the drugs and the pain and I went out and slept on the leather couch we've got in the living room me and the dog so it wasn't really romantic for number of weeks but it it works at least my nurse could sleep and about three four weeks into that you know I'm a fairly active guy I'm 66 I like to move around a little bit I don't feel like an old guy still kind of feel about the age of these dudes in the front here you know I feel young inside a little bit old outside and that being that cooped up on a couch wasn't a whole bunch of fun and one night three weeks into this popping all the pills and on crutches and I really look horrible you know what you look like when nobody's coming over and you let it go for a few weeks it's it's pretty scary you know and so I'm I've got this thing and this is how I go and about two o'clock in the morning need to make a head call so I go into the guest bathroom in the morning and I finished what I'm doing and I'm sitting there washing my hands with my crutches underneath me and I look up in the mirror and as I looked in the mirror it became a movie screen I was seeing a movie screen but I see my reflection my reflection was this man who had sunken eyes and sallow color and and this it wasn't the guy I knew he was just a broken human being that was in the pit of a really bad experience and I have never in my life felt deep despair I've had seasons of depression we all have bummer weeks in bummer months but I had never felt depression and in that moment or despair and in a moment a despair came on me that I can't describe to you the depth of what it is and part of it was fueled by the drugs part of us fueled by the injury part of us fueled by inactivity part of it was fueled by the fact that dog gonnit I am NOT going to be able to be the old me for many many months and in that movie screen before me it turned into a picture that looked reminiscent of of the Niagara water falls where the water comes and then it goes down into these foaming misting hissing Falls and immediately immediately I knew those were the Falls of despair and I've got friends that have gone off the Falls of despair and some of them have never come back and in that moment the weight of the despair and the fear that I had on that moment overwhelmed me I mean I had never in my life felt that before it was it was deep and dark and bottomless pit' kind of feeling and there was my life and I was going on and I was coming to the edge of the falls and I was just about to make the free fall and I knew in that moment I had to make a critical decision where I was going and I don't know if I was ever going to come back and in that moment I just yelled man I just says I don't have despair I have God and I yelled it like I didn't give a rip whoo I woke up and was like the room exploded in light and that picture vanished and then I just began to sit there in front of my ugly sappy looking face weeping like a broken human being just weep and I just said God what's going on here I don't get this and I couldn't even stand up because the lake was there you know and and and the Lord says go lay down on the couch so I go I go in the couch I lay down the couch and the dogs looking at me like are you okay you know and and I'm laying there said God why and what is just happened to me what's going on with me I've never felt this before and and I want you to talk to me right now and he began to communicate to me what was going on he didn't explain to me all the stuff that happened you know he didn't cause my lady to get hurt so he could teach me great lessons it just happened and he says I'm gonna teach you my goodness Garris and I sure appreciate what you said today about Steve that that fakie goodness comment comments that people make sometimes but this was so something God said I'm gonna show you my goodness in the deepest darkest place you have ever had I'm gonna show you that I'm good there and I'm good on a mountaintop and he began to dialogue with me about how good he was in this moment of my deepest brokenness I said well Lord what so what's next he says you know that you were gonna write a book Garrus remember that book you're gonna write about transitions and I had some really cool kind of pastor sounding title for it you know I was gonna write some some book that would sound pretty hip and I was going to do that a couple years when our church transition was all over and I had something to say and God says no no I want you to I've got you for like four weeks you're on the couch we're gonna write this book together and here's what I want you to do Garris I want you to when you write the book I want it the book ended up being titled a good place I want you to write this book and and the reason I want you to write it is I want you to write it from the depths of the darkest place you've ever had and define my goodness there so that it will apply elsewhere because my goodness will never be fully understood in the highest mountain points it only is discovered in the depths of brokenness I want to read a scripture to you just a fragment of a verse it's out of Romans 4:17 abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing the God who brings dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing I I was in a place where I had a feeling of nothingness like I had never ever ever had you ever heard of a star called V Y Canis Majoris I never heard of it until I saw it in print it's the largest star that we know of there may be a couple more that are large because they kind of change in their size veto I can is Majoris is 3900 light-years away from us it's a long way it's big story you know if you took 1.3 million of our earths it would fit into our Sun pretty big our star of the Sun but if you took 1 million of our Suns that contained 1.3 million of our earths that would fill up V Y Canis Majoris it's so big that if you got in a jet airliner I appreciate the astrophysicists that reduce this down to where I could kind of get it kind of he says if you got in a jet airliner and filed a flight plan for 540 miles per hour in order to go all the way around V Y Canis Majoris it would take you 1,100 years we wonder how big the love of God is God's love is so big we kind of think of it out there but God met me way down here I began to think about after I read about V Y Canis Majoris I thought wow that's that's pretty heavy stuff but when God said let there be light he he said let there be light you know light goes 186,000 feet per second it moves at Bugis but that's just light when God said let there be light that of God went out to the farther reaches of wherever it went and light was trying to catch up with his voice his voice intercepted the transmission of the light in fact his voice is still expanding into the realm of what is called nothingness now the problem with our you can walk into this sanctuary and if you took all the chairs out of here you say well there's nothing in here well the problem with that kind of definition is the way we define nothing that's like there's a there's a canister a container for our description of nothingness but this nothingness that God invades has no container no parameter no cup that's half er full or half empty it's it's it's a place that we don't have a word in our English language to describe it and there's really isn't anything in the Hebrew to describe it it's just a place vacant of the ability to describe its deep dark without anything it's not even the the void kind of thing and all the elements were there when God spoken to them it's beyond that it's out there it's there's a frontier out there that's expanding right now the voice of God that's meeting a place of nothingness and that's what happens to you and me when we get into these places where we are so down and depressed and broken and hurt that's where the life and death of Jesus comes into an expression in our lives that we can get nowhere else God said to me this tonight that he was going to restore missed opportunities for people who have thought opportunities of love and business and career and friendships that were lost we're never going to come back and God says you know you may not be able to get that exact missed opportunity but let me tell you what I'm going to bring to you I'm gonna bring to you something even beyond the missed opportunity I'm gonna bring to you in Ephesians 3:20 experience that you can sit down with me and scribe on a piece of paper what do you think is the best thing you could ever ask for and I will do what Paul said I'm gonna do infinitely beyond all that you could dare to ask hope or think in fact my work is going to be beyond the realm of what you think truth is beyond the realm of what you think reality is it's gonna be like the Word of God expanding into nothingness I'm going to do something in you beyond your wildest dreams and Monday night I'm and this this is not this is I'm not I'm not teaching anymore scripture when I go visit place I deliver words that's what I'm supposed to do I'm in Scripture yes I do that but I'm not a I'm not the pastor anymore I'm somebody that delivers the prophetic words of the Lord and and I I'm always I'm kind of a tuned to that now and I say God what is it you want to do right in the middle of the worship was killer great at the conference and I like there were two songs into it and I and I start I turn my head and I start looking kind of rudely behind me people thought I was looking at them but I was looking at the exits and here's what I saw as I looked around the exits to this church I said Lord what's going says I'm showing you what I'm gonna do Monday night or at Wednesday night and and all these we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 exits I saw in every exit of this church and here's the ministry that I want to release on on you today I saw angels positioned at every doorway and lined up behind the angels were thousands upon thousands of missed opportunities but each angel was the regulator of the release of those missed opportunities that will begin here in just a moment to walk into this sanctuary some of you here have carried unresolved sorrow of things of loss for so many years that God says would you just I'm not gonna I don't want to take you out of the sorrow I want you to process sorrow with me but what I want to do with you right now is I want you to give me that sorrow and I'm gonna give you something back I want to give you an opportunity to see what I will do in your life in a place where you'll hold your hands and there's nothing there like I felt as I looked at that panoramic display of despair about to happen and me about to fall off of that edge of the the falls I went you know I don't have despair I have God I didn't know what else to do I cried out to him and some of you tonight God says cry out to me cry out to me and your nothingness cry out to me in that place that you are in a freefall and you don't know what's going on you've actually made your life look like it works as a shell that holds a place that's now hollow and empty and there's nothing there except an unresolved sorrow and God wants to have that change take place now and there's this beautiful worship team begins to walk us back into an expression of worship here's what's going to happen there are things that are going to come into the sanctuary here directed by the spirit if you're a believer you already carry this spear we're not talking about that we're talking about the things of Ephesians 3:20 about God who calls dead things back to life and goes into places of nothingness and creates life God does not want you to leave this sanctuary to go back out and to bend and live a life of despair that's hollow and empty and has nothing you know in 2008 the bin bulletin said that the highest rate of suicides they've ever had in discount II happened in 2008-2009 when the the world crashed financially and a lot of good people said I'm done with this life and they left at their own hands and I just wish that some of us could have been there in that deep despair that dark moment when they said I am just done with this it's a beautiful thing to find yourself in a place of nothingness because God loves to create there you got divorced and you remarried and you still think about the other one and you're trying your best to love the one you're with God wants to heal the sorrow so you can love the one you're with some of you in this room have diseases and sickness in your body that you just there's there's nothing of wholeness and health there anymore and God says I want to show you my healing hand tonight some of you have lost fortunes you haven't lost your ability to produce another fortune fortunes are going to walk through these doors some of you have no friends you're alone and your friend is going to walk through the door and I saw angels standing at the doors just I don't know what they've got in heaven but it was almost like a tablet or a a clipboard and they had names of people in this room written on it and then behind them the various descriptors of the the gifts that we're gonna walk into the room like they had you know John Smith restoration of intimacy sallie hope for a new future and as soon as you responded in faith like Abraham who was the father of faith who like abraham believed in the god who calls into being those things that do not exist and gives life to those things that are dead the moment you and faith will believe again that god will do that in the nothing place God will begin to create and his voice will produce life and hope and these doors are about ready to open up and in these next minutes of worship if you'll call on that missed opportunity it will reconnect with you and be better than anything you god bless you

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