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oh good morning Westside it's great to be with you this morning my name is I'm an ear worker and I'm your pastor generations here at Westside and that was my mom earlier up on the stage and so after service my uncle will be playing banjo in the atrium and just kidding it's not that's not happening but did you say we say shucks aw shucks big banjo fans all right well today if I'm honest I'm tired today and that's not some big spiritual statement I'm sleep-deprived we have an 11-pound intruder in our home he's a month old our son Jack was born on March 30th yeah I think we have a picture of him here this morning look at that guy yeah he's pretty special he's here actually hijack my wife is here as well as my wife's birthday happy birthday babe love you yeah it really is family day sorry but it's great to be with you today such as just a moment I feel like in my life just is walking through becoming a dad again for the second time and and just realizing the impact that life has when it comes into your home and your world and it's disruptive you know having a baby be born and then integrate into the fan it's disruptive and I was thinking of that many times the night over the last several weeks you know this is disruptive I miss my sleep but on the other side of it is life you're that cool and it's so especially if you're here for the the first time or maybe a noodle Westside just know that we want this to be a normal and not weird and comfortable experience for you and we're just glad you're here and so please be at ease as you just sit in the service today especially to also if you're watching online we want to welcome you as I was up many times through the night the last few days thinking about today and being here to speak to you and speak to the church and you might assume that anybody who stands on the stage you know we're all completely secure and confident and nothing can get to us and there's no insecurities but the reality is as I'm thinking about being here today with you there is this the sense of inadequacy that rises up in me you know Who am I to have anything to say worthwhile to the church and it's easy to compare yourself to other people around you know and I think well I I'm not as well read and as brilliant as both Stern or I don't have the easy likeability of Pastor Steve I don't have the you know movie star good looks of Casey Parnell it's a good-looking man you know and it's easy to compare and start feeling inadequate and thinking I don't I don't know if I can if I can be what I need to be I feel it over my head and just this morning as I'm preparing I just I just feel God's speaking this to me and maybe to you the come on it's my turn I'm up I'm up I'm here it's time to go and the thing is in our lives we can be so afraid of our lack and our inadequacies that we hide away from the thing that God says I'm aware of your lack but I'm still gonna put you in a position to do something and be something and say something you don't feel like you're well equipped to be a dad or or a mom or a business owner or a boss or whatever you may find yourself placed in you feel inadequate today come on step up don't allow insecurity and inadequacy and those feelings to cloud out the purpose of God in your life we are here for such a short time and the Book of Psalms David calls it the vapor of life it's here today and gone tomorrow and so we don't want to spend any more minutes or hours or days focusing on the lack in our lives and maybe you've been in churches or church long enough to feel like every time you hear a preacher talk it's about what you don't do well enough and what you can't you know rise up and become and today I want to talk about Jesus who actually walked around with some followers some disciples who were insecure like me has some inadequacies like me and yet Jesus is constantly pushing them towards the intended purpose in their lives he's constantly speaking to them as he speaks to us today and says listen I'm aware of your inadequacies but here's where we're going I don't want to be a church focused on what we don't have what we can't do I want to say Jesus what are you leading us into you and we're gonna look at this today and and if you feel like you've been misplaced and you're not you're not well equipped for the task at hand I read this story this week on social media and it's of this guy in World War two in 1939 named Jeffrey Tandy in Great Britain he enlists in the Royal Navy in 1939 and as the war ministry is taking him in and looking through his paperwork they see that he is a cryptogram estándares great we have a whole team of code breakers that are working to crack Nazi codes and so let's ship this guy to Bletchley Park with Alan Turing and the whole gang you might have seen the movie a couple years back about their work and so they ship him off to Bletchley Park and he gets there and as they're talking with him and he's among all these other code breakers he says I need to clarify something I'm not a cryptographer krypton I'm an expert in algae and seaweed he came straight out of a Natural History Museum I'm not joking enlisted and they assumed that he was a code breaker and by the way what a difference a single arm makes in your qualifications right so in 1939 he spends two years at Bletchley Park and I don't know what you do as an algae specialist if you're supposed to be breaking codes I don't know what you do you know he he just probably found some tasks and stayed busy but in 1941 this is so cool 1941 the Allies torpedo a Nazi u-boat they salvage what's on the boat and they realized during the salvage operation that on that vote are documents an entire cache of documents that contained tables that are needed keys secret keys that are needed to break the Nazi codes and so word gets back to Bletchley Park that they have discovered on this German u-boat at the tables that they've been hoping for to break Nazi codes but the problem is they're waterlogged they're soaked and so these guys are thinking if only we had somebody who is an expert in taking things out of the ocean that are waterlogged bringing them to the service and drying them out while still preserving them if only Jeffrey Tandy like a homecoming hero has the skills necessary so they turn over the entire project of Salvage of this German u-boat to Jeffery Tandy and he successfully dries out and preserves these Nazi tables and it leads to furthering the cracking of these codes and the earlier end of the war isn't that cool and I I read that yeah go Jeff I've read that story and I'm thinking man I feel misplaced sometimes like the the place that God has me Shirley somebody else would be better suited to do what I'm supposed to do but we don't know what God has off his sleeves we don't know that if the place that God has put you where you feel so inadequate and so in over your head that there's a moment that comes when he has specially crafted you especially made you and your experiences in your education and your and who you are and the relationships you have everything comes into line where God says come on you're in needed not somebody else not some fancy code breaker come on I need an algae specialist hat now get here and do your job and so our job today is to say God we want to be faithful in the posts that you've placed us in so that when it's our time it's our moment our names on the sheet we would stand up and fulfill the purpose that God has for us I want to do this if you have a Bible Matthew chapter 14 we're gonna look at this story in the life of Jesus the Ministry of Jesus as he is working with his disciples and his followers and developing them into the people that they would become Matthew chapter 14 verse 22 we're about to read the story about a storm that the disciples encounter but right before this story and all the paraphrase it really quickly is one of the most famous miracles of Jesus just before the story that we're talking about it's this miracle that is so important in the of his followers the disciples that it's the only miracle of Jesus that is listed in all four of the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John and it's the feeding of the 5,000 so Jesus is out in the wilderness 5,000 men plus women and children we guess around 20,000 people are listening to him teach nightfall comes they're hungry there's no food the only food they can scrounge up is a little boy's lunch some loaves of bread some fish just a little lunch Jesus says that will do he takes the the meal he blesses it and then he hands it to his disciples who begin to distribute this food out to the thousands of people that are hungry and as they distribute it if you've heard the story before the food just doesn't run out until everyone's fed and there's leftovers thousands of people are fed by this lunch it's so vivid in the mind of the disciples that that sometimes decades later when they're writing these Gospels that they all remember it and they all write it down and I'm wondering why this miracle stands out I mean obviously it's impressive but why would it be the one that gets listed in all the Gospels I think is this because for so many of the miracles of Jesus the disciples are watching as Jesus performs a miracle but for this one they are watching as they are participating in the miracle they're the ones that are taking the bread it's not Jesus handing it out it's the disciples that are that are witnessing the miracle taking place in their very own hands as they participate in what Jesus is doing and so if you if you do this I mean if you're this close to the miracle and and not only watching it or witnessing but participating in it you're feeling pretty good this is a big win for you you you feel like I could do anything I mean I just I just fed those twenty five hundred people with a loaf of bread I'm pretty awesome you know and here's the thing about success in our lives that the danger on the other side of success that what comes to attack us as an enemy after a moment of success and victory is complacency that we come through something to where we are feeling really good and the temptation is can I just stay here I just got a promotion my family's healthy and you know the economy's boot can we just stay here for a little bit can we just have some good times you know can we can we just exist can I coast for a little bit and enjoy this season of things going my way but see complacency kind of comes in in those moments and says yeah just coast it's okay Jesus is never satisfied to let us settle into complacency and so here in Matthew chapter 14 verse 22 we pick up the story it says immediately after this this being this miracle Jesus insisted that his disciples get back into the boat and cross to the other side of the lake while he sent the people home and after sending them home he went up into the hills by himself to pray night fell while he was there alone meanwhile disciples were in trouble far away from land for a strong wind had risen and they were fighting heavy waves about three o'clock in the morning Jesus came towards them walking on the water and when the disciples saw him walking on the water they were terrified and in their fear they cried out it's a ghost this is a natural response I mean people don't walk on water but here is this man coming to them on the waves they have a natural response I think this is a ghost and not like the Friendly Coco version of ghost like scary death is on its way kind of experience this is what they're experiencing and I read that I thought isn't it interesting that the disciples in this moment of fear confuse the thing they need most in the whole world Jesus they confuse the thing they need most in the whole world with the thing that they fear most in the whole world their own demise and how many times in my life when I encounter turbulence and storms and rough seasons do I confuse the thing I need with the thing that I fear but here comes Jesus on the waves it says in verse 27 but Jesus spoke to them at once don't be afraid he said take courage I'm here and then Peter called to him Lord if it's really you tell me to come out to you walking on the water yeah come Jesus said she just knows what's about to happen I love it he still said yeah sure try give it a shot see what happens so Peter went to the side of the boat and walked on the water towards Jesus but when he saw the strong winds in the waves he was terrified and began to sink save me Lord he shouted Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him by the way if I'm Jesus in that moment and Peter's like help I'd be like we're gonna let you we're gonna let you be there for just a second okay I'm gonna wait for the bubbles to come up and then I'm gonna you know just to teach you a little bit of a lesson can I can we baptize folks here you always wait for the bubbles and then you bring him back up I'm kidding that's not true somebody's new here like we're never getting baptized at Westside Church Jesus is kind enough to immediately reach out and he grabs him he says you have so little faith Jesus said why did you doubt me and when they climbed back into the boat then the wind stopped and the disciples worshiped him you really are the son of God they exclaimed it's interesting the disciples don't recognize Jesus as the Son of God after the miracle of feeding 5,000 they recognize Jesus as who he really is after they encounter turbulence and the storm and it's something that seasons of provision are rarely the seasons that give us the greatest clarity in our lives that actually God is willing to send us into turbulent seasons and storms Jesus knew what was coming disciples didn't know what Jesus knew he's willing to send them out so that they can gain clarity that only comes in seasons where your faith is being stretched I tell you that that still waters are a terrible place to grow your faith when everything is going good and by the way my prayer my hope is that the good times outweigh the bad ones right we're not hoping for like Lord just let it my life be terrible that would be so good of course not come on every storm is preceded by stillness and will be followed by stillness storms are for a moment but they serve an important purpose because our faith doesn't expand and grow in the good times and says we walk through turbulence and storms that we see kind of the stress testing of our faith creates growth in areas of our belief that Jesus is who he said he is and and faith and a muscle are similar in that they don't grow until you push them to the point of failure and so Jesus is willing to send these guys out into turbulence and Truman this has this effect I don't know if you've ever been on an airplane with really bad turbulence I'm there's like there's turbulence and there's really bad turbulence and I remember my wife and I were flying several years ago across the country and we hit some of the really bad turbulence turbulence to the point where pretty much everybody in the cabin stops talking you know just silent engine noise everybody's quiet and we're waiting for this turbulence to end well the thing was two rows in front of us this sweet little family this mom and her daughter are sitting there two rows in front of us and it's a quiet cabin just the roar of the jet engines but every time we would hit one of those big air pockets where you're kind of stomach comes up into your throat she would swear loudly just let it out I won't repeat it obviously but every time we would hit these big pockets of air she would cheer swear loudly and the daughter is just mortified because it's a tense situation everybody's feeling nervous and then her mom is just yelling curse words and she's trying her quiet and and it was kind of interesting because it kind of expressed how everyone's feeling in the moment you know it's like she just giving voice to just this tense situation and in retrospect kind of humorous but in the moment it was intense and I was thinking about turbulence in our lives and how it really has two major effects it freaks people out some sometimes seasoned fliers you know you you can handle far worse than that so you're not as scared but for a lot of people turbulence in our lives it freaks us out but for everybody turbulence wakes us up nobody's sleeping during those drops in the Vote that night with the disciples nobody's sleeping in the fourth watch of the night when probably some of them would like to have been sleeping nobody was sleeping when you hit turbulence and I want to propose that God uses the storms in our lives not intending for us to get freaked out but intending for us to wake up like we sang this morning spear to the Living God fall fresh on me wake me from my sleeve see a church that that tries to stay in just smooth waters for their entire existence will slip into complacency and slumber God comes to say come on wake up I've been watching as as car companies have been developing better and better technology for yourself driving cars and right now we're kind of in that middle section before we can go fully autonomous where we have things like driver assist and in the news Tesla the motor the car company has been in the news some because people trust the self assist like they would full-on autopilot and I saw this video this week of a guy somebody else took the video and he's fully asleep like head back in the driver's seat going down the highway it's like that's that's not what this was designed for and and here's the thing sometimes God comes through in our lives and we have these these seasons of just everything's going good and it's all going according to plan everything's as it should be and it we are temptation in those moments and say you know what I think autopilot is great let's just let us kick back and and just rest for a while and it's those moments that Jesus says come on now turn that off we're going somewhere your family come on we're going somewhere in your business we're going say as a church we're going somewhere and it's gonna require our full attention so what does Jesus do he says hey get in the boat you might get bumpy you might get rocky you don't even know what's ahead but listen if you allow it to it's gonna wake us up it's gonna wake us up and we get into these moments of turbulence and sometimes if if we're having a really great year and we look over and our friend or a co-worker or a family member is having a real rough time and they're struggling sometimes we get kind of smug like I'm glad I'm making the right decisions even though my my brother is not it's a shame he's struggling so much the mistakes he's making and we get a little smug about other people's failures in our own success not knowing this that sometimes that failure is coming because those those friends are family in our lives they're actually walking in obedience to Jesus and putting themselves in a place where their faith has an opportunity to grow because their faith actually has an opportunity to fail and so we like to criticize I'm like like the disciples hanging out in the boat while Peters out on the way is like man I'm glad I didn't do that that guy he's sinking our young adults pastor Ben Fleming on Monday nights he has a group that he takes and they go and they do CrossFit workout program very very popular all across the nation and they do it s on many nights and I have not joined them don't judge me I've been having a baby come on I'll get to it I'll get to it but could you imagine if it's the first time I visit because they've asked if I wanted to join and I've been able to but keep matches it's the first time I visit their group is they're doing crossfit if I walk in not dressed to workout chicken nuggets in hand you know got my 20 piece so you were like oh it comes in 20 piece I have no idea I've never never ordered that yes you have you know exactly what it comes in coming with my 20 piece and not there to work out on there too to walk by everybody and you know walk up to Ben and say Ben you're doing good but your form isn't quite there you straighten your back lift with your legs that would be wildly inappropriate because I I haven't earned the right to cat eke that wish I have not participated in and here we we see the disciples and they obeyed Jesus to a point before they knew the storm was coming they got in the boat Peter actually obeys the voice of Jesus when the storm is that it's worse Peter obeys the voice of Jesus at great personal risk Peter walks into a dangerous situation where surely he understood the risk of sinking and yet he follows the voice of Jesus in that moment and and here's the thing we can't be the kind of people that stay as safe as we possibly can clinging to the the sides of our own boats criticizing those who are stepping out in faith and some I'm failing at it because we don't have the earned right necessarily sure could take that which we're not participating in so what are we gonna do we gotta say Jesus I'll follow you to I want to I want to put myself in a place where I might fail if you don't come through the Apostle Paul he's a guy in the New Testament he wrote many of the books of the New Testament wrote letters to the church and they've become part of our Bible now and and there's this moment in 2nd Corinthians where Paul is experiencing something we don't know if it's some of the sin issue that he's dealing with we don't know if it's something in his his body a physical disability we don't understand because it doesn't tell us exactly what it is but he calls it a thorn in his flesh something that is bothering him some kind of failure either of his body or his mind that he is he is begging the Lord to take away from him and it tells us that 3 times he in prayer asked God to take away this thing this failure in his life and in the second Corinthians 12:9 the Lord responds to him my grace is sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in weakness therefore I gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me see Paul came to the understanding the realization that the things that affect us the things that we wrestle with are not always bad sometimes they are necessary to develop in us an understanding of the grace of Jesus who understood the grace of God more the disciples in the boat or Jesus in the water or in Peter in the water excuse me Peter understood the grace of God more than the disciples why because he put his faith in a place where it was possible that it could fail and I wrote this down I said grace is bad at keeping us from the storm usually grace throws us into the boat steals our lifejackets and shoves us off see we would love for grace to be the thing that keeps us from all harm and and and coming to church and and that means that no more bad will befall you or your family would that be nice and yet that's not what grace is and the business of doing if you think grace is just that thing that when we sin it covers us that's that's a piece of it but that's not a wide enough definition a grace grace is that thing that when we have failed in our attempt of faith it comes and it pulls us up and says we're not done with you yet the the the end of your story hasn't come yet and grace reaches down and it pulls us out how to do waters and so we got more to learn and Jesus turns to Peter and he says you have such little faith seems a little harsh Jesus and you know I think what Jesus is telling Peter is we've got some distance to go here for your faith just because you handed out some miracle bread yesterday just because you walked on some water today that doesn't mean that your faith is fully developed come on walk with me a little further Peter I'm gonna show you what strong faith that will last looks like so many nineties kids in the House today people that grew up in the kids in the 90s yeah some of you are bold enough to admit it all right you're like is he gonna sell me out right now maybe maybe I'm a 90s kid you know I came of age in the 90s if you will and one of my favorite cartoons to watch was a cartoon called Darkwing Duck anybody yeah okay so you have a big fan over there he's like I just like any masked Ducks any masked waterfowl it's my thing you know but darkwing duck he was this crime-fighting duck and he lived in a tower on a bridge and he fought crime but I remembered it because he had this catch phrase and the catch phrase was this and gotta help me off you know what let's get thank you somebody his catch phrase was let's get dangerous and now I watch i watch shows with my my daughter and my six-year-old and they're just they're they've removed so much of the danger element now it's all about like you know washing your hands more and and I get it germs are a real danger they are hygiene is so important but darkwing duck man he put it all out there I mean he got in some sticky situations it always turned out good but he got he got into some sticky situations and there was just this sense I remember in that like like we we know deep in our souls that there is adventure and it's not just clinging to smooth waters I was walking there's a new Nature Reserve here in town and I was checking it out with my daughter and we're walking on all these trails and watching the deer and the birds of prey circling above us and it's pretty cool we're sitting on this bench halfway through our walk and we're looking around and see some ground chuck sand and then we look over and there's this pile of rocks and Clara looks up at me and she goes dad are there snakes here I said yeah there's snakes here you know that's Central Oregon of course there's snakes there's snakes everywhere try snakes in this room right now I don't know I said yeah there's snakes here she goes daddy are they dangerous I said yeah they're dangerous and she she comes close to me and she snows up and buries her head on my chest I said I'm scared and I leaned down to my daughter I said but Clara if there wasn't any danger it wouldn't be a very good adventure and it's just so true that that we get into these moments and we're like Jesus is it dangerous Jesus is it is it is it gonna create fear am I gonna be terrified yeah you're gonna be terrified yeah it's gonna be dangerous yeah you're gonna you're gonna have to put some things on the line yeah your face is gonna be stretched to a point of breaking yeah you might go in over your heads but it's not much of an event sure if there's no danger and the thing that will give you confidence through every season of turbulence and trouble and I'll tell you what in my life I we walked through some storms and my storms I don't have to compare them to anybody else's right I'll have to prove that well my storm was the worst and so the the understanding I have of God is better than yours because you don't walk through what I walked through you know we don't have to compare our storms the some of you have walked through impossibly difficult situations that I I don't have any comprehension Oh some of you have walked through less than I have and you know what Jesus is still intimately concerned with the things that maybe you think are insignificant we don't have to compare our storms today in fact jesus said this and in Matthew chapter 10 he said what is the price of two sparrows one copper coin but not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your father knowing it there is nothing that falls outside of the view of the they're in the book of mark when he's telling the story of Jesus walking in the water it says that from his vantage point up on the mountain Jesus was watching them struggle the whole time they never went outside the view of Jesus even in the worst of the storm disciples didn't know it but Jesus was aware of what was going on as a eight nine year old maybe I was I remember this one night I was I was trying to go to sleep the school and I'm laying in my bed and the neighbors light right outside my window was on it was bright and my whole room was filled with this light and I was frustrated cuz I couldn't get into sleep and so I said you know maybe I'll pray about this has an eight or nine year old and so I said dear Jesus I pray that you would turn that light off and before I can say Amen the light didn't turn off do you know what an incandescent light the filament explodes with a flash before I can say Amen BAM the light explodes with a flash and you say I don't think it happened why would I make that up that's a weird story to make up right I remember it flashed and then my entire room goes dark I mean I thinking wow well what else can I pray for right now you know just feeling pretty good about my powers or whatever do I think that in that moment that light being on the annoyance that it was to me was the most important thing on God's mind or the biggest thing that God was dealing with around the world of course not is something so insignificant and yet in that moment it mattered to me at eight years old and I think what God was trying to show me was from a young age that I would grow up with this sense that there was nothing that mattered to me that was insignificant to him show me something that matters to you I don't even know I don't even know if it's worth going to the prayer wall it seems it seems so trivial and insignificant listen there's not a sparrow that falls on the ground that the father isn't aware of and so whatever it matters to you today it is significant to the father the storm is not insignificant Jesus watches them from the distance and and the the thing that gives my daughter courage after she she thinks there's snakes all over that's a little mean I probably should have comforted more but the thing that gave her confidence walking out of that park was that she wasn't alone and here it is with Jesus that that we walk through storms and our confidence comes from this fact it's not the thing we fear coming it's the presence of the one we need the most and so if you are in a season that is great right now as awesome I don't mean to say oh you're terrible for having a good year no of course not there are seasons and rhythms what I'm saying is if you're in a good season don't be afraid of that going away and turbulence coming because God can use that too and if you're in a storm right now significant or insignificant seeming to you Jesus is aware he is with you and he wants to use this moment to expand our faith use this moment to say those things that we've been holding back on those things that the insecurities have held us back for too long come on this is a moment for our faith to expand for us as a church and as individuals to step in to something new he's gonna use turbulence he's gonna use storms he's gonna use everything in his disposal to expand our faith once you bow your heads I'm gonna just say this one scripture over us as we close today and then I'll pray but in James chapter one it says when troubles of any kind come your way consider it an opportunity for great joy for you know that when your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow so let it grow for when your endurance is fully developed you will be perfect and complete lacking nothing god I pray for a church that would be complete lacking nothing now because we just have all the money and all the resources that people need but God because we have walked through the storm and we have found your hand there every step of the way to pull us out of deep waters we found our faith being expanded even when we're afraid God but I pray for those that are walking through storms today maybe it seems insignificant maybe it seems very significant God whatever we walk through today lord I just pray that the Jesus you would show up in that storm that she would give us the courage that we need God what you would calm storms when you need to and then we would be a church God not of coasting out of complacency see but a church full of faith full of vision for what's next in this community and Bianca we pray this in your name amen amen awesome as you go today the prayer wall is open if you arrest them with something in your life or feel unsettled or making a big decision please stop by and see them the journals are out of the rock please pick those up and next week pastor C will be back with a new series on family and relationship thank you guys so much for your time have a great day [Music]

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