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A Personal Message From Pastor Steve

Hi everyone. As we approach the end of 2020, I reflect on what we have been through and what I have learned about myself, my leadership, and the church.

One area of significance and encouragement to me is the consistent financial generosity of our church. During one of the most unpredictable times in all of history, your faithfulness in this one area is truly remarkable. It denotes several things worth mentioning:

First, you trust Jesus. We know that when Jesus has my pocketbook, he has my all. Unlike most anything else in life, giving reveals what we value and in what we put our trust.

Second, you believe in the mission of your church. Although we give out of obedience to what Jesus taught, we also give to worthy causes. As you have heard me say in the past, giving to a healthy, local church is one of the best investments in kingdom living.

Recently we received a note from a five-year-old attendee, Jonas (well, from his mom), who had a conversation with him in the car. This five year old asked his mom while they were driving in the car, “Mom, do you think I will go to Heaven?” The mom asked him, “Well, do you believe in Jesus and love him with all your heart?” Great answer, by the way, mom. Here was his reply: “Yes. I was watching videos about Jesus at church, and I just accidentally started loving him. It kind of surprised me.” That’s so good. The mom encouraged us for having an impact on her family and thanked us for, and I quote, “Westside’s continued investment into our children.”

This is one of many stories where our investment, your investment, is making a difference. So, thank you. Thank you for being consistent in an inconsistent season. Thank you for trusting Jesus with everything. I love you and am so proud to be one of your pastors.

Pastor Steve