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Who Knows?

Christianity is not cut and dry. There are contradictions. There are mysteries.

When we come to Christianity we’re inundated with so many answers; big answers to questions like why are we here, what is my purpose, does anyone care, is there something greater to live for? It’s not until much later that we trip over the gaps. We discover creation theories. We listen to great men and women of the faith defend their conservative or liberal views. We grapple with predestination and freewill. We realize how little we actually know about Heaven.

Every unknowable question comes with many answers taught by many wise and righteous minds.

One of the first gifts God gave us was that of choice. Adam and Eve had the choice of not eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but Eve wanted to know what God knows. God has never expected us to get everything right. He is perfectly fine to hear us say, “I don’t know, but You do, and that’s good enough for me.”

It is a beautiful and freeing day when we accept Christ and can confidently say, “I finally found the answer!”

It is a beautiful and freeing day when we, as mature followers of Christ can confidently say, “I don’t know.”