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Why Missions Is For Everyone

Jenna Javens

Have you ever wondered whether or not missions is for you? Perhaps it is solely for those “anointed” with the ability to endure nights of flooded tents, possess a love for mosquitoes, and a boldness to preach to the masses? Wonder no more. Here are five reasons to get yourself on the next missions trip and watch God’s outrageous plans unfold for you.

Top 5 reasons missions trips are for EVERYONE


Nothing tests and develops your faith like being 100% out of your comfort zone. In this place the only constant compass is your faith and belief in who God is and who you have seen Him to be. From fundraising prior to a trip, to watching God protect and move amongst His people across the globe, you will see things with your eyes that you perhaps have never dreamed. God longs to reveal Himself in powerful ways to those who courageously or cautiously step out in faith. All it takes is a mustard seed of faith and a whispered, “Yes” to God’s stirring. Upon returning from your missions adventures you will not only find your bag full of dirty clothes and curious souvenirs, but you will discover your faith firm and established in ways that will forever change your faith-walk at home.


Upon arrival in a foreign land, new smells, sights and sounds will undoubtedly invade your senses. The scent may be potent, bizarre spices or the aroma of red dirt…or it may be the smell of adventure itself. Adventure may come in the way of stormy seas and shipwrecks or conquering fears of snakes and spiders. No matter what the trip may bring, rest assured that God has and will always keep you. I guarantee you will have a story to tell…of your new hardcore status and the never-ending faithfulness of God. You know you want an adventure!


Believe it or not, there is a big, marvelous world out there full of new experiences, perspectives and rich relationships to be had. It is always a brilliant thing to go beyond our borders and learn a new, sometimes better way of doing things. We must dive into other cultures with eyes and ears wide open. May we let these fresh eyes shape our lives. Oh, that this expansive worldview would fill you with wonder at the world and renew your appreciation for home as well. Overall, let us see God and His people more clearly.


Let’s be honest, from a generation of foodies, who doesn’t want a bizarre food tale to tell? From mopane worms to fish heads and camel burgers, you will no doubt find yourself dreaming of impressing your friends via Instagram with your mature cultured pallet. Go ahead, take a bite.


Whether you feel brave or not, missions trips trick you into being brave. It’s sort of amazing and miraculous. Fear falls to the wayside when your heart beats with compassion for the lost and hurting. No matter who you are or how brave you feel, the Spirit WILL empower you. Join the ranks of the surprised-to-be-courageous Kingdom workers and let your story make Jesus all sorts of famous.

I tell you and believe with all of my heart, missions is for EVERYONE. God calls us all to be On Mission right where He has planted us, absolutely. But in another radical way, sometimes he means for us to GO to the ends of the earth. God commands us…and I dare you. I guarantee, you will never be the same.